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First Steps with OpenELEC on the Raspberry Pi 2
OpenELEC uses very little system resources for processor or memory. There's no need to use any special customization tips to get good performance with the RPi2. There's also no need to overclock the machine, reduce the resolution of videos, or use a different skin (although I really like the Amber skin).

(Read more)
Mandriva Linux
Mandriva Linux, formerly known as Mandrake Linux, is a friendly Linux Operating System which specializes in ease-of-use for both servers and the home/office. It is freely available in many languages throughout the world. The Mandriva Linux PowerPack contains more than 2300 high-quality applications including a complete Office Suite of programs, plus installation support, for a cost of approximately 10 times less than the equivalent Microsoft Windows + MS Office cost, which comes without any technical support. Read more


  • BitDefender Mail Protection
    (commercial) BitDefender for Sendmail version is a secure content inspection solution which provides antivirus and antispam protection at the gateway level, by scanning all the inbound and outbound e-mail traffic for known and unknown malware.
  • Blue Frog
    The Blue Frog is a client application that is a part of the Blue Security Do Not Intrude Registry solution. It enables clients to easily submit opt-out requests to spammers.
  • CanIt
    (commercial) Anti-spam/anti-virus solution for Linux/UNIX mail servers based on opensource tools including MIMEDefang & SpamAssassin. Provides a simple GUI for admins, and PRO version allows optional end-user control through a web-based interface. Includes Bayesian statistical analysis and optional greylisting features. A free version is available for up to 50 users.
  • dgrey
    dgrey is a greylisting policy server that allows greylist information to be synchronized between multiple mail servers. All information is shared between the nodes and the nodes are equal; there is no master. The nodes may lose communication for a while and still be able to correctly resynchronize later.
  • Distributed Checksum Clearinghouse
    Distributed Checksum Clearinghouse is a system of clients and servers that collect and count checksums related to mail messages. The counts can be used by SMTP servers and mail user agents to detect and reject bulk mail.
  • DNS Blacklist Packet Filter
    DNS Blacklist Packet Filter is a Linux netfilter client that decides whether to accept or drop packets based on the results of a DNS blacklist query (such as MAPS, SORBS, or SPEWS, to name a few). One use is to filter all incoming SMTP SYN packets for spam filtering.
  • gadoyanspam
    gadoyanspam is a spam killer for qmail. It can process a message, learn a spam message, and relearn a message incorrectly marked as a spam. gadoyanspam uses and relies on DSPAM library as the anti spam engine.
  • GLST
    GLST is an SMTP grey listing implementation that uses GDBM to store triplets and associated metadata. It can parse XMail spool files to extract SMTP connection information without the caller having to specify them in the command line.
  • greylstd
    greylstd is a greylisting server with a Unix domain socket interface that can be easily integrated into the Exim mail server. Configuration information is stored in an SQLite database, and low resource consumption is a main priority for the project.
  • MagicSpam
    (commercial) MagicSpam is an anti-spam product designed for specific email server solutions to target spam and remove it before it gets in your inbox.
  • Mail-bounce
    Mail-bounce is a general-purpose Perl program for returning E-mail to the sender. It can be used for bouncing spam, sending notification to "friends" who send you viruses and much more. The text of the return message can be customised easily to your needs.
  • MakeViz tool of SpamViz
    The MakeViz tool of SpamViz performs a topological search of Internet resources related to a domain. It can test all discovered IP addresses against blacklist servers. It can also generate a datafile of discovered information.
  • mod_spam_die
    mod_spam_die confuses spam crawlers by giving them infinite fake email addresses. It is inspired by and spam-conference.
  • nilsimsa
    nilsimsa computes nilsimsa codes of messages and compares the codes and finds clusters of similar messages so as to trash spam.
  • OpenProtect
    (commercial) OpenProtect is an anti-spam server that filters spam and blocks viruses, phishing, and other malware.
  • oSpam
    oSpam is a Perl & qmail based anti-Spam System. It has two main features: use it for your usenet postings, use it as your main email address.
  • Perl Mail Sorter
    PMS is a mail sorter written in perl. Designed to provide the same basic features of procmail (i.e. sorting incoming mail into specified mailboxes), it provides a more "basic" approach to this task. The config file is more human readable, and does not provide as much of the advanced features that procmail does, which helps to keep simple tasks simple.
  • Postgrey
    Postgrey is a Postfix policy server implementing greylisting developed by David Schweikert at the ISG.EE. When a request for delivery of a mail is received by Postfix via SMTP, the triplet CLIENT_IP / SENDER / RECIPIENT is built. If it is the first time that this triplet is seen, or if the triplet was first seen less than 5 minutes, then the mail gets rejected with a temporary error. Read more
  • Proxmox Mail Gateway
    Proxmox Mail Gateway provides a solution to manage your email traffic, to eliminate spam, and to block undesirable content or viruses from your email system. Proxmox uses a wide variety of local and network tests to identify spam signatures. The flexible architecture and the easy-to-use configuration interface safeguard companies against existing and new email threats.
  • pycmail
    pycmail is incoming mail sorter similar to procmail, written in python, using python syntax for mail delivery.
  • python Postfix Policy Server
    Postfix Policy Server based on twisted Framework currently checking GreyListing and Invalid Sender Domains are supported, Dspam and some others will follow.
  • Pyzor
    Pyzor is a collaborative, networked system to detect and block spam using identifying digests of messages. Pyzor initially started out to be merely a Python implementation of Razor, but due to the protocol and the fact that Razor's server is not Open Source or software libre, Pyzor was implemented with a new protocol and released as Open Source and software libre.
  • qmail-smtpd-auth
    qmail-smtpd-auth is a patch for qmail that enables it to support SMTP AUTH protocol with the following auth types: LOGIN, PLAIN and CRAM-MD5. It's based on a previous patch that implemented LOGIN type.
  • qmail-smtpd-requireauth
    This is a patch to qmail-smtpd which will allow you to optionally require clients to authenticate before the MTA will accept any mail submissions from them.
  • qSheff
    qSheff is a wrapper for the qmail queue that scans email for viruses and spam. Infected messages are rejected before they reach the queue, so the server doesn't perform any job for them. After checking the message, it will wake the qmail queue.
  • rblcheck
    rblcheck is a program which helps you perform lookups in RBL-style services, such as the MAPS RBL, DUL, or RSS listings, or the ORDB list. You can use it from either the command-line for quick lookups, or from a mail-delivery program (such as procmail or maildrop).
  • RBLchk
    RBLchk is a simple utility that checks an IP address with the most useful and reliable RBLs (real-time blackhole lists).
  • Rspamd
    Rspamd is a fast, modular and lightweight spam filter. It is designed to work with big amount of mail and can be easily extended with own filters written in lua or perl.
  • SaveMyModem
    SaveMyModem is a anti-spam, mail-shaper, delete-on-server software thought for users who have a dialup connection and are sick and tired of downloading 1MB a day of spam and Win32-worm-attached messages. Since now it supports only pop3 accounts, and smtp accounts for complaining.
  • Scrounge
    Scrounge is a utility for digging email addresses out of text files (your Inbox) so you can add them to the list of allowed addresses for Spamhammer.
  • Sendmail-AccessDB
    Sendmail-AccessDB is a package for making it easy to abstract the "SpamFriend" and "SpamHater" features in sendmail, as well as those for whitelisting certain hosts/addresses/etc.
  • simscan
    Simscan is a simple program that enables qmail-smtpd to reject viruses, spam, and block attachments during the SMTP conversation so the email never makes it into your computers. It is completely open source and uses other open source components.
  • Smtpblock
    Smtpblock parses your UNIX mail log to gather a list of IP addresses that have relayed mail to the local system. It then determines if the relay exists in a blacklist file and also checks for the relay in existing firewall rules.
  • SpamCheck
    SpamCheck is an email scanning and quarantine system for Linux systems. Making use of a number of Open Source technologies, including SpamAssassin, Exim and MySQL, it provides an easy to use, but powerful method to filter email for your domain.
  • spamGuard
    spamGuard is a small application to automagically monitor malicious spammer activity in your mail server logs. spamGuard is written purely in C, to stop spammers hanging arount. For the time being, the program supports qmail (multilog/syslog) Sendmail and Postfix.
  • Spamhammer
    Spamhammer is program that monitors your pop3 account for email. When email is found, a comparison is made on the "From" field of the email to addresses in in the file addresses.sp. If a match is not found, Spamhammer will delete the message from the server (optional) and send a reply to the email indicating the mail was not delivered (optional).
  • SpamHippo
    (commercial) SpamHippo guards email servers against damaging spam & viruses without disrupting valid messages.
  • Splonk
    Splonk is a very simple but extremely effective Spam eliminator. It is very simple to install, use and extend.
  • SQLgrey
    SQLgrey is a Postfix greylisting policy service with auto-white-listing written in Perl with SQL database as storage backend. Greylisting stops 50 to 90 % junk mails (spam and virus) before they reach your Postfix server.
  • Streamlined Blackhole List Server
    The streamlined blackhole list server is a real-time, machine-automated blackhole server designed to blacklist network addresses which exceed a threshold of network spread - that is, abuse from an address which has been reported by a number of participating networks (as opposed to how most other blacklists function, based on total number of reports).
  • sugerplum
    Sugarplum is an automated spam-poisoner. Its purpose is to feed realistic and enticing, but totally useless or hazardous data to wandering address harvesters such as EmailSiphon, Cherry Picker, etc. The idea is to so contaminate spammers' databases as to require that they be discarded, or at least that all data retrieved from your site (including actual email addresses) be removed.
  • Tagspam
    Tagspam is a program which adds the word: SPAM into the subject line of a mail message which it identifies as spam. Identification is done by tracing Received: mail headers to identify the origin. Tagspam is useful for situations where you need to filter spam to individual users and where you don't have the ability to tag the spam at the MTA (Message Transport Agent)
  • Tk-RED
    Tk-RED is a procmail recipe generator. It uses a custom language Reciproc. It exports this language to a procmailrc file. Tk-RED is a graphical editor for writing recipes.
  • TMDA
    Tagged Message Delivery Agent is an OSI certified software application designed to significantly reduce (or eliminate) the amount of SPAM/UCE you receive by using unique, cryptographically enhanced (tagged) e-mail addresses.
  • VK Mail
    VK Mail includes a Mail Daemon, a proxy mail server, Mail Parser, a javascript code that enables users to type email addresses in their browsers to send email, and Web Mail the CGI script that actually delivers the email.

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