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3 Open Source Python Shells
Python is a very useful and popular computer language. One of the benefits of using an interpreted language such as Python is exploratory programming with its interactive shell.

(Read more)
Star Conflict
Star Conflict is a free action-packed Massively Multiplayer Online (MMO) space game where players control their own spaceships. The game uses instanced battles, with struggle for dominance in space sectors. Read more


  • BibleTime
    BibleTime is a Bible study application for Linux. It is based on the K Desktop Environment and uses the Sword programming library to work with Bible texts, commentaries, dictionaries and books provided by the Crosswire Bible Society. BibleTime provides an easy to use interface but is still easy to use. Features include searching, printing, taking notes, export and a lot of texts. Read more hot
  • Xiphos
    Xiphos (formerly GnomeSword) is Bible Study Software for the Linux community. Lookup and search Bible texts and commentaries. GnomeSword uses the Sword Projects modules and libs. Read more hot
  • Bible Analyzer
    Bible Analyzer is a comprehensive Bible study and analysis application with a number of features not typically found in other bible software such as text comparison, proximity searches, detailed statistics, etc. Read more
  • Bibledit
    Bible translators need a text editor that can input Bible text. Bible text is unique in that it is organized in two distinct hierarchies. One, it has sections and paragraphs, like any other text. Second, it is made up of books that contain chapters that contain verses.
  • BibleMemorizer
    BibleMemorizer is a program to help with memorizing Scripture. It allows you to create files with lists of verses you want to memorize, including the text of the verse and any categories you create.
  • BPBible
    BPBible is a flexible Bible study software. BPBible has many of the features you would expect in a Bible application. Read more
  • cnoor
    cnoor is a small, simple, and fast Quran viewer in C using GTK+.
  • DharmaDoc
    DharmaDoc is a system to assist with the management of a local Buddhist study library. Will download and install chosen documentation (sutras, etc), index them, and provide a web interface. Python, HTML. Needs a webserver, namazu. It can be used for other documents too.
  • ExpoSong
    ExpoSong is a worship presentation software. Its features include image, lyric, and text presentations, gradient backgrounds, schedules, on-screen notifications, logos, and more.
  • GLosung
    Losungen are words from the bible, one from the old and one from the new testament. For every day a word from the old testament is choosen by lot. Then a fitting one from the new testament is combined.
  • Kio-Sword
    A lightweight Bible study program for the KDE environment. It allows you to view and browse Bibles and commentaries from a familiar application - the Konqueror web browser.
  • KPrayerTime
    KPrayerTime is a KDE applet that provides a schedule of prayer times for the day.
  • Noor
    Noor is a program for viewing Quran. It contains a GTK interface, a CGI interface that can be used in Web servers, and a text interface that outputs a sura to a text file.
  • OpenLP
    OpenLP is an open source worship presentation. Experience the power of open source in your church with worship presentation software designed to fit how you want to run your service. Fast, flexible and easy to use, you will have your service up and running in a few minutes.
  • OpenSong
    OpenSong is a free, open-source software application created to manage lyrics, chords, lead sheets, overheads, computer projection, and more.
  • Orayta
    Orayta is a program that gives simple access to as many Jewish source texts as possible, from the Bible, Mishna, and Talmud, to books written in recent years.
  • QtQuran
    The Quran project is aimed to be a comprehensive tool to navigate through texts of the Quran, play readings of selected verses, as well as other features.
  • SWORD Project
    The SWORD Project is an effort to create an ever expanding software package for research and study of God and His Word. Read more
  • TeleKast
    TeleKast is an application you can use for your school, church or any organization which needs features like a script editor, Web document creation (from the scripts) and Kiosk slide show (also from the scripts).
  • TkBible
    TkBible is a simple interface to the BRS (Bible Retrieval System) bible software for UNIX operating systems. TkBible is written in the Tcl/Tk programming language and allows you to use the BRS software through an easy to use X11 based interface, instead of the command line interface that BRS comes with.
  • Torah Tools
    Torah Tools is a collection of utilities designed to assist Torah learning. Currently, Torah Tools consists of two programs: Daf test and Gemarah charts. Daf test helps you memorize on what page each Gemarah is to be found. It gives you a test to take after you learn a Perek or Masechta that requires you to choose the correct location for a displayed Amud of Gemarah. Gemarah charts helps you keep track of how many times you've Chazered over material by providing a chart with a list of all of the Perakim in the Mesechta, a list of the Dafim in each Perek, and just enough room in each box to mark off your Chazaros.
  • XLosung
    XLosung shows the Watchword, a daily verse from the Scripture chosen by lot from the Herrnhut Brethren Movement.
  • Zmanim
    Zmanim is a software package that computes zmanim, the times (according to Jewish law) by which an observant Jew must complete specific prayers.

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