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 · Taisei – A Classy, Frenetic Shoot’em Up Game in the Style of The Touhou Project
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9 Excellent Open Source Configuration Management Applications
This software automates the configuration of machines to a particular state. Like any other tools, they are designed to solve specific problems in certain ways. The goal is to get a system from whatever state it is in, into the desired state. Configuration management software are the tools of choice for many system administrators and devops professionals.

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jEdit is a powerful, easy to use, extensible text editor. Read more


  • datreader
    datreader extracts data from old Clarion Database files. It dumps data in CSV format.
  • dbf
    dbf is an easy-to-use command line tool to show and convert the content of dBASE III, IV, and 5.0 files. It reads dBASE databases and prints the content to the screen or converts it to comma-separated (*.csv) files which can be opened in Excel, StarOffice, and most other spread sheets. It can also be used to show some statistics about the content.
  • dbfconverter
    dbfconverter converts DBF database files into SQL code which you can insert into any SQL database. dbfconverter uses XML files for task descriptions.
  • Dxf2PostGIS
    Dxf2PostGIS is a tool to convert DXF files to PostGIS geometry tables. A single DXF file is converted to a PostgreSQL/PostGIS SQL script to create and populate 4 tables, using the AutoCAD information of point, line, polyline, text, circle, and insert.
  • Etora
    Etora is a preprocessor that translates a simple data definition langauge into SQL.
  • exportsql
    A Microsoft Access module which exports Access Database into MySQL, mSQL and PostgreSQL.
  • loadcsv
    loadcsv is a small utility to load data from CSV files into a database. It gets the names of the columns from the first row of the CSV file.
  • ms2my
    A tool that helps with MSSQL to MySQL converting/replicating under *nix. It is possible to use it with crontab also for regular data fetching. Keeping mySQL-based data warehouse refreshed could also be one of the possibilities of using this script.
  • my2pg
    A Perl utility that converts the MySQL database dump to the form that can be loaded into PostgreSQL. Despite that both databases are claimed to be compliant with ANSI SQL standard, MySQL dump can't be loaded directly into PostgreSQL.
  • ora2pg
    An Oracle to PostgreSQL database schema converter.
  • pg2xbase
    A set of utilities for converting PostGres database tables to and from DBF databases.
  • PXTools
    The pxtools are a set of tools to convert a Paradox-database into a SQL-database (MySQL, PostgreSQL), CSV or XML.
  • pyxmdb
    pyxmdb is a database utility for exporting and importing data between a delimited text file and virtually any DBMS.
  • SQLite Export
    This is a graphical interface for the command line utility SQLite Export. SQLiteExport is a program to easily export data from a SQLite database. You can enter database, outputfile name and output type, and specify a table or a custom sql command. You can export to different formats: csv, xls, tab and html.
  • SQLObject
    SQLObject is an object-relational mapper. It allows you to translate RDBMS table rows into Python objects, and manipulate those objects to transparently manipulate the database.
  • syslog2couchdb
    syslog2couchdb is a tool that converts syslog messages into JSON documents and stores them in a CouchDB database.
  • tcm2sql
    tcm2sql is a tool for generating SQL "CREATE" commands from a tcm static structure diagram (SSD) including constraints and foreign keys. It is also possible to diff two diagrams to update a database's structure.
  • tdb
    tdb is a program for manipulating standard comma-delimited databases, such as those produced by Paradox, Access, dbase, etc
    A tool which synchronizes SQL databases with UML diagrams (inactive project).
  • xls2Mysql
    xls2mysql is an application to perform data conversion from XLS to MySQL. xls2mysql is shipped with a simple and easy-to-understand DHTML interface that allows uploading and displays the files available for conversion.
  • xml2sql
    xml2sql is a collection of Perl scripts used to convert XML files into SQL scripts for creating tables. xml2sql does not validation of the XML files.
  • yadia2sql
    A tool that generates SQL CREATE TABLE statements from DiYet Another dia2sql is a tool that generates SQL CREATE TABLE statements from Dia XML files. Its goal is to give maximum freedom to customize the generated SQL code. Another goal is to provide features that allow user to generate SQL for different database systems from single Dia source.
  • zongle
    zongle compares the schema of two PostgreSQL databases and creates a script containing the SQL statements necessary to migrate the structure of the second database to the state of the first.

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