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9 Excellent Open Source Configuration Management Applications
This software automates the configuration of machines to a particular state. Like any other tools, they are designed to solve specific problems in certain ways. The goal is to get a system from whatever state it is in, into the desired state. Configuration management software are the tools of choice for many system administrators and devops professionals.

(Read more)
jEdit is a powerful, easy to use, extensible text editor. Read more


  • Alamin GSM SMS Gateway
    Alamin GSM SMS Gateway is a group of daemons that allows you to send/receive SMS messages from any GSM device that supports AT+ commands (GSM modems or GSM mobile phones) or supported by Gnokii.
  • autismS
    AutismS is a user-friendly GUI to send SMS through existing SMS Web sites. It's a graphical front-end for the MoioSMS program, designed to stay discreetly on your system tray and to be easy and functional when you need it.
  • Cell Messenger
    (commercial) Cell Messenger is a program that allows you to send, receive and archive SMS messages from your mobile phone.
  • CommitMessage
    CommitMessage provides a modular, easy-to-use approach to sending CVS and SVN commit information to other systems.
  • eimSMS
    eimSMS is a Perl hack for sending SMS message via Internet, it uses an external gateway library called WWW-SMS to relay SMS messages.
  • esms
    esms is a small program that sends messages SMS to Spanish mobile telephones.
  • FlexMS
    FlexMS is a frontend to the well-known Smssend. It's written in C++, using the QT C++ GUI Toolkit.
  • g-page
    g-page is an OpenSource program designed to send text messages to a PCs phone or an alphanumeric pager, or any compatible wireless device.
  • glinuxsms
    glinuxsms is a GNOME2 GUI/front-end for linuxsms, an interesting tool to send SMS to cellphones all over the world. With glinuxsms you just write your message and click SEND, no need to get write the full command on a terminal.
  • Gnome Sms
    Gnome Sms is a frontend for sending Sms. It is designed or Gnome2 and is able to manage (=add/delete/edit) users from a user list.
  • Gnome SmsSend
    Gnome SmsSend is a user interface to SmsSend, a tool which allows you to send short messages to any GSM through the providers' Web sites.
  • gsms
    gsms is a graphical frontend to itaSMS.
  • gTinSMS
    gTinSMS is a GUI front-end to TinSms.
  • itaSMS
    itaSMS is for sending SMS messages to Italian phones .
  • Jsmssend
    Jsmssend allows you to compose SMS messages easily when you are offline and send them together.
  • KSms
    KSms is a KDE 3 application for sending and archiving SMS messages using a GSM mobile phone.
  • KySMS
    KySMS is a graphical frontend for smssend which has a phonebook.
  • linuxsms
    linuxsms is a script in Perl for sending short messages to spanish gsm phones.
  • mailinsms
    mailinsms is an e-mail to SMS formatter and SMS sender. This version only supports the mobile servicer Westel GSM (Hungary).
  • MoioSMS
    MoioSMS is a Python script to automatically send SMS from Internet sites. It features a plugin-like architecture enabling it to support easily new sites. At the moment, only the Italian language is supported.
  • PerlSMS
    PerlSMS is a simple but powerful front-end to smssend.
  • Pinole
    Pinole is a Perl based script that allows you to send written messages to mobile phones or pagers using an email alias and connecting directly to the service provider server.
  • PyCosmos
    PyCosmos is a script that allows the user to send SMS using the MyCosmos portal of COSMOTE in Greece.
  • S25 Manager 4 Linux
    S25 Manager 4 Linux is an (almost) fully functional GUI application for managing the most important functions of Siemens S25 phones.
  • samsem
    samsem is a command line utility and a daemon to send and receive Short Messages and manipulate GSM devices via serial line connection. The samsem package is written in Perl.
  • Sendpage
    Sendpage sends alphanumeric messages to pagers or SMS phones. The server dials paging centrals or SMS centers, and communicates via the TAP or UCP protocol. Sendpage runs as an SNPP daemon with queue-management, multiple modems, and email notification.
  • sendSMS
    sendSMS is a tool for sending SMS Messages to a voicestream cell phone.
  • SMaSh
    SMaSh is for sending messages to digital phones, pagers and any other device you can communicate with. Smash is actually a rewrite/cleanup of "SMS Server".
  • Smos
    Send messages over SMS can be used in conjunction with procmail and mail2sms to compact and redirect your mail to your mobile phone.
  • SMS Client
    SMS Client is a command line based utility which allows you to send SMS messages to mobile phones and pagers.
  • sms-notify
    sms-notify are Perl scripts to massage an email message down to the bare minimum (From and Subject, and as much of the message body as will fit within 160 characters).
  • is a Perl module that can be used to send SMS messages through almost all free SMS providers.
  • sms2mtel
    sms2mtel is a small program written in C++. It's purpose is sending SMS to the bulgarian mobile provider mtel.
  • SMSC-Gateway
    SMSC-Gateway can be used to send/receive SMSes to/from cellular phones using various connections to SMSCs (Short Message Service Centers).
  • SMSDaemon
    SMSDaemon is an SMS sender (Spain only) written in Python.
  • SMSer
    SMSer is a command-line application that lets you send SMS messages to a list of phone numbers located in a file. It places all the messages in the CenterICQ's queue and when CenterICQ is invoked all the messages are sent to the recipients.
  • smsgo
    smsgo is a program for send SMS international. It has the status and the options. It is in GTK and C++.
  • SMSLink
    SMSLink implements a client/server gateway to the SMS protocol. The server process listens on a specific TCP port, and forks a child for each incoming connection. Those child processes are responsible for getting the message parameters from the clients, and will then compete through a mechanism of semaphores and shared memory segments to get exclusive access to the sending hardware : a serially attached GSM module.
  • smsotp
    smsotp is an authorization system based on SMS (Short Message Service). The system is the most reliable way of secure authorization. It eliminates all disadvantages of a typical login/password and any other otp implementations.
  • SMSync
    SMSync converts sms messages from Handspring devices to standard mailbox format. The program is tested with Treo 270 communicator, but it should work with other Treos and Handspring Visorphone.
  • UltraSMS
    UltraSMS is a free utility for sending and receiving mobile phone SMS messages to and from a MySQL database on Linux, Unix, Mac OS X etc. UltraSMS was created as an inexpensive solution for SMS enabling web (or other) applications as easily as possible for the developer.

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