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9 First Steps with Ubuntu 15.04
One of the first things to do with a new release of Ubuntu is to check for updates. Typically, I won't upgrade to the latest release immediately, so there's always quite a few updates since the release. There's a handy Software Updater tool which makes the updating process painless.

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RealPlayer allows you to play streaming audio and video over the Internet in real-time.


  • blq
    blq is a Perl script that queries email lists that identify potential sources of spam and email abuse to determine if a particular host is listed.
  • cats2procmailrc
    cats2procmailrc reads a human friendly mail category description file and emits a matching procmail recipe to implement it. The intent it to have an extremely succinct file of easily editable one line rules, generally of the form.
  • Despam
    Despam is a mail scanning program in conjuction with procmail to weed out junk e-mail. It reads a data file describing: allowed addresses strings/regexps, suspicious addresses strings/regexps, denied addresses strings/regexps, interesting buzz strings/regexps in subject, and also checks an Email address file.
  • IMAP Spam Begone
    isbg makes it easy to scan an IMAP inbox for spam using SpamAssassin and get your spam moved to another folder.
  • MailChariot
    MailChariot takes your incoming email (for example from /var/spool/mail), filter it through a spam filter, and put it into a spam mailbox
  • MailSpammer
    Mailspammer is a set of scripts for managing smaller mailing lists without requiring administrator rights. As long as you can setup an e-mail alias, or have your admin setup an e-mail alias for you, Mailspammer will work.
  • notespam
    This is yet another spam-labeling script. This one is written in Perl. This script is based on checking the various RBLs and adding a header if any of the relays matches on any of the RBLs. Unlike many other such scripts, notespam checks every relay in every Received: header, and has a configurable list of RBLs that does not involve modifying the source code.
  • Otliam
    Otliam copies an HTML file from stdin to stdout, encrypting all mailto anchor tags in between. The encrypted tags are transparently read by any browser that understands Javascript but cannot be read by spambots. This prevents E-mail harvesting.
  • Scam-backscatter
    Scam-backscatter prevents backscatter (accept and bounce) on mail servers which don't host mailboxes locally. It validates mailboxes by verifying the recipient addresses hosted on a different mail server.
  • is a perl script that extracts all relaying hosts from the headers of a spam mail and sends a complaint mail to all the responsible mail server administrators.
  • SpamCruncher
    SpamCruncher is a small Perl-Script, that uses the SpamAssassin-engine to identify spam on remote POP3- or IMAP-Servers. So you only need SpamCruncher if your E-Mail host doesn't offer you free anti-spam services.
  • Spamcup
    Spamcup is a tool for automating Spamcop reports. The script does essentially the same that you would do when you report spam with your browser in
  • spamhammerd
    spamhammerd is a simple perl script to help combat spammers. spammers are generally sloppy, and tend to blast every address they know of on your mail server at the same time, even if they don't exist.
  • Spaminator
    The Spaminator is a collection of a PHP script, a PERL script, and a simple MySQL database. It grew out of a simple need: managing the access DB within Sendmail 8.x in order to block all of those friggin' spam addresses!

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