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That Was The Week That Was (TWTWTW)
This is the first edition of TWTWTW, a weekly blog promoting interesting developments in the open source world. TWTWTW seeks to whet your curiosity. The name pays homage to the satirical British TV comedy programme aired in the early 1960s. Except satire isnít the the raison díetre for this blog.

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IT Operations Portal (iTop) is a comprehensive open source Information Technology Infrastructure Library (ITIL) web based service management tool. iTop includes a fully customizable configuration management database, a helpdesk system and a document management tool. Read more


  • SLiteChat
    SLiteChat is an in-world text-only local chat/instant messaging client for Second Life. Features include friends list management (accept/reject friending requests), local chat, and instant messages.
  • Snackware
    Snackware is a game in which programmers compete with each other by writing the intelligence to control the game's snake-like player. It's not a traditional game, since it works with no human intervention.
  • Squawk Chat
    Squawk is a text and voice chat program geared towards gamers. It uses the Speex codec for voice audio compression, ALSA for sound input and output, and GNU/ncurses to provide a simple text interface. It is my hope that Squawk will eventually provide a Free alternative to Teamspeak and Ventrilo.
  • Tage
    Tage is a tool for texture and terrain generation to help game developers quickly create 3D worlds. It supports mid-point, perlin noise, light/height maps, and more.
  • Te Tuhi
    Te Tuhi is not a game in itself; rather, it creates games based on arbitrary images that it is given. To use it, you draw a picture of the game you want to play, and it will give you the game that you really drew. It was originally written for an exhibit at Te Tuhi Centre for the Arts in Manukau City, New Zealand. Experimental development is encouraged, with the system being sufficiently modular to allow people to mix their own combinations of image parsing and game evolution implementations.
  • TORCS Racing Board
    TORCS Racing Board is a platform to organize and perform racing championships for computer controlled car drivers in The Open Racing Car Simulator.
  • travtrack
    travtrack is a tool intended for use by referees running the game of Traveller.
  • Turn Watcher
    (commercial) Turn Watcher is a tool based on Dungeons & Dragons rules. It is used to track the initiative of your players and monsters. It includes an option to roll initiative on every round, roll will, listen, and spot, and it has a status column that shows you the current status of your players. When you enter a player or monster, you also enter all of its modifiers, so the computer can take care of rolling all the dice for you.
  • UltraStar-NG
    UltraStar-NG is a clone of the PS2 karaoke game Singstar.
  • umr
    umr is a fork of Unreal Media Ripper (UMR).
  • uoproxy
    uoproxy is a proxy server for Ultima Online. Features include: transparent auto-reconnect after a server or network failure, backgrounding the connection, and multi-headed (playing a character with multiple clients).
    UPPAAL TIGA is an extension of UPPAAL, and implements the first efficient on-the-fly algorithm for solving games based on timed game automata with respect to reachability and safety properties. The tool provides a user-friendly graphical interface with its corresponding server, and a command line verifier.
  • vBot
    vBot is a visual programming game. Players use a small set of command tiles to build a program to control the vBot and make it activate every target using the limited command set.
  • VoiceChatter
    VoiceChatter is a cross-platform voice chatting application. It is built for gaming, so it is lightweight, yet it delivers excellent voice quality over minimal bandwidth and latency.
  • WeatherMaker
    WeatherMaker is a command-line utility written to generate weather reports for role-playing games set in Earth-like worlds. It is not meant to be either an accurate or a precise simulation of climate, but it should give plausible results for the season, terrain and climate requested.
  • Weaver
    Weaver is a framework designed to help the development of free graphical 2D games.
  • WorldForge::wfmath
    The primary focus of WFMath is geometric objects. Thus, it includes several shapes (boxes, balls, lines), in addition to the basic math objects that are used to build these shapes (points, vectors, and matrices).
  • XBGM#
    XBGM# is a free Xbox Game Manager available as Open Source sofware. It is a game manager for Xbox using Avalaunch dashboard features. It allow you to send (extract) xdvdfs (xbox iso) directly to the xbox via ftp using a GUI.
  • xKali
    xKali is designed in order to have a stable, useable Kali client for the *Nix operating system.
  • Yawf
    Yawf is a simple tool for creating WBFS files from Wii ISO images.
  • YAWn! Linux
    YAWn! Linux is a client for the YAWn! service which keeps track of the names used by Return to Castle Wolfenstein players. Players are tracked by their unique PunkBuster GUID, thus players can not hide behind a fake name to play reckless or purposely misbehave.

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