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Fun to Play Open Source Real-Time Strategy Games Fight for Glory
RTS games have a large fan base since their inception. This game genre requires cunning, creativity, and the ability to devise innovative strategies to usurp your opponents. Some of the best known proprietary RTS series are Warcraft, Starcraft, Command & Conquer, and Age of Empires.

(Read more)
User Friendly
User Friendly provides original and amusing cartoons.


  • ISME
    Ip phone Scanning Made Easy (ISME) scans a VOIP environment, adapts to enterprise VOIP, and exploits the possibilities of being connected directly to an IP Phone VLAN
  • Jitsi
    Jitsi (formerly SIP Communicator) is a VoIP, videoconferencing, and instant messaging application. It supports several popular instant messaging and telephony protocols.
  • just another trium tool
    just another trium tool is able to change the ringtones of a Trium Mars. It can save your sms and your phonebook, too.
  • KAlcatel
    KAlcatel allows you to manage messages, calls, contacs, todos and the calendar in Alcatel One Touch 50x and 70x mobile phones.
  • KDE Connect
    KDE Connect is open source software that connects Android smartphones to your KDE Plasma Workspace. Read more
  • KdeAm
    KdeAm is an answering machine front end for Linux, written using KDE. It needs to have the vboxgetty daemons running to handle the answering of calls. The vboxgetty stores the messages in the vbox spool directory from which KdeAm then picks them up.
  • Kiax
    Kiax is a softphone (soft phone, VoIP client) with a simple and comfortable user interface for making VoIP calls to Asterisk PBX. Read more
  • KMobileTools
    KMobileTools is a KDE-based application that allows you to control mobile phones with your PC. It handles full SMS control, dialing calls, reading from phonebook, last dials, received and unanswered calls, and phone status monitoring (battery and signal for now).
  • KPhone
    KPhone is a SIP UA for Linux, supporting a multitude of features. Originally developed by Billy Biggs, it was developed at Wirlab until 2005. It is now developed by a team of volunteers in this project. KPhone is written in C++ and uses the QT Toolkit
  • Kphonecenter
    Kphonecenter is an application inspired by Rapidcom Voice for Windows. It is an app that lets you use a voice modem as an answering machine, and a fax.
  • KSiemens
    KSiemens is a small KDE2 application aiming to managing the Siemens mobile phone series S25/35 via IrDA or serial cable. Planned features include managing the phone book, SMS and organizer, download of logos and general status information display.
  • Leif
    Leif is a tool for managing your sony/ericsson t68/t68i mobile phone. it supports phonebook editing, file uploading and sms management.
  • letterize
    letterize generates alphabetic mnemonics for a phone number, then filters them for phonetic plausibility in English.
  • LinBerry
    LinBerry is a Blackberry desktop manager for Linux. Manage your contacts, restore or retrieve your data, install/uninstall applications, and use your device as a modem.
  • Linphone
    Linphone allows you to make two-party phone calls using an IP network. Easy to use, it runs as a tradionnal phone. As it uses a very minimal implementation of the Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) in order to establish the call, it MAY work with other sip-phones. Read more
  • lintad
    Linux Telephone Answering Device: a fax and voicemail application. Lintad uses a softmodem as a soundcard attached to the phoneline to play greetings and record messages. Messages and faxes are made available to browersers via Apache and PHP
  • Linux Huawei Unlocker
    Linux Huawei Unlocker is a utility that tries to remove the carrier lock on Huawei mobile broadband modems from the Linux command line.
  • Linuxfono
    Linuxfono is a small program (with a XForms interface) that allows you to use your modem as a speakerphone, provided that your modem has voice support. You can plug a microphone and a speaker to the modem and talk.
  • listen2fritz
    listen2fritz provides real-time notification of incoming calls on an AVM FRITZ!Box Fon. The notifications are sent by way of a Dream-Multimedia-TV Dreambox or an instant messenger program.
  • Lwazi
    Lwazi is a robust telephony platform aiming to facilitate speedy development of experimental applications without sacrificing power by combining Asterisk with the MobilIVR Python interface bundled into a single build with a unified control interface.
  • Milliphone
    Milliphone is a minimalistic multi-platform softphone that uses the Verona VOIP toolkit. It supports multiple simultaneous SIP accounts.
  • minisip
    minisip is a SIP VoIP soft phone that implements additional security features such as mutual authentication, encryption and integrity of on-going calls, and encryption of the signaling.
  • MODU
    MODU is a linux oriented textual dialup toolkit with support for MS callback and iptables. It is intended to be flexible enough to dialup to many ISP without much configuration.
  • Newfies-Dialer
    Newfies-Dialer is a voice broadcast application designed and built to automate the delivery of interactive phone calls to contacts, clients, and the general public.
  • ObexTool
    ObexTool is a graphical frontend to communicate with mobiles and other devices capable of communicating via Obex Protocol.
  • open-cgf
    open-cgf provides a 3GPP-compliant charging gateway function (CGF) as a sink for SGSN, GGSN, and other streamed CDRs on the 3GPP Ga/Gz interface. Refer to 3GPP 32.295. These are common data elements of GSM/UMTS mobile telephone networks.
  • osp-toolkit
    The OSP Toolkit is a client-side implementation of the OSP protocol. OSP is a global standard, defined by ETSI TISPAN, for secure authorization and accounting for peer-to-peer communications.
  • Phone
    Phone is a client program that lets you talk withother people on the internet using voice on a fullduplex connection.
    pjsip and pjmedia is an SIP and media stack written in C, and optimized for high performance and a small footprint. It has many SIP and media features such as a layered API, dialog usages, high level invite session abstraction, an event framework, SIP presence/SIMPLE, instant messaging, RTP/RTCP, a conference bridge, silence detection, PLC, and so on, as well as extensive documentation.
  • pjsua
    pjsua is an open source command line SIP user agent (softphone) that is used as the reference implementation for PJSIP, PJNATH, and PJMEDIA. Despite its simple command line appearance, it does pack many features
  • post_call
    post_call is a small tool which is able to send a HTTP request to your AVM FritzBox 7050, which will then call a number you provide to post_call as a command-line parameter and using a interface (phone port number) you also provide as a command-line parameter.
  • pphone communicator
    PPhone is a universal communication client for IP telephony and instant messaging. The application's design is modular, so GUI, protocol, codec, and sound drivers have plugin interfaces, the GUI is detachable, and you can switch among different GUI implementations and change the client's configuration at runtime.
  • PyGCID
    PyGCID is a graphical application that will keep track of incoming calls on your telephone using some kind of hardware.
  • Pyst
    Pyst consists of a set of interfaces and libraries to allow programming of Asterisk from python. The library currently supports AGI, AMI, and the parsing of Asterisk configuration files. The library also includes debugging facilities for AGI.
  • QBabbel
    QBabbel is a very simple Qt-based VoIP application.
  • QGnokii
    QGnokii is an alternative frontend for Gnokii written in C and C++ using the QT3 toolkit. It handles most common functions in mobile phones.
  • QtDragon
    QtDragon is a collection of tools for using Hagenuk's Speed Dragon with Linux. It is completely based on Qt and forms a graphical frontend to the classes written by Jan Willamowius.
  • QtPhone
    QtPhone is a cross-platform telephone emulation application designed to be used with a PC, speakers, microphone, V.92 voice modem and a standard phone line. ISDN, ADSL and Networking/Cable ( i.e VoIP ) will also be supported.
  • Ringtone Tools
    Ringtone Tools is a program for creating custom ringtones and graphical logos for mobile phones.
  • Robust Audio Tool
    Robust Audio Tool is a network audio tool that allows users to particpate in audio conferences over the internet. These can be between two participants directly, or between a group of participants on a common multicast group.
  • SCX Tools
    SCX Tools is a set of utilities for Skype. It currently includes a call recorder. The project goal is to provide several useful tools for such task as Skype calls recording and management.
  • SDR
    SDR is a session directory tool designed to allow the advertisement and joining of multicast conferences on the Mbone.
  • SFLphone
    SFLphone aims to provide a multi-platform (Unix/Mac/Win32), multi-protocol (SIP/IAX2), and multi-GUI desktop VoIP phone. It currently supports the SIP protocol, G711 codecs, and has some nice features. It mostly targets businesses, public administrations, and call centers.
  • Sintel
    Sintel is a VoIP application using a custom XML based protocol for communication and Ogg for transmitting media.
  • SIP Inspector
    SIP Inspector is a tool to simulate different SIP messages and scenarios. You can create your own SIP signaling scenarios, customize SIP messages, and monitor incoming and outgoing messages.
  • sip-redirect
    sip-redirect is a tiny SIP redirect server. It supports IPv4 and IPv6, but the IPv6 support is optional. The RFC 3261 was the base for this simple and very configurable implementation. There is neither TCP nor multicast support programmed in.
  • SIPVicious
    The SIPVicious tools are used to audit SIP devices. svmap lists SIP devices found on an IP range, svwar identifies active extensions on a PBX, and svcrack is an online password cracker for SIP PBX.
  • sipX
    sipX is a next generation IP PBX solution offering rich functionality combined with ease of use, installation, and administration. sipX is entirely based on the Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) and significant attention is paid to standards compliance and interoperability. Read more
  • sipXecs
    sipXecs is an Enterprise SIP PBX that comes complete with voice mail and auto-attendant. It can also be used as a high performance enterprise toll-bypass SIP router. It combines all common calling features, XML-based SIP call routing, Web-based configuration, and integrated management and configuration of the PBX and attached phones and gateways. It is a modular server-based solution that does not require any additional hardware, as it interoperates with any SIP compliant gateway, phone, or application. Read more
  • Skyperious
    Skyperious is a Skype database viewer and merger, written in Python.

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