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Fun to Play Open Source Real-Time Strategy Games Fight for Glory
RTS games have a large fan base since their inception. This game genre requires cunning, creativity, and the ability to devise innovative strategies to usurp your opponents. Some of the best known proprietary RTS series are Warcraft, Starcraft, Command & Conquer, and Age of Empires.

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  • Open Mortal
    Open Mortal is a parody of the popular coin-up game, Mortal Kombat. It is currently playable (maybe even enjoyable), although it is still under development. Only two-player game is supported, single-player games against computer opponent is not planned yet. There are currently 8 playable characters, and 6 more in the making.
  • Orbit-Hopper
    Orbit-Hopper lets you navigate a spaceship through 40+ levels by jumping over gaps and using special floor attributes such as jump-pads or speed-ups.
  • Pang
    Pang is a port of the arcade ball game Pang!
  • Pang Zero
    Pang Zero is a clone of Super Pang, a fast-paced action game that involves popping balloons with a harpoon. The intention of our effort is to create a fun, open-source game that many (currently up to 6) people can play together. Read more
  • Parsec47
    Parsec47 is a fastpaced retro shootemup in an abstract world.
  • Perl Defense Blaster
    The strategy of the game is to move your Planetary Defense Blaster along the horizon and fire missiles at the incoming aliens decending from space. If they reach the ground points are lost.
  • Phorus
    Phorus is planned to be a teamable, multiplayer Zone 66 clone which is very customizable and can handle really damn big maps.
  • pillows
    Pillows is a 'save-the-world' arcade game with a unique premise. You are armed with an unusually large catapult and several ridiculously overstuffed pillows. The plan is to launch the pillows so they will land under the warheads and cushion the impact.
  • Pinch ol' Santa
    it is Christmas Eve and the time is nearing 9 o' clock in the evening. There can only be seconds until Santa starts to deliver his parcels to the chimneys of your town
  • PipeNightDreams
    PipeNightDreams is a pseudo-clone of an old game called PipeMania.
  • PiX Frogger
    PiX Frogger is a 4-player Frogger clone where the objective is to cross the street, and remember to look to both sides.
  • PizzaBoy!
    In PizzaBoy! you play PizzaBoy, having crash-landed on dino planet, you must now deliver pizzas in order to survive dinosaur invested levels. You must battle through five levels and four bonus levels in this version of pizzaBoy. Features original music and awesome sound effects to boot.
  • Polyroids
    Polyroids is a fast, colorful and addictive take on the classic Asteroids theme, created in 1994 by Rob Shillingsburg for SGI workstations. It's now been ported to OpenGL and GLUT.
  • Porrasturvat
    Porrasturvat is a game where you have to push a ragdoll down the stairs.
  • Powermanga
    Powermanga is an arcade 2D shoot-em-up game with 41 levels and more than 200 sprites. It runs in 320x200 or 640x400 pixels, with Window mode or direct to screen (DGA) and support for 8, 15, 16, 24, and 32 bpp. Read more
  • Project: Starfighter
    Project: Starfighter is a Shoot Em' Up. In the future, a corporation known as Weapco has conquered the galaxy using its highly advanced AI driven spacecraft. Read more
  • Pyx
    Pyx is a remake of the classic arcade game QIX, using PyGame.
  • Raptor
    Rafkill is a vertical scrolling shoot-em up game like the original Raptor: Call of the shadows and Tyrian.
  • Repton
    Repton is a Linux svgalib arcade game. Repton is a clone of the old BBC Micro Repton game.
  • RetroRoids
    RetroRoids is a remake of Asteroids. Shoot the asteroids, avoid getting destroyed by the asteroids and UFOs. This version adds some power-ups to the game.
  • RetroVaders
    RetroVaders is a freeware "tribute" to Space Invaders, released for Linux and Windows.
  • Revenge of the Titans
    (commercial) Command your forces against the Titan horde in an arcade RTS / Tower Defence mash-up!
  • RiotBall
    (commercial) Break bricks, bounce coins, collect gems, fight bosses, and make a big score in this arkanoid game. RiotBall is more than just breaking the bricks with the ball.
  • Road Fighter
    In Road Fighter you drive a car in a death race between you and a group of crazy drivers. To play the game, you just need three keys: left, right and accelerate. Read more
  • Rocks'n'Diamonds
    Rocks'n'Diamonds is an arcade style game for color X11 with stereo sounds. It is in the tradition of "Boulder Dash" (C 64),"Emerald Mine" (Amiga), "Supaplex" (Amiga/PC), "Sokoban" (PC). Its features include: network multiplayer games (upto 4 players), local multiplayer games (upto 4 players), soft scrolling with 50 frames per second, and more.
  • Scavenger
    Scavenger is an arcade/thinking game very much like Lode Runner.
  • SDL Sasteroids
    SDL Sasteroids is a rework of the original sasteroids game to allow it to run on modern systems. In addition to providing very similar gameplay to the original sasteroids game, a few suprises and updates have been inserted to make it fun for old fans.
  • SDLjump
    SDLjump is a clone of the simple yet addictive game Xjump, adding new features like multiplaying, unlimited FPS, smooth floor falling, themable graphics etc...
  • SDLRoids
    SDLRoids is essentially an Asteroids clone, but with a few extra features, and some nice game physics. It is based of xhyperoid, which is a UNIX port of the 16-bit Windows game Hyperoid. Major changes from xhyperoid are that it's using SDL for sound and graphics, has a couple of extra powerups and and that the shield behaves differently.
  • Simplevaders
    Simplevaders is an intense 2D space shooter like Space-Invaders, but not quite. It uses OpenGL and includes particle effects.
  • SINS Is Not Sccave
    SINS Is Not Sccave is a game with a snake that is controlled by only one key. It's inspired by the Palm game ScCave.
  • snake
    steer this fruitloving snake around the screen, and pick up fruit. The snake grows in length as it eats
  • sNibbles
    sNibbles is a platform independent Snake/Nibbles game.
  • Solar Wolf
    Solarwolf is an action/arcade game written entirely in Python, featuring attractive graphics and cool music. It is is originally based on the SolarFox game from the Atari 2600. Read more
  • Sonic Action
    Sonic Action is a multiplatform Sonic fangame based on the SRB2 story. It features all you would expect from a Sonic game and extras such as cutscenes.
  • Sonic Desert Run
    Sonic Desert Run is a small Sonic fan game that features four levels in which you attempt to grab rings from Tails while avoiding enemies. It is a good distraction.
  • Space Racer
    Space Racer is a 3D car racing game. The circuit is a road in a galactic environment. It aims to be a clone of the well known Stunt Car Racer developped by Geff Crammond, author of Grand Prix I and II.
  • Space Rocks
    Space Rocks - dodge the rocks for as long as possible until you die.
  • Spacewar
    Two players have to destroy each-others space ship by hitting them with their lasers. It is written in SDL and currently runs on both the Windows and Linux operating system, but it should compile on more platforms,
  • Spakes
    Spakes is a clone of the famous Snakes game.
  • Speedy Simon
    Help Speedy Simon free his homeworld from a set of invaders and have fun!
  • Spheres of Chaos
    (commercial) Spheres of Chaos is a rather psychadelic asteroids game. Spheres of Chaos delivers an eye-boggling visual encounter using up to 130,000 pixels to create firework explosions, rockets and trails.
  • SSC
    SSC isa fast paced arcade space shoot'em-up featuring many colorful bouncy balls that is inspired by Koules.
  • Star Shooter III
    Star Shooter III is a 2D shooting game. Created using OpenGL. It runs on Linux and Windows. Manual in English, Czech and German language is included with the game .
  • StarGun
    Stargun is a space shooter, vertical scroller game. It's platform independent (or at least it is the objetive). The target OS are Windows and Linux. There are plans to port Stargun to BeOs, FreeBSD and Amiga.
  • StarWar
    StarWar is a 2D space shooter game for Windows, Linux and Beos.
  • Steel Storm: Episode 1
    Steel Storm is an old school, action-packed top-down 3D arcade shooter with attractive graphics, effects and environments, Episode 1 is the first installment of the game. Read more
  • Super Mario Clone
    A supermario clone with a level editor and an online database for levels, based on SDL, written in C++. Should run under Unix and Windows OS, and can be easily ported to other platforms.

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