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10 Top Tools for Novelists
The software featured in this article is designed to meet the specialised needs of a budding novelist. There's the finest open source distraction-free tools, software designed to create visual novels, and tools to help capture and visualise ideas.

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pdfgrep is a commandline utility to search text in PDF files. pdfgrep tries to be compatible with GNU Grep, where it makes sense. Many of your favorite grep options are supported (such as -r, -i, -n or -c).


  • moth
    A simple to use, yet powerful mesh modeller for Linux, designed for creating textured 3D models for games and other real-time applications using OpenGL. Moth consists of a 3D modelling program and of a library. The moth toolkit is particularly intended to be used by game developers and real time graphics programmers.
  • Muse
    Muse is a PhotoRealistic RenderMan compliant renderer that is based on the REYES rendering architecture. Features include : Scan-Line Rendering, NURBS, Global Illumination, Programmable Shading, Motion Blur.
  • OpenSceneGraph Editor
    OSGEdit is an editor of scenes for the library OpenSceneGraph. It's only a composer, not a modeller. You can use many programs to model your objects and then import them into OSGEdit to compose a complex OSG scene to use in your application.
  • Panorama
    Panorama is a framework for 3D graphics production. This will include modeling, rendering, animating, post-processing, etc. Currently, there is no support for animation, but this will be added soon. Functionally, it is structured as an API, composed by two dynamic libraries, and several plugins, that you can optionally load in runtime. A simple console mode front-end for this API is included in the package, that can load a scene description in one of the supported scene languages, and then outputs a single image file in any of the supported graphic formats.
  • PCity
    PCity is a framework for the procedural generation and rendering of 3D city models.
  • Pixcon & Anitroll
    Pixcon is a set of 3D animation and rendering tools. Pixcon is a set of 2D/3D tools and libraries that include: a render that creates high quality images by using a combination of 11 rendering primitives, a kinematic and dynamic hiearchical based animation system that has support for non-kinematic based animation (such as flock of birds, autonomous cameras, and banking flight models), and a realtime engine, used for simulations and games.
  • Pixie Renderer
    Pixie is a photorealistic renderer that uses a RenderMan-like interface. Features include programmable shading, motion blur, depth of field, raytracing, scan-line rendering, occlusion culling, global illumination, and caustics. Read more
  • Primal Form
    Primal Form is a 3D modeler for UNIX distributed under the GNU General Public License. It sports a simple user interface, an extensible architecture using plug-ins and a TCP/IP command port.
  • Pygmalion
    Pygmalion is a multi platform oriented 3DCG environment. Basically 3D models are created by polygonal subdivision surface.
  • qliss3d
    qliss3d renders 3d-Lissajous-figures (figures made of a different sine functions for each dimension) with a Qt interface. You can look at the figures from any viewing position you like and even "listen" to the sound of the figures.
  • Radiator
    Radiator is a radiosity system. It implements the matrix, progressive, and wavelet radiosity with clustering methods. It also comes with a visualisation front-end useful for interactive scene rendering or teaching. It requires OpenGL to build (or Mesa ), and xforms for the front-end.
  • rearview
    rearview aims towards a three dimensional computer graphics engine which fits both human perception and the shape of the real world better than common polygon renderers do.
  • Renderer
    Renderer is a command-line, open source application which allows interactive 3D visualization of triangle meshes. Read more
  • RenderPark
    RenderPark is a test-bed system for physically based photo-realistic image synthesis. It's a free software package providing a solid implementation of a wide variety of state-of-the-art ray-tracing and radiosity algorithms. Our goal is to compare these algorithms on a fair basis, to evaluate benefits and shortcomings, to find solutions for the latter and to develop new algorithms that are more robust and efficient than the algorithms that are available in rendering systems today, free or commercial.
  • Sced
    A modelling program that makes use of geometric constraints to edit objects in a virtual world. The scenes created can be exported to a variety of rendering programs, including: POVray, Radiance, Rayshade, RenderMan(R) compliant programs, such as the Blue Moon Rendering Tools and VRML browsers.
  • Screenhack
    Screenhack is for moving static RenderMan objects along trajectories defined by formulae.
  • SharpConstruct
    SharpConstruct is a 3D modeling program designed to paint depth on to polygon models in real-time. Unlike traditional modeling programs, SharpConstruct makes it easy to quickly model organic shapes. There is no need to even look at a wireframe (unless you want to). Instead, the model is manipulated much like clay -- push or pull an area, smooth it, make a hollow or a hill.
  • SuperConductor
    SuperConductor is an open-source, multi-platform render farm controller for coordinated rendering control of multiple graphics/computation/rendering projects using multiple client apps, like World Construction Set, Lightwave, Maya, SoftImage, POV-Ray, etc.
  • svLis
    svLis is an efficient set-theoretic geometric modeller which is straightforward enough for any technical person who knows a little C++ to get to grips with in a day or two, but which is sufficiently rich in operations and entities to be able to represent a very wide range of shapes for all aspects of engineering, for many aspects of science, and possibly some for art as well.
  • Terraform
    Terraform is an open source interactive height field generation and manipulation program, giving you the ability to generate random terrain and transform it. Terraform runs under Linux and other UNIX systems under the X11 Windowing system. Read more
  • Truevision
    A 3D modeler for gnome and povray. It is still in an alpha development phase.
  • UML Modeller for Linux
    Umbrello UML Modeller is a UML diagram tool that can support you in the software development process. Especially during the analysis and design phases of this process, Umbrello UML Modeller will help you to get a high quality product. UML can also be used to document your software designs to help you and your fellow developers.
  • Undulate
    Undulate allows the user to edit a three-dimensional matrix composed of many different particles. The properties of these particles can be changed; color, shape and translucency can all be modified before or after the particles are inserted. The model can then be viewed from any angle and at varying magnification. It allows the user to quickly construct models, surfaces, or paintings in 3D.
  • uwp-phase
    UWP is a unwrapping phase algorithms tester and viewer. It includes some basic and custom implementations of Dennis C. Ghiglia unwrapping algorithms. It is able to create 3d models out of the unwrapped phase distributions. UWP performs tests of those algorithms and is able to compare the results within the application itself or using spreadsheet aplications such as Gnumeric or OpenOffice Calc.
  • Vertex
    Vertex is a polygon based modeller geared towards making highly efficient 3D objects for games and other live-end requirements. It uses the V3D object model format to maximize efficiency with OpenGL rendering.
  • Vertex 3D Model Assembler
    Vertex is a polygon based modeller geared towards making highly efficient 3D objects for games and other live-end requirements. It uses the V3D object model format to maximize efficiency with OpenGL rendering.
  • view3dscene
    view3dscene is a viewer for VRML 1.0, VRML 2.0 (aka VRML 97), and 3DS files. It supports viewing the scene in the "Examine" mode and walking in the virtual world with features such as collision detection and gravity. Rendering is done using OpenGL. A built-in ray-tracer allows the generation of images with more effects (like shadows and mirrors) and conforming precisely to the VRML 97 lighting specification. The program can also convert files from 3DS format to VRML 1.0 and pretty-print VRML files.
  • Virtual Rendering System
    A computer graphics software library for constructing interactive 3D applications. It provides a large collection of 3D rendering components which facilitate implementing 3D graphics applications and experimenting with 3D graphics and imaging algorithms. VRS is implemented as a C++ library. Applications can incorporate VRS as C++ library based on the C++ API. In addition, we provide a complete Tcl/Tk binding of the C++ API, called iVRS. You can deploy VRS on common platforms such as X11/Unix and Windows 95/98/NT.
  • white_dune
    White_dune is a low level VRML97 tool for Unix/Linux/MacOSX and M$Windows. It can read VRML97 files, display and let the user change the scenegraph/fields. Unlike most highlevel tools, it uses a light model based on the VRML97 standard.
  • Wings 3D
    Wings 3D is a subdivision modeller with an user interface that is easy to use for both beginners and advanced users (inspired by Nendo and Mirai from Izware). Read more
  • XLinden
    XLinden is made for creating and viewing 3D Lsystems. It consists of an Editor, Interpreter and OpenGL viewer. What's special about XLinden is that it is able to interpret Lsystems interactivly in realtime.
  • Xmorph
    Xmorph is an image warping and dissolving (morphing) program.
    Y.A.P.R.M. is a modeller to graphicaly design 3 demensional scenes and generate Povray-files for them. Up to now it is at an early stage, but this will hopefully change soon. It is written in C++ using for running under the X Window System using only a few basic libraries.

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