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9 First Steps with Ubuntu 15.04
One of the first things to do with a new release of Ubuntu is to check for updates. Typically, I won't upgrade to the latest release immediately, so there's always quite a few updates since the release. There's a handy Software Updater tool which makes the updating process painless.

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RealPlayer allows you to play streaming audio and video over the Internet in real-time.


  • 4space
    4space is a file sharing program which lets you share files by turning your computer into a Web server from which your friends can download the files you choose to share, using their Web browsers.
  • AllianceP2P
    AllianceP2P takes the best from BitTorrent and Direct Connect and creates a decentralized and secure private P2P/friend-to-friend network for instant messaging and file sharing. It supports file swarming (multi-source download) and is Unicode capable.
  • BaShare
    BaShare (Basic Share) is a very simply and user-friendly file sharing tool over the Internet and private LAN too.
  • Borgshare
    Borgshare is a completely serverless P2P (peer-to-peer) software for file sharing. The borgshare system is composed of a minimal Web server that handles user interaction and a list management core for users and files, coordinated by an XML-based messaging system.
  • Entropy RSA
    Entropy RSA is a faster and more sophisticated replacement for Freenet, a distributed datastore filesharing network of peers.
  • Fast Messaging Peer to Peer
    Fast Messaging Peer to Peer is a simple P2P application meant to create small, semi-private overlay networks. It includes messaging and file sharing.
  • filegive
    filegive easily sends files point-to-point, with authentication and ciphering, with no software requirements on the receiving side. No third party server is involved in the transfer.
  • Forban
    Forban is a kind of p2p application for link-local and local area network. Forban works independently from Internet and use only the local area capabilities to announce, discover, search or share files.
  • FreeClient
    FreeClient is a library and command line client written in C to access freenet.
  • Gloster
    Gloster is a secure and decentralized p2p program for small communities working under Linux, Windows and MacOS.
  • GNUnet
    GNUnet is a framework for secure peer-to-peer networking that does not use any centralized or otherwise trusted services. A first service implemented on top of the networking layer allows anonymous censorship-resistant file-sharing. GNUnet uses a simple, excess-based economic model to allocate resources. Peers in GNUnet monitor each others behavior with respect to resource usage; peers that contribute to the network are rewarded with better service.
  • gsx
    gsx is a Scour Exchange client, which simulates the Windows Scour Exchange client.
  • Gumshoe
    Gumshoe lets you search for, download, and share files on "any" file sharing service. It uses a plugin architecture to implement various services.
  • HydraEngine
    HydraEngine is a modular, plugin-driven peer-to-peer client framework which is designed with true multi-network downloads in mind. It can be used directly via the built-in shell functionality, or via external user interfaces.
  • kenosis
    kenosis is a fully-distributed p2p RPC system built on top of XMLRPC. Nodes are automatically connected to each other via a Kademlia-style network and can route RPC requests efficiently to any online node.
  • Netsukuku
    Netsukuku is a P2P network system that generates and sustains itself autonomously, using a fractal algorithm to calculate routes. It is designed to handle a large number of nodes with minimal CPU and memory resources.
  • Nicotine
    Nicotine is a SoulSeek client written in Python, based on the PySoulSeek project by Alexander Kanavin. It features, among other things, a completely rewritten graphical user interface which uses the PyGTK-2 toolkit and a less strict user request policy.
  • Nicotine-Plus
    Nicotine-Plus is a fork of Nicotine, the Python/GTK+ 2 client for the Soulseek P2P Network. Its features include remote uploads, separate shares sent to Buddies, GUI improvements, and a tray icon.
  • NitroShare
    NitroShare is a network file-sharing application that makes sending a file to another machine on the local network as easy as dragging-and-dropping.
  • OpenAG
    OpenAG is the first Unix/Linux/Mac OS X implementation of the (unofficial) Audiogalaxy File Sharing Protocol. OpenAG includes both client and server projects. The client is available as a command line application or with a Mac OS X Aqua interface.
  • P4
    P4 is a fully functional, self-organizing overlay network similar to Gnutella and Freenet. However, P4 differs in that it provides an API for developing plugin applications on top of the network. P4 handles the networking and exports functionality for unicast, multicast, user and plugin discovery, and strong encryption and authentication. This frees developers from worrying about networking, and allows them to focus on building real functionality.
  • Peeranha42
    An all-in-one software solution for P2P networks. The software consists of two components, the P42 Client and the P42 Development Kit. The client is the core of the software package and has a special pluggable architecture.
  • Pods
    Pods is a P2P network, but more generalised than existing ones like Freenet and gnutella.
  • PPTP-linux
    PPTP-linux is a Linux, FreeBSD and NetBSD client for the proprietary Microsoft Point-to-Point Tunneling Protocol, PPTP. Allows connection to a PPTP based Virtual Private Network (VPN) as used by employers and some cable and ADSL internet service providers.
    PPTP_GUI is a graphical interface to the existing PPTP Client for Linux, FreeBSD, and NetBSD.
  • PySoulSeek
    PySoulSeek is a client for the SoulSeek filesharing system.
  • QP2M
    QP2M is an Peer 2 Mail application which means that it lets you share, store and manage your files on mail accounts. It work similar to other Peer 2 Mail applications but it makes upload and download really simple and also it has some unique features.
  • Quamachi
    Quamachi is a Hamachi GUI that resides in the system tray. Hamachi is a zero-configuration virtual private networking (VPN) application.
  • RetroShare
    RetroShare is a cross-platform private P2P sharing program. It lets you share securely with your friends, using a web-of-trust to authenticate peers and OpenSSL to encrypt all communication. RetroShare provides file sharing, chat, messages, and channels.
  • RSS-torrent
    RSS-torrent is an application that downloads selected torrents from an RSS feed and puts them in a directory for your torrent program to find them.
  • slimrat
    slimrat is a command line and GUI utility for downloading files from Rapidshare Free.
  • The Grapevine Project
    The Grapevine Project is an anonymizing peer-to-peer file storage network, similar to Freenet and Gnutella.
  • Treecast Batch Network
    Treecast Batch Network aims to create a distributed network (P2P) for pushing files to the interested nodes.
  • uHub
    ÁHub is a high performance peer-to-peer hub designed for Unix-like operating systems. It has a clean design and small memory footprint. It is scalable, and will work for small hubs on embedded hardware, as well as big hubs running on high preformance servers with thousands of users. ÁHub uses the ADC protocol (i.e. the next generation Direct Connect), and is compatible with DC++, Elise, QuickDC, and other ADC clients.
  • XDCC-Fetch
    XDCC-Fetch, written entirely in Ruby, is an intuitive, no-nonsense tool for searching, collecting and downloading XDCC announcements within IRC channels. XDCC-Fetch is released under the BSD license and available for free.
  • XSatellite
    XSatellite is a GUI for Linux version of AudioGalaxy Satellite. XSatellite communicates with AGSatellite and shows the file transfers informations: filename, size, percentage, transfer rate.

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