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5 Highly Promising Terminal Emulators
The terminal emulator is a venerable but essential tool for computer users. The reason why Linux offers so much power is due to the command line. The Linux shell can do so much, and this power can be accessed on the desktop by using a terminal emulator. There are so many available for Linux that the choice is bewildering.

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SwiFTP is an open-source FTP server that allows you to connect to your phone over wifi or cellular/3g to upload and download files. Any FTP client can be used.


  • mod_auth_vas
    mod_auth_vas is an Apache authentication and authorization module for use with the Apache web server, versions 1.x and 2.x. The module uses Vintela Authentication Services (VAS) to implements the HTTP SPNEGO protocol, with optional fallback to 'Basic' authentication for browsers that do not support SPNEGO. In effect, using mod_auth_vas allows Apache web server to perform Windows integrated (single sign-on) authentication.
  • mod_auth_vpopmail
    mod_auth_vpopmail lets you authenticate against a vpopmail db system.
  • mod_auth_xradius
    mod_auth_xradius provides high performance authentication against RFC 2865 RADIUS Servers. It supports popular RADIUS Servers including OpenRADIUS, FreeRADIUS and commercial servers.
  • mod_authenticache
    mod_authenticache hooks into the start of the authentication/authorization stage of the HTTP transaction. Once a user has been authenticated by another module, mod_authenticache gives the user a cryptographically signed ticket containing a unique identifier for the resource, the authenticated user name, the time s/he was authenticated, and a string representation of the user's IP address.
  • mod_authn_cache
    mod_authn_cache caches authentication information from other modules in shared memory to improve performance.
  • mod_authn_dbi
    mod_authn_dbi is an Apache 2.1+ authentication module using the AAA framework currently in Apache-2.1-dev (only in CVS). It uses libdbi to provide database abstraction and allows it to be used in conjunction with MySQL, PostgreSQL, or any other database libdbi has a module for.
  • mod_authn_mysql
    mod_authn_mysql is an Auth*Provider for Apache 2.1-dev/2.2 using libmysqlclient as a backend.
  • mod_authn_pam
    mod_authn_pam lets you authenticate using the PAM framework.
  • mod_authn_pgsql
    mod_authn_pgsql uses the Postgres Database for dynamic authentication.
  • mod_authn_pop3
    mod_authn_pop3 lets you authenticate against POP3 servers.
  • mod_authnz_external
    Mod_Auth_External and mod_authnz_external are Apache modules used for authentication. The two modules provide basically the same functionality, and differ mainly in the way they interface to other authentication code in Apache.
  • mod_authz_ldap
    This Apache LDAP authentication/authorization module tries to solve the following problems that other such modules may not solve in all cases: 1. Map the short form of the distinguished name of a certificate and its issuer obtained from the environment of mod_ssl to a user distinguished name in an LDAP directory. 2. Check the age of a password in an LDAP directory, denying authorization in case the password is to old. 4. Authorize a user based on roles or an arbitrary LDAP filter expression. 4. Authorize a user based on whether he owns a file or belongs to the group owning a file.
  • mod_crescent
    mod_crescent is a mysql authentication module with shared memory cache, persistant/pooled connections. Multiple authorization modes are supported.
  • mod_dbd_pgsql
    mod_dbd_pgsql is a DBD Driver module for PostgreSQL.
  • mod_gridsite
    mod_gridsite offers grid authentication (GSI) and authorization (GACL, VOMS) in an Apache module.
  • mod_idcheck
    mod_idcheck provides a cookie based web authentication and single sign on system designed for largish intranets under a single domain.
  • mod_imap
    mod_imap is an IMAP authentication module for Apache 2. This module will check against a predefined server address for authentication before allowing or denying access to a given resource.
  • mod_ldap
    mod_ldap provides LDAP-based access checking for Apache.
  • mod_mldap
    mod_mldap requires OpenLDAP or equivalent.
  • mod_ntlm
    mod_ntlm is an NTLM authentication module for Apache / Unix.
  • mod_pgauth
    A PostgreSQL authorization module designed to work with Apache 1.3.*.
  • mod_psldap
    mod_psldap performs authentication for leveraging LDAP services within the context of an Apache web server built on the OpenLDAP library and the Apache APIs. The core functionality provided by this module is in the realm of authentication and searching again.
  • mod_xmlrpc_auth
    mod_xmlrpc_auth is an Apache module which performs authentication and authorization using an XML-RPC call.
  • modXLDAPAuth
    modXLDAPAuth allows you to authentify and checks the client's permission to access to an Apache server page.
  • pam_mount module
    pam_mount is a Pluggable Authentication Module that can mount volumes for a user session upon login, using the same passwords as for login. It supports any filesystem your kernel is capable of, including tmpfs, FUSE, smbfs, cryptoloop, LUKS mounts, --bind, and more.
  • Pam_p11
    Pam_p11 is a pluggable authentication module (PAM) package for using cryptographic tokens such as smart cards and USB crypto tokens for authentication. Pam_p11 is very simple, as it has no config file, no options other than the PKCS#11 module file, and does not know about certificate chains, certificate authorities, revocation lists, or OCSP. There is one module that uses the $HOME/.eid/authorized_certificates file (like the old pam_opensc did) and one module that uses the $HOME/.ssh/authorized_keys file (like ssh does).
  • Pubcookie
    Pubcookie consists of a standalone login server and modules for common web server platforms like Apache and Microsoft IIS. Together, these components can turn existing authentication services (like Kerberos, LDAP, or NIS) into a solution for single sign-on authentication to websites throughout an institution.

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