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 · Captain Holetooth – Explorative 2D Platform Game for Kids
 · Taisei – A Classy, Frenetic Shoot’em Up Game in the Style of The Touhou Project
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 · Minilens – Fun Open Source Puzzle Platform Game
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9 Excellent Open Source Configuration Management Applications
This software automates the configuration of machines to a particular state. Like any other tools, they are designed to solve specific problems in certain ways. The goal is to get a system from whatever state it is in, into the desired state. Configuration management software are the tools of choice for many system administrators and devops professionals.

(Read more)
jEdit is a powerful, easy to use, extensible text editor. Read more


  • aardmail
    aardmail is a package with useful tools for different kinds of mail handling. All programs can be linked against dietlibc and should be working under UNIX and Windows.
  • amavisd-lite
    amavisd-lite is a high performance, scalable mail filter for postfix that does virus scanning, spam scanning (SpamAssassin), attachment filename scanning, and per user whitelist/blacklists. It is designed for use by ISPs and large email hosting providers.
  • Autofiler
    an automatic serverside mail filer application based on Bayesian text classification. In combination with an IMAP server autofiler can file messages in folders automatically and completely transparent
  • BaGo
    BaGoMa backs up and restores the contents of a GMail account. It can restore all the labels (folder structure), as well as the flags (seen/read, flagged) of a message.
  • Blogrouter
    Blogrouter is a Perl-based mail script for receiving email messages and inserting them into a Blogger or similar Weblog.
  • Buffy
    Buffy displays a window with a summary of your mailboxes and lets you open them in your mail program.
  • CheckOutlook is a Perl script to check mail on Microsoft's Outlook Web-based mail reader. The script currently only checks for new mail and then logs out, printing the sender and subject of the message, if applicable. The script can be run in daemon mode, in which case it runs in silence until a message is received.
  • ClamSMTP
    ClamSMTP is an SMTP filter that allows you to check for viruses using the ClamAV anti-virus software. It accepts SMTP connections and forwards the SMTP commands and responses to another SMTP server. The 'DATA' email body is intercepted and scanned before forwarding.
  • Clawsker
    Clawsker is a Perl-GTK2 applet to edit hidden preferences for Claws Mail, and to do it in a safe and user friendly way, preventing users from raw editing of configuration files.
  • dirqmail
    a qmail patch which adds simple and fast virtual users support based on directories
  • Duplidel
    Duplidel finds and removes the duplicate messages that often occur when downloading email from multiple accounts. It supports mbox and maildir formats.
  • echolot-pinger
    a Pinger for anonymous remailers. A Pinger in the context of anonymous remailers is a program that regularily sends messages through remailers to check their reliability. It then calculates reliability statistics which are used by remailer clients to choose the chain of remailers to use
  • ExpireMail
    ExpireMail is a collection of Perl scripts and a Procmail recipe to delete mail from mbox-style folders that is more than a specified number of days old.
  • Foxtract
    Foxtract is a simple Outlook Express e-mail message extractor that works with corrupted data files. Instead of trying to rebuild or read from the tree structure that Outlook Express uses internally, it scans the whole data file to find all message segments, which it then uses to determine the head segment of a message and reconstruct it.
  • gmailsender
    gmailsender is a GTK#/Mono based mail sending application. Use it to send email through an SMTP server (only without authentication) with an optional attached file.
  • gpgsig
    gpgsig is a bash script to sign your gpg/pgp keys.
  • IMAP utils
    IMAP utils is a set of simple utilities for managing IMAP email messages. It contains utilities to purge old read and unread messages from folders, create folders on an IMAP server, and display a summary about unread and unseen messages.
  • imap_tools
    imap_tools consists of three programs: imap_search, imap_filter and imap_rename. All programs run from your PC against your imap server. No need to install any server side software. imap_filter provides a way to write easy filter rules. Written in Ruby.
  • Install Sendmail
    This Perl script will configure sendmail and fetchmail on your machine.
  • lalaCVSMail
    sends info mails out after a cvs commit with informations about the commit
  • tries to keep two ldap directory trees in sync by using the 'modifyTimestamp' flag on the source server to spot new or changed records.
  • Maarch LetterBox
    Maarch LetterBox is a complete mail management solution. It is developed exclusively by its user base. It handles incoming, outgoing, and internal mail.
  • Mail::Toaster
    Mail::Toaster is an installer for a collection of software which provides a full-featured mail server. The system is built around the qmail mail transport agent, with many additions and modifications.
  • Mailatt
    Mailatt is a portable script for sending mail with MIME attachments.
  • MailBlaster
    MailBlaster is an easy way to create and send mail to groups of addresses. It is easily tweaked for individual needs. It includes a list manager, wysiwyg html message editor (htmlArea), and an easy to edit config file. It uses PHPMailer as it's transport class.
  • MailBounce
    adds a bounce (redirect) feature to Mozilla/Netscape (and possibly other mail clients) that does the same as the bounce feature of console mail clients such as mutt
  • MailGoose
    MailGoose is an off-line mailer package for people who use nail, PINE, elm, Emacs mail mode, or other simple email software. It is particularly useful for laptop users. You can browse the URLs of your mail spool, mbox, or copy of an email message, create an offline draft reply of an email message, edit your drafts in your favorite editor, create a new message, or send all pending drafts.
  • mailman-pop3d
    mailman-pop3d provides a POP3 interface to GNU Mailman for the purposes of deleting spam stuck in the administrative requests queue. If you manage a large Mailman mailing list, and are tired of using the web interface to discard spam, this script may be for you.
  • mboxpurge
    mboxpurge is a Perl script for purging old messages out of mbox-style mailboxes. It can also archive (move old messages) and extract (copy old messages) into a new mailbox. Age can be specified in ISO format (YYYY-MM-DD) or in hours, days, months, or years.
  • mcds
    mcds is a command line tool primarily used as a search query plugin for mutt to query a carddav server.
  • mhrw
    mhrw is a commandline tool for manipulating mail headers. It can be useful in complex MTA setups. Header entries can be manipulated through regular expressions.
  • Mutt Folder List
    Mutt Folder List is a mutt patch that adds a sidebar showing all mail folders and the total and number of new messages each contains.
  • nugu
    nugu is a biff-like utility which scans either an IMAP4 or POP3 mail server account and relays an abbreviated copy of the unread email to the user's cell phone. The user can constrain which messages get relayed by defining a query in a configuration file. nugu is meant to be run as a cron job.
  • pgMail
    a small TCL based script that you can store within any PostgreSQL database. Once it is stored there, you can create any number of specialized procedures to send email from directly within PostgreSQL. i.e. emailing a customer when product ships
  • Philter
    a mail sorter for Qmail style Maildirs. It is written in Python and a properties file is used to setup the 'philters' for filtering the mail
  • POP3Download
    POP3Download is a simple Perl script which downloads and delivers email from a POP3 server to a local MTA or MDA. It was developed in order to work around problems in Fetchmail while still providing the same or similar functionality.
  • checks your mail-logfile for new entries. If the new entry is a successful pop login, user, host and time will be written to an info file ( Your old rules can be written to a static access file (access.static) to eg relay mail from your LAN or deny spammers.
  • POPFile
    an automatic mail classification tool. Once properly set up and trained, it will work in the background of your computer, scanning mail as it arrives and filing it however you wish
  • Procmail Module Library
    Procmail Module Library is a collection of many plug-in modules for the Procmail mail processing utility. The modules allow common tasks like parsing dates, times, MIME, and email addresses, forwarding mail, dealing with POP3, spam shielding, running email cron jobs, handling daemon messages, and more.
  • qmail-relog
    qmail-relog is a simple gawk script that reads and rewrites qmail-send log files in multilog or splogger format.
  • Relayer
    allows for dynamic sendmail relay authentication
  • ripOLE
    a small program/library designed to pull out attachments from OLE2 data files (ie, MS Office documents)
  • scrssfeed
    scrssfeed is a simple filter to use in mail programs to grab URLs from the messages that state that spamcop "has accepted X mails for processing" and convert them to RSS so they can be used as a "live bookmark" in a browser.
  • SeeYouLater
    SeeYouLater's purpose is to fetch a list of IPs of known spammers and to ban them by putting them in /etc/hosts.deny. /etc/hosts.deny is usually read by xinetd or daemons using tcpwrapper.
  • Sickle
    Sickle is a mail filtering tool. Designed to filter email before it is retrieved or viewed, Sickle filters on the server via IMAP. The filter instructions themselves are written in Perl, so benefit from the flexibility of the language. Sickle is released under the BSD licence.
  • smreject
    smreject is a sendmail log rejections digester written in Perl.
  • smtp-vilter
    smtp-vilter is a high performance content filter for sendmail with backends to various virus scanning engines.
  • tideup_mail
    tideup_mail is useful for Russian/Ukrainian/Belarusian users but however can help those who reads mail from people that uses such brain-damaged web-mailers as yahoo mail.
  • Twisted Mail
    Twisted Mail contains high-level, efficient protocol implementations for both clients and servers of SMTP, POP3, and IMAP4. Additionally, it contains an "out of the box" combination SMTP/POP3 virtual-hosting mail server. Also included is a read/write Maildir implementation and a basic Mail Exchange calculator (depends on Twisted Names).
  • TxSig
    TxSig is intended to be used with an email client for appending a new and different signature to each new email.
  • uMail
    uMail is a very simple message box for local systems. It consists of bash scripts, a C++ program just to write the messages and an database in SQLite. The idea is that users of a single machine (or in a ssh server) can send messages to other users without the need of a mail server.
  • Urlscan
    Urlscan is a small program that is designed to integrate with the "mutt" mailreader to allow you to easily launch a Web browser for URLs contained in email messages. It is a replacement for the "urlview" program.
  • Veldfire
    Veldfire is a collection of C code aimed at simplifying email functionality. The project aims to provide interfaces to sending email, attaching files and sending to lists.
  • is a simple interactive command-line Perl script that lets Vonage subscribers download, play, and optionally delete their voicemail messages.
  • vpick
    a nifty little tool for those dyed-in-the-wool MH users whom occasionally envy those pine/elm/mutt users. For those times when you'll know what you want when you see it and mark just won't cut it. vpick allows you to check boxes for individual messages to save them in a sequence
  • Yet Another antiVirus Recipe
    Yet Another antiVirus Recipe is a procmail recipe that helps to filter out a lot of the most common e-mail worms that cause problems to e-mail servers and individual users.

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