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 · 9 Excellent Open Source Configuration Management Applications
 · A Beginner’s Introduction to Linux
 · Simon Tatham’s Portable Puzzle Collection – Games for the Brain
 · Captain Holetooth – Explorative 2D Platform Game for Kids
 · Taisei – A Classy, Frenetic Shoot’em Up Game in the Style of The Touhou Project
 · YouTube Channel
 · Minilens – Fun Open Source Puzzle Platform Game
 · Wizznic! – Highly Addictive Open Source Puzzle Game
 · Success! Beelink S1 Running Linux – Courtesy of the Open Source Community
 · Beelink S1 Mini PC and Linux – Comedy Gold


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9 Excellent Open Source Configuration Management Applications
This software automates the configuration of machines to a particular state. Like any other tools, they are designed to solve specific problems in certain ways. The goal is to get a system from whatever state it is in, into the desired state. Configuration management software are the tools of choice for many system administrators and devops professionals.

(Read more)
jEdit is a powerful, easy to use, extensible text editor. Read more


  • Adept
    Adept is a free multilanguage e-learning system. Users can choose, navigate, read courses on screen, do exercices and download related material and (soon) take exams. A full admin control interface is included.
  • Artikulate
    Artikulate is a learning software that helps improving pronunciation skills. This is a manual for developers and course data contributors.
  • Common Lisp Kanji Drill
    CKLD (Common Lisp Kanji Drill) is a tool that is useful to students of Japanese who face the task of memorizing hundreds or thousands of kanji.
  • Esperantilo
    Esperantilo ("Tool for Esperanto") is a UTF-8 editor with linguistics functions for the language Esperanto, and is also a system for computer aided translation. It contains a spell checker and grammar checker for the Esperanto language. It can translate Esperanto text in different formats into Polish, German, and English. It also supports computer aided translation by interactive machine translation. Translation memory can be used also for any language pairs. It is an XLIFF editor. It supports XLIFF and TMX (Level 1) formats. Machine translation uses direct translation at syntax level (dictionary-based translation with some grammar transformations).
  • FLTR
    FLTR is an open source application that helps you to do both extensive and intensive reading as part of your foreign language acquisition in an easy and enjoyable way. Read more
  • French Word Searches
    French Word Searches is designed for beginner to intermediate learners of French, such as those preparing for the UK GCSE French exam.
  • Fresh Memory
    Fresh Memory is a flashcards application for studying languages with Spaced Repetition method. The studied vocabulary is stored as flashcards.
  • GNGT
    German Noun Gender Trainer (GNGT) is a small application which helps German learners memorize genders of German nouns through memorizing their corresponding definite articles (der, die or das).
  • gNiall
    gNiall attempts to learn whatever language you try to teach it. It is basically a disassociator: it collects statistics on sentences you type and tries to construct meaningful replies.
  • GNOME Word of the Day
    GNOME Word of the Day is a GNOME applet that displays a new vocabulary word each day. No one likes to be lost in a sea of unknown words. With this applet, your vocabulary will evince perennial growth. It's a must when preparing for the SAT or GRE tests and for improving both reading comprehension and writing precision. It sits in the panel as a whole word or as a small icon. You can retrieve words from a selection of online sources and automatically cycle to a new source every few hours.
  • Gretools
    Gretools is a collection of programs which use the Barron's word list to help the user improve their vocabulary. Gretools is a fun way to learn new words. It consists of an gtk-based synonym quizzing program (gresyns) and a word-guessing game (greinverse) among others. Features include automatically remembering the words on which you erred and applying a filter to restrict wordspace to practice on. It is particularly useful if you are preparing for word tests.
  • gwavmerger
    gwavmerger is an interactive memory training tool designed to facilitate the learning of foreign languages.
  • Hanzi Master
    Hanzi Master is a Chinese character learning-aid program. It is designed to help you memorize characters by leading you to internalize their various systematicities.
  • J-Ben
    J-Ben is an aid for studying Japanese. Currently it provides tools for looking up and studying kanji (the Chinese characters used in Japanese writing).
  • Japanese Vocabulary
    Japanese Vocabulary is an application for studying Japanese vocabulary. It consists of a set of cards, each with the kanji spelling, kana reading, and the meaning in English (or another language).
  • Kana no quiz
    Kana no quiz is a little tool to memorize Japanese kana (katakana & hiragana) pronouncing in a easy way, presented as a quiz. The method is quite simple: kana appear randomly and you have to find their romaji transcription. There are several possibilities, but only one anwser is right!
  • Kanatest
    Kanatest is a simple, GTK 2-based kana drill tool. It offers three drill modes: hiragana, katakana, and mixed mode. The tester shows random kana characters and waits until you enter the romaji equivalent in an entry field.
  • KDrill
    KDrill is a program to help people learn kanji and kana (the Japanese charater set).
  • KSalomon
    KSalomon is a vocabulary trainer for KDE 3. The concept is a card index box in which you can drop several vocabulary files. Words you know, move into folders where they aren't asked very often again. On the otherside, the words you forget, will be tested again and again.
  • Kura
    Kura is a complete, professional system for the handling of linguistic data, especially fieldwork data from small-corpus languages.
  • Kurso de Esperanto
    Kurso de Esperanto is a multimedia computer program for teaching yourself Esperanto.
  • KVocabulary
    KVocabulary is a vocabulary trainer for KDE 3. It can handle different languages with many units. It is possible to enter up to three translations for one word.
  • kvoctrain
    kvoctrain is a vocabulary trainer. Like most of the other vocabulary trainers it uses the "flash card" approach.
  • LaTrine
    LaTrine is a curses-based LAnguage TRaINEr. It takes a dictionary and asks you for a word or a phrase, and you try to give the correct answer. You can choose in what direction LaTrine shall ask, and the selection of the words or phrases will depend on how often you don't know the correct translation for the respective phrase. This is a conventional way to drill yourself in vocabulary.
  • Lavengro
    Lavengro is based upon and is intended to be compatible with the bsd-games quiz program. It reads up text files and then tests you by using one field of the file for the question, another for the answer.
  • Learn Words
    Learn Words helps you to learn the words of foreign languages. Once words and their meanings have been entered, the computer quizzes you and shows how many errors you made.
  • Learning with Texts
    Learning with Texts (LWT) is an open source tool for language learning, inspired by Stephen Krashen's principles in Second Language Acquisition, Steve Kaufmann's LingQ System and ideas from Khatzumoto (AJATT). Read and listen, save and test words in context. Read more
  • Linguaphile
    Linguaphile is a simplistic and easy to use command line translator. It is open source, platform independent, and programmed in perl.
  • Lingvisto
    Lingvisto is an X based app that helps you to learn foreign languages.
  • Lukutoukka
    Lukutoukka is a one word at a time text reader for the GNOME desktop. It reads a text file and displays the contents one word at a time at an adjustable speed.
  • MyLang
    MyLang is free vocabulary trainer, designed to make words learning process fast, easy and efficient. Its power, flexibility and ease of use make that program fits in most of the needs.
  • Nihongo Nirvana
    Nihongo Nirvana is a set of tools for the assisted study of the Japanese Language on both Desktop computers and PDAs. This project aims at the creation of a complete tool suite for the study of kanjis (japanese character), vocabulary and grammar.
  • OmegaT+
    OmegaT+ is a Computer-Assisted Translation (CAT) tools platform. It includes a translation processor with translation memory and projects support, a bitext aligner, and a TMX validator. It has various other tools to process documents for translation.
  • OpenTeacher
    OpenTeacher is an open source vocabulary training application that helps you learn a foreign language. Enter a list of words in both a known and a foreign language, and OpenTeacher tests you. Read more
  • Perroquet
    Perroquet is an open source application that allows users to prepare sequences of video or audio files, with subtitles. The trainee has to guess a few missing words each time the record is paused. Read more
  • pitacard
    pitacard is a Leitner-style flashcard program designed primarily for language study. PitaCard has strong multi-language support and is designed to make the creation and review of cards easy.
  • Popup
    Popup is an interactive learning aid for pairs of words. It behaves much like a stack of flashcards, but handles one-to-many and many-to-one word relationships better.
  • PyBabelPhish
    PyBabelPhish is a GTK-based program providing fast translations from one natural language to another.
  • PyJflash
    PyJflash is a Japanese flashcard viewer, conversion utility, and editor. It loads over 15 different file formats, including Edict, Kanjidic, and tab-separated TXT with automatic encoding detection. It can print and save HTML with a choice between word lists, unknown words, and words that either have or haven't been displayed.
  • PyKanjiCard
    PyKanjiCard is a flash card program to aid learning japanese written words, in hiragana, katakana and kanji. You can select words composed only by characters you already known. It is written in Python, using Pygtk.
  • Pythonol
    Pythonol is an all-in-one program designed to help English speakers learn the Spanish language. Pythońol is written in Python using Gtk+ (PyGtk). Designed and optimized for Linux/ Unix.
  • qvocab
    qvocab is a program that will help you to learn your vocabulary. It runs on Linux (probably on other UNIX-like systems as well) and makes use of the QT widgetset to create a user interface which is easy and intuitive to use.
  • reciteword
    Reciteword is a education software to help people to study English, reciting english words.
  • Sanzang
    Sanzang is a compact and simple cross-platform machine translation system. It is especially useful for translating from the CJK languages (Chinese, Japanese, and Korean), and it is very suitable for working with ancient and otherwise difficult texts.
  • sdvplayer
    sdvplayer is a video player designed to help you improve your vocabulary in a foreign language by watching movies with subtitles in that language.
  • Span-gles
    Span-gles is a Spanish to English translation GUI. It will translate a phrase (via the Internet) or a single word (using the built-in dictionary).
  • SpeakGoodChinese
    Speak Good Chinese is an application that allows you or your students to improve their Mandarin pronunciation. It is based on Praat, leading software in speech analysis.
  • Step Into Chinese
    Step Into Chinese is a flexible language-mining tool to assist English speakers seeking to understand the Chinese language. Read more
  • SVT
    SVT is a Spanish Vocabulary Tutor.
  • Taekwon-Do Theory Assistant
    This is a program designed to help students to learn their Taekwon-Do theory ready for their grading. It has been designed with the GTI school of Taekwon-Do particularly in mind. For the moment, it goes from Yellow Tag to 1st Degree Black Belt, and the main focus is on the Korean vocabulary.
  • Tagaini Jisho
    Tagaini Jisho is an open source Japanese vocabulary and kanji dictionary that aims at presenting results in a way that makes it easy to create connections in your mind and remember them. Read more
  • Traduki
    Traduki is a tool being developed to give free speech and translation to everyone.
  • Verbiste
    Verbiste is a French conjugation system. It contains a C++ library, two programs that can be run from the command line or from another program, and a GNOME applet. This applet shows a text field in the GNOME Panel where the user can enter a conjugated verb and obtain its complete conjugation. The knowledge base is represented in XML and contains over 6800 verbs. Read more
  • Vocatra
    Vocatra is a console-based vocabulary trainer. It takes one or more vocabulary files, queries you for each word, and lets you try to give the correct answer. You can enable different learning modes.
  • WordGenerator
    WordGenerator generates hypothetical words from specifications of their syllable structure. You specify the maximum length of the words in syllables, the abstract structure of syllables in the language (in terms of such units as consonants and vowels or onsets and rhymes), and the actual sounds that comprise each abstract class (e.g. the list of vowels in the language) and WordGenerator then generates the words that conform to this specification.
  • xlit
    xlit is a program for transliterating text, that is, for converting text from one writing system into another. It allows the user to define a transliteration simply by typing the input strings in one window and the strings to which they are to be mapped in another. This makes it suitable for use for dealing with non-standard transliteration, such as those often necessary between the language notes made by a missionary, trader, or other amateur and technical linguistic notation, or between linguistic notation and a practical writing system.
  • Xsteak
    Xsteak is a graphical front-end to the "steak" program. Xsteak uses the GTK+ library for its user interface.
  • ZWDisplay
    ZWDisplay is a desktop program to assist learners of Mandarin to understand and learn to read Chinese text. When the user enters Chinese-language text, ZWDisplay will display the text with the pronunciation of each word (in Pinyin) and an English translation.

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