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5 Highly Promising Terminal Emulators
The terminal emulator is a venerable but essential tool for computer users. The reason why Linux offers so much power is due to the command line. The Linux shell can do so much, and this power can be accessed on the desktop by using a terminal emulator. There are so many available for Linux that the choice is bewildering.

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SwiFTP is an open-source FTP server that allows you to connect to your phone over wifi or cellular/3g to upload and download files. Any FTP client can be used.


  • A2K
    A2K is a small, simple, and unobtrusive IRC bot. It differs from the other n+1 IRC bots out there in that it is meant to do only a few things, do them well, and generally be seen and not heard.
  • Acidblood
    Acidblood features include: User database with authentication based on nick, ip and access level, Auto-op, and User requestable operator status.
  • Amethyst
    Amethyst is a fairly full rewrite of Infobot. It has POE Architecture, support for multiple protocols and multiple connections & support for multiple independent processing cores.
  • b0xNet
    b0xNet is an advanced modular Eggdrop distribution with multi-lingual support. b0xNet can be installed from a variety of different locations including CVS, FTP, HTTP and the sources are availible in TAR+GZIP or TAR+BZIP2 formats.
  • Bawt
    Bawt is one of the IRC robots which currently reside on the WarpedNet #Amiga IRC Channel.
  • benzo
    benzo is a pseudo-ai bot that uses a markov chain to generate funny text. benzo is written in python.
  • bitchbot
    bitchbot is an IRC bot with factoids, game server query support, channel commands, and a whole ton of other useless/crazy/fun stuff.
  • Blitzed IRC Trivia
    Blitzed IRC Trivia is an automated IRC trivia bot. Features an advanced string matching algorithm designed to match answers phonetically.
  • bobot++
    bobot++ is an IRC bot written in C++. Being the evolution of bobot, it provides time dependent commands, multichannel, flood control and many other features.
  • botnet
    botnet is a small collection of functions written in C, intended to assist in development of an IRC bot.
  • Boucherot
    The goal of the project is to create an IRC bot (in fact an IRC SDK environnement) that will be at least as good and powerfull as eggdrop, but in perl...
  • BwentBot
    BwentBot is an event driven IRC bot completely written in Perl. Its goal is to be functional without becoming bloated, and to keep overhead low to run on older systems. BwentBot has many features that make it an ideal bot for IRC channels.
  • Chase Bot
    Chase Bot allows one to control an IRC channel. It has many useful functions such as autodeop, topic change, onjoin and onpart messages, op, and deop.
  • CWBot
    CWBot provides online services in Morse usable with the CWirc client. It can broadcast world news in Morse and Hellschreiber, RAC ham news, act as a MorseMail to CWirc repeater, or send fortune cookies in Morse, over an IRC channel or throught DCC chat, with adjustable keying speed and Farnsworth spacing. It is easily extendable with scripts or external programs to provide additional services in Morse.
  • Dancer
    Dancer is an IRC bot written in C and runs on several Unix clones - SunOS, Solaris, IRIX, Linux, NetBSD, OSF/1, AIX, HP-UX, and Ultrix - and Amiga.
  • Diablo Bot
    Diablo Bot is an extensive IRC Bot written entirely in perl. Current development versions include expanded command flexibility, easy modular support, and isolated configurations for multipule networks.
  • e-Bot
    e-Bot is an IRC bot written in Perl.
  • EchelIRC
    EchelIRC is a IRC channel logging bot written in C that logs all IRC channel activity to a MySQL database, written in ANSI C.
  • Eddie's Extensions
    Tcl script(s) for an eggdrop bot to an extra features. Including: magic 8-ball, polls, random numbers, calculator, and various quirky features.
  • eggdrop
    eggdrop is a program that does things automatically on IRC. A channel robot for IRC that can be tailored to any situation. It's versatile because of its Tcl scripting capabilities in which addon scripts can be written and loaded.
  • Eiwic
    Eiwic is an IRC-bot written in pure C. It can be easily extended by own modules, that can be loaded at runtime. It has an module API which is designed to make the creation of own modules as easy as possible. Including "output routing", TCP/IP socket interface and timer functions.
  • EnergyMech
    EnergyMech is a UNIX compatible IRC bot programmed in the C language, freely distributable under GNU General Public License.
  • envbot
    envbot is an advanced modular IRC bot coded in bash. Features include SSL, IPv6, modularity (with several good modules already), transport modules (including OpenSSL, GnuTLS, netcat, etc.), loading/unloading/reloading of modules at runtime, rehashing configuration at runtime, advanced access control, and much more.
  • Flooterbuck Infobot
    Flooterbuck Infobot is a rewrite of Kevin Lenzo's Infobot. It's meant to be be cleaner, more modular, and more hackable-on than the current incarnation of infobot.
  • G-Serve
    A file serving bot for people who wish to share files on IRC. It does not require any other IRC chat program to run and has most of the usual f-serve features such as searches using @find and send queues.
  • GBNBot
    GBNBot is a BNet Bot written in Perl to moderate Bnet channels.
    GOZERBOT is an IRC and Jabber bot. It can fetch RSS feeds, keep todo and shopping lists, manage karma and quotes, and remember items. It supports plugins, has a built-in Web server, and can communicate with other bots. It can also relay messages received by UDP to a channel or person, which could be useful for monitoring systems. Relaying between IRC and Jabber is also possible.
  • Hattrick Broadcasting Bot
    Hattrick Broadcasting Bot is an eggdrop module which displays matches of the online game Hattrick live in IRC channels.
  • Ibid
    Ibid is a multi-protocol general purpose chat bot written in Python. It uses a natural language interface, and can connect to multiple sources, including IRC, Jabber and SILC servers, as well as allowing interaction using SMTP, HTTP and various RPC protocols.
  • Infobot
    The infobot connects to an Internet Relay Chat (IRC) server, joins some channels (maybe), and begins accumulating factoids. It is a daemon module in Perl.
  • ircb
    ircb is a versatile IRC Bouncer, made for scale. It was born out of our sheer requirements for a better IRC bouncer when hosting the demo instance of waartaa.
  • irclogger
    Irclogger is a simple IRC bot that provides a Web log of what is said. Users can set passwords on the log files. Each logged phrase becomes a part of the Web with its own URL.
  • iroffer
    iroffer is a fileserver for irc (commonly referred to as a DCC bot). It uses the DCC feature of irc to send files to other users. iroffer will connect to an irc server and let people request files from it.
  • irspider
    irspider (internet relay spider) is a unix based search engine bot for IRC. irspider goes about and spiders (indexes) DCC bots on the channel it sits on, then allows IRC users to query irspider for matches against it's database, or request a masslist.
  • Jabber::Bot
    Jabber::Bot makes it simple to create and command your own Jabber bot with little fuss. The bot is created by creating custom commands powered by regular expressions.
  • JIRC
    JIRC is a simple bot structure onto which you can put whatever logic you want.
  • JMovieBot
    The bot is a project that contains MySQL, XML, PHP, JDBC and Java. It is an IRC bot(much like eggdrop) that can connect to any IRC server and distribute a list and have controll over unlimitied users that can add, modify and delete Movies in a MySQL dat
  • Kalich
    Kalich is a complete set of TCL scripts for an Eggdrop IRC bot.
  • Knab is Not A Bot
    Knab is Not A Bot is a completely modular bot written in perl that supports hot-pluggable modules that can be loaded, reloaded and unloaded on the fly. It is medium-independent, and can take input from IRC, console, etc. It is designed to be very easy to extend.
  • LogBot
    LogBot creates web-based logs in XHTML format. It uses the PircBot API to connect to an IRC server and create public logs for a channel. This is useful for disseminating online conferences and discussions of interest groups to those who do not use IRC.
  • Manderlbot
    Manderlbot is an Erlang written IRC bot and possibly an IRC client.
  • Molly
    Molly is a small, simple IRC bot for intra-office communication. She will handle lunch menus, stock quotes, take polls and stuff like that.
  • MoxQuizz
    MoxQuizz is a quiz/trivia bot for IRC built for eggdrop. It started as a clone of HSE's quizbot, but quickly grew to an independent program with own features.
  • Mx3bot
    Mx3bot is a MySQL based IRC robot, using Tcl for commands, supporting user and channel management, as well as ability to connect to multiple servers at a time.
  • nagircbot
    nagircbot (Nagios IRC bot) announces the Nagios status on an IRC channel.
  • nandBot
    nandBot is a Perl IRC Robot which is intended to be used on UNIX systems. nandBot is extensible using the built-in plugin interface and is localizable using Locale::Maketext.
  • Nickbot
    NickBot is an IRC bot framework for Perl. The main component handles all IRC functions, and it will trigger the user functions on certain events. User functions are stored in a seperate file, and they can be updated at runtime without restarting the bot.
  • Ofnibot
    Ofnibot stores a knowledge base of "factoids" or facts about things. The knowledge base can then be accessed and updated using common English phrases.
  • OperBot
    OperBot is an IRC bot that provides /ctcp INVITE, /ctcp OP, and KNOCK access to a set of oper only channels.
  • otarie
    otarie is an IRC bot that uses the botnet library. It has a powerful C plugin capability.
  • OtfBot
    OtfBot is a modular IRC bot. It has modules to respond to !commands, answer to keywords, post RDF headlines in the channel, kick users of bad words, interact with the user with an A.I. (megahal, SQL), display 8-ball quotes, and play nobody is perfect. New modules can be created in minutes.
  • pastebot
    pastebot saves channels from large amounts of pasted material. Text is pasted into a web form, and the bot announces an URL where it can be read.
  • Pbotty
    Pbotty is a high-end IRC bot, written in Perl. It has a PostgreSQL database backend and PHP3 Web interface front end for maintenance and usage in realtime.
  • perlbot
    perlbot is an IRC bot written in Perl. It depends on Net::IRC and its goals are simplicity and a small footprint.
  • PieSpy
    PieSpy is an IRC bot that monitors a set of IRC channels. It uses a simple set of heuristics to infer relationships between pairs of users. These inferrences allow PieSpy to build a mathematical model of a social network for any channel. These social networks can be drawn and used to create animations of evolving social networks.
  • pircbotcpp
    pircbotcpp is an IRC C++ software development kit. It is a C++ port of pircbot. pircbotcpp is an object oriented client framework that lets you write quick and easy C++ IRC bots. It includes comprehensive documentation and samples.
  • pircstats
    An IRC Statistics Bot written in Perl. It logs its statistics to a mysql database, and it features a web interface for these statistics. It also strives to keep administration to a minimum by autoadding and purging statistics as well as users as necessary.
  • PjBOT
    PjBOT is a fun-oriented irc bot. It does trivial (making statistics of the results, creating a webpage) and in the near future more games. It is developed in Python. It's Multiplatform and GPL.
  • poeb
    poeb is a fully functional IRC bot written in Perl. It is comparable to a base eggdrop. It supports user administration, nick registration, channel operator commands, all CTCP events, some common channel events, log manipulation, multiple channels, and communication with a channel.
  • Pynfo
    Pynfo is an IRC bot written in Python and the Twisted framework. Among its features are network bridging/relaying, basic "infobot" capabilities, googling, 3 access tiers, and a shorter-link function.
  • PyPlet
    PyPlet is a very simple IRC bot who speaks. You can use PyPlet in learning environments, to help visually impaired people, or just for fun.
  • RandWord
    RandWord is an IRC bot which creates random sentences using random words, and prints them out at random intervals.
  • rbot
    rbot is a ruby IRC bot. Think of him as a ruby infobot, with more and different features, and a nicer plugin scheme.
  • Revbot IRC Bot
    Revbot is an IRC bot written in Perl, using a POE backend. It has a simple plugin architecture. Most of the functionality is implemented via plugins, so the core can remain relatively stable.
  • RockBot
    RockBot is a C irc robot initally based on comstud's Combot.
  • rqBot
    rqBot is a Perl IRC bot written with POE. It sits in designated channels logging all conversations, and upon request, will spit out a random quote from any given nickname. It also provides a trivia game (which can be limited to only 1 channel), and has sample trivia text files and database injector included.
  • SeeBorg
    SeeBorg is a C++ clone of PyBorg, an IRC chatbot originally written by Tom Morton. SeeBorg is a random phrase bot that will sit on IRC channel, learning the talk, and periodically replying with something that is generated from the talk learned before.
  • ServerSpyIRC
    ServerSpyIRC is a bot written in Perl and based on Net::IRC to get information about online Quake2, Quake3, and Halflife servers, like status, players, clanwars, and lists of servers.
  • Smart TCL
    Smart TCL is a complete TCL script for eggdrop bots 1.6.x series. It should also be compatible with older 1.5.x and 1.4.x series (except for some functions which requires newer 1.6.x tcl-commands). It also requires TCL language >= 8.3.x (it works also with older versions, but not all functions will work completely, like Bounce System, botnet file transfers, shell commands, etc..).
  • Spong-Bot
    Spong-Bot always notifies you about the status of your systems.
  • SupyBot
    SupyBot is a full-featured IRC bot written clearly and understandably in Python, useful both as an IRC bot an as a coding example, hopefully. It includes a simple-to-use but *very* flexible channel/user management system.
  • the mg2bot
    mg2bot is an IRC bot that was originally written to do unique channel maintenance but which now sports a homebrew plugin system, increased channel awareness, and a bot networking capability.
  • tiBot
    tiBot is an automated IRC connection, known as bot, intended to help channel ops manage their channels.
  • ToolBot
    ToolBot is a simple to use IRC bot for providing the services that distributed open source projects who use IRC for communication need to use IRC better.
  • TopicEngine
    TopicEngine is an advanced multi-channel topic management script for eggdrop bots on IRC. Features include public commands with shortcuts, fine-grain permissions, and intelligent topic handling.
  • Tuxaator
    Tuxaator is a lightweight IRC bot/dictionary, easy to set up, easy to localize.
  • wanha
    wanha is a combination of Perl-script to run a bot on IRC to watch the channel for URLs and another script to run as a web-interface on a HTTP-server. The bot will watch over the channel, friendly and warmly keeping the conversation going, discreetly discouraging people not to paste already pasted URLs again.
  • wonton
    wonton is a modular IRC bot similar to eggdrop.
  • zebot
    zebot is an IRC bot with a completely modular design, POE event driven architecture, multi channel and server support, dynamic internationalization support, and user- definable reactions and emotes along with basic IRC bot functionality.
  • ZeCetL
    ZeCetL is an IRC bot that lets all users in an IRC channel play Countdown ("les chiffres et les lettres" in French). It also supports some other famous TV games like "motus" and "la cible".

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