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Ubuntu MATE 15.04 for Raspberry Pi 2
With the release of the Raspberry Pi 2 Model B and its ARM Cortex-A7 CPU, users are offered a number of ways of running Ubuntu.

(Read more)
The FreeCol team aims to create an Open Source version of Colonization (released under the GPL). At first we'll try to make an exact clone of Colonization. The visuals will be brought up to date with more recent standards but will remain clean, simple and functional. Certain new 'features' will be implemented but the gameplay and the rules will be exactly the same as the original game. Examples of modern features are: an isometric map and multiplayer support. Read more


  • BottleRocket
    BottleRocket is a simple utility to allow use of the X10 FireCracker wireless lamp/appliance/etc control stuff under Linux. Read more
  • digitalSTROM
    digitalSTROM server enables a custom application to control a digitalSTROM installation by using high-level constructs.
  • flipit
    Flipit allows you to control your X10 Firecracker (the CM17A) from a Unix machine.
  • Freedomotic
    Freedomotic is an open, flexible, scalable, mashup-oriented software system which can interact with well-known standard building automation protocols and with "do-it-yourself" solutions.
  • Gnhast
    Gnhast is an event based home automation suite of tools. It relies on a central daemon, which handles all the coordination of work, and collectors which handle all the actual work.
  • GNU Phantom.Home
    GNU Phantom.Home is a computer controlled home automation system. The software includes a circuit diagram for building the Phantom.Home.Controller, a simple circuit board that attaches to your PC's parallel port.
  • GtkX10
    GtkX10 is an application for controlling home automation devices based on the protocols for the CM17A Firecracker available from X10.
  • HEYU
    HEYU is a text-based program for remotely controlling lights and appliances in the home or office. It is made available under a free and open source license. Heyu uses the CM11A computer interface to send X10 control signals over the AC power lines to modules which can turn On, Off, or Dim attached lamps or appliances. It can store a schedule of timed events in the CM11A memory for execution when the computer is turned off or disconnected. Heyu can also use an optional CM17A interface to transmit X10 RF signals. Read more
  • Licht
    Licht is a lighting application. It uses a networked client/server model to control DMX devices.
  • Linux K8000 House Alarm
    Linux K8000 House Alarm is a House Alarm based on Linux and the K8000 board from Velleman.
    LOSSA aims at: distributed network of devices with simple interconnect system, personal computer intercomunication, simple wiring and very low cost.
  • LUX23
    Lux23 is a front end for the Heyu X10 automation program. It provides a command line interface for configuring and controlling the X-10 UX23A "VCR Commander II" RF-to-IR converter device. The converter emulates IR remote controls for TV, VCR, DVD, cable box, satellite box, and CD appliances from a variety of manufacturers. A cable with three IR emitters is shipped with the device, providing for control of up to three compatible appliances via RF signals. It requires an X-10 CM17A "Firecracker" device to transmit the RF signals.
  • MatPLC
    MatPLC is a PLC-like program for Linux (PLC = Programmable Logic Controller), licensed under the GNU GPL.
  • Minerva
    Minerva is a complete, easy to use home automation suite. It allows you to switch your on lights from anywhere using a mobile phone or PC, email your video, check CCTV footage, control your central heating, and much more. It relies on command line and can therefore be run from virtually any platform (smart phone, PDA, laptop, or remote PC) with identical functionality. The architecture consists of three parts: input, output, and process. Each is completely distinct, meaning you can control any of the house processes from any supported input conduit such as a Web browser, remote control, or SMS. Reports or notifications can be sent to any of the available output conduits. Read more
  • openHAB
    openHAB is a vendor and technology agnostic open source automation software for your home.
  • PAUS
    PAUS controls your house, make an alert system, create a remote-controlled mp3box and control whatever you want by means of simple scripts! The program has modules to interface with LIRC, LCDPROC, the velleman k8000..etc.
  • Ppower
    Ppower, short for 'Penguin Power', controls x10 home automation equipment connected to the computer via a cm11a interface. It can be used to turn things on and off and lights dim and bright. In addition to controlling the x10 devices, it can receive commands sent to the x10 devices from other sources such as an x10 remote transceiver and execute commands on your system in response.
  • Q Light Controller 2
    Q Light Controller 2 is an application that can be used to control various lighting systems like scanners and dimmers on a Linux/X11 platform.
  • Sensors-LCD
    sends lm_sensors data (temperature, fanspeed) to a LCDproc server, who puts it on a LCDisplay
  • Stantor-Domodulor
    Stantor-Domodulor is a home automation software system. It lets you manage electric and electronic facilities through Web pages, I-mode, and WAP 2 and 1.
  • TaniDVR
    TaniDVR is a CLI tool for accessing DVRs used for CCTV surveillance systems based on the DVR-IP protocol (port 37777/TCP).
  • TK-10
    TK10 is a GUI for the Bottlerocket program. It provides a graphical interface for controlling X10 modules that come with the X10 Firecracker kit. TK10 is designed to mimic the look and functionality of the HR12A controller unit that comes with the X10 Firecracker kit. If you are familiar with the HR12A, then you will find TK10 very easy to use. The on/off/dim buttons, device letter dial, and device number range switch work just like in the HR12A, and you can also edit the device labels.
  • wmx10
    wmx10 is a companion to Tymm Twilliam's Bottlerocket software, which controls X10's Firecracker Home Automation kit. It allows for turning off, turning on, dimming, and brightening of X10 modules via bottlerocket's functions. wmx10 controls one "house" at a time, up to sixteen separate devices on each "house".
  • X10 Grapher
    X10 Grapher is a utility to create graphs based on information collected by an X10 Computer interface.
  • X10MMS
    X10MMS is a software suite that provides support for the X10 CM19A USB home automation transceiver under Linux. It allows users to both control the device directly, sending and receiving basic on/off commands, and also includes a sample application that allows XMMS to be remotely controlled using the CM19A transceiver and an X10 palmpad remote. Two main versions of the suite exist. The older version was written using libusb, and is somewhat cantankerous to use. The new version is implemented as an actual kernel module and is much more reliable, although it requires an up-to-date 2.6.x kernel.
  • Xtend
    The X10 to UNIX controller. Xtend is compatible with heyu, to allow both sending and receiving X10 commands

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