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 · First Peek at XBian on the Raspberry Pi 2
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 · First Steps with OpenELEC on the Raspberry Pi 2
 · Ubuntu MATE 15.04 for Raspberry Pi 2
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First Peek at XBian on the Raspberry Pi 2
There are so many things to like about XBian; in particular snapshots and rolling releases. It's also the best out-of-the box configured Raspberry Pi 2 Kodi distribution.

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developerWorks is a free on-line resource for tools, code, tips, education, on-line tutorials and more. The site is for developers with focus on world-wide open standards and cross-platform technologies such as Java, XML, Linux, Security, Web, Unicode and Open-Source. Get relevant information from both industry-leading sources as well as tapping in to the knowledge of the IBM technical community.


  • nsuds
    nsuds is an in-development text-graphical Sudoku game, with pencil marking support and very few dependencies. new
  • A Sudoku Solver in C
    A Sudoku Solver in C is a console-based program that solves Su Doku puzzles (a.k.a. Sudoku or Number Place) using deductive logic. It will only resort to trial-and-error and backtracking approaches upon exhausting its deductive moves.
  • Automagical Sudoku Solver
    The Automagical Sudoku Solver attempts to solve Sudoku puzzles using various techniques. Puzzles are entered in the text file provided, and will solve your puzzle in a pinch.
  • Colored Sudoku
    (commercial) Colored Sudoku is a puzzle inspired by the famous Japanese game where a simple 4x4 grid has to be filled with colors instead of numbers. It is good for beginners, who will soon find why Sudoku is so addictive and will become ready to move to the next level on any of the regular numbered Sudokus. Still, if you are an expert, Colored Sudoku will show you patterns and logic not easily found during regular playing.
  • FLTK Sudoku
    FLTK Sudoku is an implementation of the popular Sudoku game (sometimes called Number Place) based on the Fast Light Toolkit. It features an infinite number of games and four difficulty settings, from Easy to Impossible.
  • fxsudoku
    fxsudoku is an implementation of the Sudoku game. The aim of Sudoku is to enter a numerical digit from 1 through 9 in each cell of a 9×9 grid made up of 3×3 subgrids (called "regions"), starting with various digits given in some cells (the "givens"). Each row, column, and region must contain only one instance of each numeral.
  • GNOME Sudoku
    GNOME Sudoku is a GNOME-based puzzle game based on Sudoku, a popular Japanese logic game. It provides a simple interface for playing, saving, printing, and solving Sudoku puzzles and generates symmetrical puzzles with unique solutions. It features include infinite undo, difficulty ratings, and a record of all games you've played (and the ability to resume any old game at any time).
  • GNUDoku
    GNUDoku is a free program for creating and solving Su Doku puzzles. You can use GNUDoku to challenge yourself, to compute solutions, or to verify your own solutions.
  • Kat's Sudoku
    Kat's Sudoku is a simple helper program for solving Sudoku puzzles. It starts with an empty board and prints all possible numbers in each field. After setting a certain field to a number, it deletes all occurrences of this number in the corresponding row/column/block so that scanning of rows/columns/blocks for possible entries is unnecessary.
  • ksudoku
    Sudoku Puzzle Generator and Solver for KDE. Boards supported: 9x9 and 16x16. GUI for playing, saving, printing, solving and dubbing puzzles. The program is fully expandable since the algorithm is extendible to any general graph coloring problem.
  • Kudus
    Kudus is a Sudoku game for KDE. It can generate easy to extremely fiendish puzzles. It has a built in designer, and special print options for these who want new grids away from their computer.
  • nsudoku
    nsudoku is an ascii-based Sudoku.
  • Python Sudoku
    Python Sudoku is a text and graphical program (gtk interface) to create or resolve sudokus. It can also print a sudoku (1 or 4 sudokus in each page) and write a image (png, jpeg, etc) with a sudoku.
  • Python Sudoku Solver
    Python Sudoku Solver takes a Sudoku unsolved puzzle, e.g. read from some text file, and tries to solve it.
  • Ssuds / Ssudg
    Ssuds and Ssudg are a pair of programs that respectively solve and generate Sudoku puzzles. Ssuds is an awkward acronym for Simple Sudoku Solver; Ssudg is an awkward acronym for Simple Sudoku Generator.
  • sudognu
    Sudognu is a command line sudoku solver and creator. Sudognu can display the logical steps it uses to find the solution. It can print four sudokus to a pdf page and it comes with example cgi scripts for integration into www sites.
  • Sudoku Epic
    (commercial) With Sudoku Epic, you can play billions of sudoku puzzles on your Linux computer.
  • Sudoku Sensei
    Sudoku Sensei is not a Sudoku solver, but an "explainer". It can guide you with logic through the solving process. Not only 9x9 grids: MxN, samurai or any layout you can describe with the board editor.
  • Sudoku Solver
    Sudoku Solver is a command-line tool that will solve Sudoku puzzles. It can either solve a totally random puzzle or one with given starting values.
  • Sudoku Tool
    Sudoku Tool is a sudoku game that helps you to solve sudoku puzzles. It can generate puzzles randomly or puzzles can be entered manually. Some of the features include random puzzle generation, pencil marks, and the ability to save games.
  • sudoku-perl
    sudoku-perl is a Sudoku player that offers a board, assistance and finding >1 solutions using a (text based) ANSI screen.
  • Sudokut
    sudokut is a command line Sudoku Solver. It is written in Tcl, a platform-independent scripting language, so it should work on any platform.
  • The Sudoku Susser
    Sudoku Susser is a free program that helps solve Sudoku puzzles. In addition to being more convenient than pencil-and-paper, the Susser also can show hints, solve the problem step-by-step using human deductive reasoning, or brute-force solve it using recursion.
  • XSudoky
    XSudoky is software written in C which allows you to play different sudoku puzzles in Linux X11. Logical methods, Do & UnDo, Postscript print and more. Languages: English, Italian.
  • YasSS
    YasSS is a Sudoku solver for the command line. It solves any Sudoku puzzle and generates Sudoku puzzles. It can calculate the number of solutions, print a difficulty rating, and generate a canonical form for a puzzle. It also provides a curses interface for playing Sudoku.

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