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 Blocks (40)
 Crosswords (12)
 Jigsaw (12)
 Maze (18)
 Memory (22)
 Minesweeper (17)
 Other Word Games (21)
 Sokoban (20)
 Sudoku (27)
 Tic Tac Toe (10)

10 Top Tools for Novelists
The software featured in this article is designed to meet the specialised needs of a budding novelist. There's the finest open source distraction-free tools, software designed to create visual novels, and tools to help capture and visualise ideas.

(Read more)
(commercial) Mathematica seamlessly integrates a numeric and symbolic computational engine, graphics system, programming language, documentation system, and advanced connectivity to other applications. It is this range of capabilities--many world-leading in their own right--that makes Mathematica uniquely capable as a "one-stop shop" for you or your organization's technical work. It can handle complex symbolic calculations that often involve hundreds of thousands or millions of terms. Read more


  • Polygon Puzzle
    Polygon Puzzle is a tessellation puzzle inspired by Beat The Computer. Pieces of connecting regular polygons are arranged to fit into predefined trays. The mathematical names of the shapes are polyhexes, polyominoes, and polyiamonds.
  • Professor Fizzwizzle
    (commercial) Professor Fizzwizzle is a fun, mind-expanding puzzle game, where you take control of the diminutive genius, Professor Fizzwizzle. You must help the professor use his brains and his gadgets to solve each exciting level. Read more
  • Professor Fizzwizzle and the Molten Mystery
    (shareware) While on a well deserved vacation, Professor Fizzwizzle's investigation of a strange volcano has landed him in a Molten Mystery! Now it's up to you to master exciting new gadgets, outwit the Bat-Bots, and vanquish a truly cunning villain! Can the professor count on you to help? - Over 210 levels in total.
  • Pushover
    Pushover is a fun puzzle game originally published by Ocean in 1992. In this game you control an ant that can walk along platforms that are connected with ladders.
  • Puzzle Moppet
    (commercial) Puzzle Moppet is a serenely peaceful yet devilishly challenging 3D puzzle game.
  • Pyrism
    (shareware) a Puzzle Strategy game. The goal is to control more of the board than you opponet does. Each turn you can change your color when you do you add the adjacent hexes that match your currently chosen color
  • Python Kye
    A clone of the classic puzzle game Kye to Linux. Kye is an unusual little puzzle game, with a variety of different types of objects. Kye is one of those games like Chess, where a small number of different playing pieces, obeying simple rules, combine to create a game of enormous variety and complexity.
  • QNetWalk
    QNetWalk is a Qt-version of the popular NetWalk game for system administrators.
  • Refrax
    Refrax is a fun four-player game based on the pause mode from Jeff Minter's "Iridis Alpha".
  • Relokate
    Relokate is a strategy puzzle game for the K Desktop Environment (KDE). The player must reorder the cards to match the original image or order of numbers.
  • rezerwar
    rezerwar is a puzzle game that could be quickly described as the illegitimate child of a known block game and the average pipe game. Read more
  • SDL Fungus
    SDL Fungus is an addictive, multiplayer puzzle game based on NetFungus. Up to four players can play by trying to surround and capture each others' fungus.
  • Simp
    Simp is a turn-based puzzle. Your goal is to turn-off fires by pushing ice on to them, and avoid getting burnt meanwhile.
  • Somatic
    Somatic is a solver for arbitrary polyomino and polycube puzzles, like the soma puzzle. The soma puzzle is made from a set of 7 pieces, each build from 3 or 4 small cubes. With these pieces one can build a bigger cube made of 3x3x3=27 of the smaller cubes and a lot of other figures.
  • SourGumdropK
    SourGumdropK is a fun Kakuro or Cross sum game with: Continuously updated combination lists for all clues, Hints for fifteen solving methods, Error checking, Undo mechanism, Built-in puzzles , Puzzle input methods, Difficulty ratings. Kakuro source code included.
  • Spandex Force
    (commercial) Spandex Force is a puzzle, adventure, RPG game that lets you create your own hero to clean up the crime-infested town of Vigilance Valley. Read more
  • StroQ
    StroQ is a Polarium/Chokkan Hitofude clone. StroQ is an addictive puzzle game where you have to flip white and black tiles in order to form horizontal lines of the same color with a single stroke of your mouse.
  • Sushi
    Sushi is a suite of GNOME application that allow people to play a classic pen-and-paper game across the Internet. Sushi can be freely copied, modified, and distributed under the terms of the GNU General Public License (GPL).
  • The Butterfly Effect
    The Butterfly Effect is an open source game that uses realistic physics simulations to combine lots of simple mechanical elements to achieve a simple goal in the most complex way possible.
  • The Penguin Machine
    The Penguin Machine is a game loosely based on "The Incredible Machine" (by Sierra), insofar that the aim in each puzzle is to achieve a goal by placing parts about the screen, such that when the "machine" is set into motion, the goal is achieved.
  • Tile World
    Tile World is an emulation of the game "Chip's Challenge". "Chip's Challenge" was originally written for the Atari Lynx by Chuck Sommerville, and was later ported to MS Windows by Microsoft (among other ports).
  • Tkgames
    Tkgames is a site for games written using the tcl/tk toolkit. It currently includes the old titles tksol and tkhangman, and the tesselation puzzle polypuzzle.
  • Twin Distress
    Twin Distress is a simple puzzle game where you must remove all of the blocks of the same color from the screen before the time runs out. Features include different skill levels, high scores, sound & music.
  • X-pired
    X-pired is an action-puzzle game written in C using SDL, SDL_mixer, SDL_image and SDL_gfx libraries distributed under the terms of GNU GPL. The goal of the game in each level is to reach the exit square, avoiding exploding barrels and other deadly stuff.
  • xbobble
    XBobble is a Puzzle Bobble/Bust'a'Move clone in 3D.
  • XLightOff
    XLightOff is a little game under X. Easy to get in hands, not so easy to solve.
  • Xpuzzle
    Xpuzzle is a puzzle bubble clone using OpenGL.
  • Xye
    Xye is a puzzle game in which the objective is to get all the gems in each level. The mission is not as easy as it sounds: there are traps, monsters, and very hard puzzles everywhere.
  • Yiff!
    Yiff! a highly addictive puzzle game. The idea of the game is to place foxes on a grid. When you put enough foxes on same square, all of those foxes turn to your color and spread to the adjacent squares. The goal is to turn all of the foxes on the board to your color.

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