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 Worldforge (9)

4 Cutting Edge Web Browsers
The usage share of web browsers is dominated by a few mature applications. Chrome, Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari and Opera account for around 95% of all desktop web browsing activity. However, there are a myriad of other web browsers that are worth investigating.

(Read more)
developerWorks is a free on-line resource for tools, code, tips, education, on-line tutorials and more. The site is for developers with focus on world-wide open standards and cross-platform technologies such as Java, XML, Linux, Security, Web, Unicode and Open-Source. Get relevant information from both industry-leading sources as well as tapping in to the knowledge of the IBM technical community.


  • Empty Clip
    Empty Clip is a top-down 2D action RPG in which you travel through mansions, dungeons, forests, caves, cities, skyscrapers, deserts, hell, and alien worlds.
  • Enrapture
    Enrapture is an OpenGL based Roleplaying game in space. It is influenced by the old masterpiece ELITE.
  • Epic of Thalia
    Epic of Thalia is an RPG of the non-MMO variety. It includes features such as an embedded Lua engine and a non-linear story sequence.
  • Erebus
    Erebus is an Open Source RPG (Role-Playing Game), for PCs, smartphones and tablets. It is a classic point-n-click style RPG, with enemies to fight, NPCs to talk to, sub-quests to complete, scenery to interact with, weapons, treasure and other items to find.
  • Eschalon: Book I
    (commercial) Eschalon: Book I is the first in a trilogy of role-playing games designed to have a play style similar to classic RPGs of the 80?s and 90?s.
  • Eschalon: Book II
    Eschalon: Book II is an isometric, turn-based single player role-playing video game. It is the sequel to 2007's hit independent role-playing game, Eschalon: Book I. Read more
  • Exile III: Ruined World
    (shareware) Exile III: Ruined World is a fantasy role-playing game, now available in the world of Linux. Exile III is a fascinating epic in the tradition of Untima and Wizardry.
  • FAangband
    Fangband is a variant of Angband, created to experiment with changes in melee algorithms, monster AI, spells, items, a substantial reduction in both HPs and damage, and whatever else might both catch the maintainer's fancy and be practicable for him to code.
  • Falcon's Eye
    Falcon's Eye is a mouse-driven interface for NetHack that enhances the visuals, audio and accessibility of the game, yet retains all the original gameplay and game features. Read more
  • FreeDink
    FreeDink is a portable and enhanced version of the Dink Smallwood game engine. Read more
  • FreedroidRPG
    FreedroidRPG is an isometric RPG game inspired by Diablo and Fallout. There is a war, and we are losing it. No one really knows why the bots started killing us. Most don't even want to know. The human race is reduced to little more than a few isolated groups of people trying to survive. Somewhere in a place known as Temple Wood, a hero is about to wake up from a long sleep... Read more
  • GalaxyMage
    GalaxyMage is an open-source tactical RPG. A tactical RPG is a type of role-playing game where battles are fought in a turn-based manner. Characters move on a 3D grid and take turns making attacks.
  • Gang-star
    Gang-star is a text-based roleplaying game in which the goal is to become the biggest bad-ass of the city. It allows you to play over 30 missions, play gambling games at the casino and much more.
  • GearHead 2
    GearHead2 is a giant robot roguelike role playing game set five years after the events of GH1. Features include random plot generation, detailed character creation, tactical/RPG modes, graphical/ASCII interfaces, and many kinds of mecha to play with.
  • GearHead: Arena
    GearHead is a mecha roguelike roleplaying game. Set a century and a half after nuclear war, you can explore a world where various factions compete to determine the future of the human race. Major features include random plot generation, a detailed character system, and over two hundred customizable mecha designs.
  • Gee Whiz
    Gee Whiz is a game in the same style of Wizardry that takes place in a two dimensional maze rendered from a first person perspective.
  • Genecys
    Genecys is an open-source Multiplayer Online RPG (MMORPG) which places an emphasis on having an intricate AI for the NPCS, to enhance the player experience. The Genecys Project's goal is to create a massively multiplayer online RPG that is completely free to play, and run a server for.
  • Ghack
    Ghack is a roguelike game written with GNUstep and Objective C.
  • glHack
    glHack is a port of the game NetHack, using hardware acceleration via OpenGLŪ to render the 2D graphics. It uses LibSDL as the video and input library.
  • GnomeHack
    GnomeHack is a Gnome port of NetHack, the popular role-playing game based loosely on Advanced Dungeons and Dragons(tm).
  • Goblin Hack
    Goblin Hack is an opengl-based smooth-scrolling ASCII graphics game! Inspired by the likes of NetHack, it opts for a simple interface that appears to appeal to kids (and adults) and fires the imagination in today's world of over-rendered games. Read more
  • Gorky 17
    (commercial) Gorky 17 is a horror conspiracy game mixing elements of strategy and RPG gameplay. You the player command a small group of NATO soldiers who must reveal the mystery behind the sudden appearance of hybrid creatures in a small Polish city named Lubin. Read more
  • Gtk2Hack
    Gtk2Hack is a graphical frontend (window port in nethack terminology) for the popular rogue-like role playing game nethack using the modern GTK2 toolkit. It aims to provide an improved visual interface while maintaining complete keyboard controlability.
  • Hack, Slash, Loot
    (commercial) Hack, Slash, Loot (HSL) is a single-player turn-based dungeon crawler for Windows, MacOS, and Linux. Take control of a lone hero and explore sprawling dungeons, fight dangerous monsters, and most importantly, plunder valuable treasures.
  • Hacknet
    Hacknet is a multiplayer networked roguelike. Client: telnet with a VT100 compatable terminal.
  • harnmaker
    harnmaker is a character generator for the HarnMaster roleplaying game.
  • Hero of Allacrost
    Hero of Allacrost is a single player, 2D sprite-based role playing game. Hero of Allacrost is also often referred to as simply "Allacrost" or "HoA".
  • Holyspirit
    Holyspirit is a free and open source isometric hack'n'slash game inspired by action role playing game, Diablo. The game is being developed by French game studio Alpha Arts.
  • Hopkins FBI for Linux
    (commercial) Hopkins FBI for Linux is an adventure game which offers many 3D cinematics scenes, hand drawn animations, sounds and music.
  • Hydra Slayer
    Hydra Slayer is a Roguelike game focused on one thing: slaying Hydras. It is inspired by Greek mythology, Dungeon Crawl, MathRL seven day roguelike, and some mathematical puzzles about brave heroes slaying many headed beasts.
  • Illarion
    Illarion is a free open source online roleplaying game that focuses on true role playing. All of the characters that you will encounter during your time here are living, breathing inhabitants of this mysterious world. Read more
  • Iter Vehemens ad Necem
    Iter Vehemens ad Necem is a graphical roguelike game, which currently runs in Windows, DOS and Linux. Its most innovative parts at the moment are its material handling system and its lighting system.
  • JNetHack
    JNetHack is Japanese localization of the dungeon exploration game, NetHack.
  • JnuxBand
    JnuxBand is a Linux bootdisk that contains everything you need to play Angband, an ASCII roguelike dungeon exploration game based on the books of J.R.R.Tolkien.
  • John The Sorcerer
    John The Sorcerer is a RPG adventure game based on Simon the Sorcerer.
  • jzip
    jzip is an interpreter for the Infocom z-code-format adventure games.
  • Kamband
    Katachthonios Desmoterion is a wacky roguelike game based on Angband and an old Angband variant that used to be called "Kamband". Desmoterion is a somewhat fresh perspective on the roguelike genre with a few original ideas.
  • Kamyran's Eye 2
    (commercial) Kamyran's Eye 2 is a is a graphical fantasy-themed roguelike role-playing game.
  • KQ
    KQ is a console-style role playing game. Originally developed by DoubleEdge software, abandoned and rescued by the Allegro community.
  • KRogue
    Rogue for KDE - explore dungeons, fight with monsters, use magic items and find the amulet of Yendor.
  • LambdaRogue
    LambdaRogue is a roguelike RPG. Centuries ago people went underground to survive. An endless river brought life to this dark world - but suddenly it brings evil, death & sadness.
  • Legend of the Wind X
    Legend of the Wind X is a RPG game engine from stratch in C++, defaulted to textmode, but graphics/music adoptable, no requirement to link against other DLL's or, for programmers to develop and a more enjoyable customized game.
  • Lgc
    A game similar to Zelda, with 2D graphics.
  • Linley's Dungeon Crawl
    Linley's Dungeon Crawl is a free and portable roguelike molded in the tradition of the early greats of the genre: Rogue, Hack, and Moria. The player guides a single character deep into a subterranean complex to retrieve the Orb of Zot, fending off many horrible and hideous creatures along the way.
  • LinuxRogue
    LinuxRogue is a version of the popular Rogue RPG. It needs ncurses to compile the source code.
  • Lords of Midnight
    Lords of Midnight is an epic adventure game written for the ZX Spectrum microcomputer (amongst others) in the early 1980's which runs under Linux with dosemu.
  • Lost Labyrinth
    Lost Labyrinth is a so-called "roguelike" roleplaying computer game with a "Zelda"-like graphics engine and very high replayability. Read more
  • Lynn's Legacy
    Follow Lynn the mercenary as she recollects the mysterious mission that nearly took her life. Travel through multiple overworld areas, (forest, towns, desert, mountains) and boldly step into uncharted dimensions in search of memory!
  • MAngband
    MAngband is a free online multiplayer real-time roguelike game, derived from the single player game Angband. To win the game you must build up a character, selected from any one of 10 races and 6 classes, to be powerful enough to defeat Morgoth, Lord of Darkness, who lives in the dungeon 5000 feet below the surface of the town. As you work towards this near-impossible goal, you will chart unexplored dungeon passageways, do battle with legendary creatures, and find lost artifacts.
  • Menace of the Mines
    Menace of the Mines (motm) is a fast-paced roguelike game that has tons of monsters, many different classes and races, and a unique magic system

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