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Romp Home with these 21 Peerless ASCII Games
The purpose of this article is to identify our favourite ASCII based games. There are no fancy graphics here, just great gameplay coupled with the urge of always having just one more play.

(Read more)
bzip2 is a freely available, patent free (see below), high-quality data compressor. It typically compresses files to within 10% to 15% of the best available techniques (the PPM family of statistical compressors), whilst being around twice as fast at compression and six times faster at decompression. Read more


  • PgAccess
    PgAccess is a free graphical database management tool for PostgreSQL. PgAccess is available for every platform where PostgreSQL was ported and where a Tcl/Tk package is available.
  • PGDesigner
    A simple data modelling tool for PostgreSQL. It currently supports graphically creating tables and columns, drag and drop foreign key creation, loading and saving models to a file, and is able to generate SQL code from your graphical model.
  • PgSqlBrowser
    A python-wxwindows GUI to browse postgres databases. Uses the psycopg db adapter. Shows table attribs, row-count and allows per column sorting of the current fetch. Has an editable query widget.
  • PgWorksheet
    PgWorksheet is a simple GUI frontend to PostgreSQL for executing SQL queries and psql commands without using the psql command line tool.
  • PyDO
    PyDO is a Object-Relational database access tool, which has tools that will, given a database connection (for Oracle and PostgreSQL anyway) can do a lot of the work for you in writing your data classes.
  • pyPgSQL
    A Python DB-API 2.0 compliant interface to a PostgreSQL (v7.0 and later) database.
  • QDepo
    QDepo (formerly TPDA - Query Repository Tool) is a wxPerl GUI tool for data exporting and query repository management. Queries are saved in XML files and can be edited and parametrized. Export formats: CSV, Excel, Calc. Support:for Firebird, PostgreSQL and SQLite.
  • Qt SQL Browser
    Qt SQL Browser is a simple, generic GUI database browsing frontend. The tool is a very simple aggregation of the Qt database classes. The database abstraction is provided by the Qt database drivers.
  • Qtabman
    A GUI front-end for the Tabman database package (Oracle). With the Tabman database package you can manipulate tables, columns, and indexes.
  • QtMyAdmin
    QtMyAdmin is a tool, written in Qt/C++, intended to manage MySQL databases. It can manage users and privileges, create/drop databases, create/alter/drop tables (creating/altering/deleting fields and creating/altering/deleting indexes), dump databases and tables (as SQL commands or as XML), and edit data.
  • QtSqlView
    QtSqlView is a simple and easy to use SQL database browser written in Qt 4.x using the excellent QtSql components. Using QtSql drivers it can natively connect to MySQL, PostgreSQL and SQLite databases.
  • Quantum
    QuantumDB is a simple but powerful database access plug-in for the Eclipse Development Platform. QuantumDB allows you to: connect to databases using standard JDBC drivers, review schemas, tables, views and sequences, look up column, index and foreign key information, issue ad-hoc queries or other SQL statements against the database, manage, edit, and work with SQL files (*.sql), and issue updates, deletes, and inserts using simple, easy-to-use wizards.
  • RazorSQL
    RazorSQL is a database query tool, SQL editor, database browser, and database administration tool with support for all major databases. Some of the main features included in RazorSQL are visual tools for creating, viewing, and altering database objects; tools for importing and exporting data; and tools for editing stored procedures, triggers, and functions.
  • Redis Desktop Manager
    Redis Desktop Manager (aka RDM) is a cross-platform open source Redis DB management tool (i.e. Admin GUI). It's available for Linux, Mac OS X and Windows.
  • Reverse Snowflake Joins
    Reverse Snowflake Joins is a tool that parses SQL Select statements and generates a diagram. In addition to joins, the diagram shows parts of the underlying SQL directly in the diagram. For example x=30, GROUP BY (year), SUM(profit), HAVING MIN(age) > 18.
  • SafeSQL
    An SQL query processer to automate the tedious tasks of syntax testing, injection attack-proofing, dropping parts of queries and other misc features.
  • SPHiveDB
    SPHiveDB is a server for sqlite database. It use JSON-RPC over HTTP to expose a network interface to use SQLite database.
  • SQL Browser
    SQL Browser provides a simple, generic GUI database browsing frontend. The tool is a very simple aggregation of the Qt database classes. The database abstraction is provided by the Qt database drivers.
  • SQL Uniform
    (commercial) SQL Uniform is a database client, graphical user interface (GUI), a helper application to relational databases of various types regarding query, maintenance, data comparison, export (convert), import.
  • sql++
    sql++ is an easily configurable, feature-rich, portable command-line SQL tool. It can be used with many different databases and in place of other commandline tools such as MySQL's mysql-client, PostgreSQL's psql, and Oracle's sqlplus. It has features such as multiple connections, multi-database interfacing, subselects for all databases, regardless of whether the database has native subselects or not, and much more.
  • SqlGui
    A graphical frontend for MySQL under KDE2. It lists all databases, tables, columns, column-types, and their contents. It also has the possibility for editing and exporting data.
  • SQLinForm
    SQLinForm is a tool to format any SQL statement independent from their database. It can also prepare SQL statements for Java, C#, VB, ASP.
  • SQLite
    SQLite is an SQL Database Built Upon GDBM. The SQLite distribution includes both a interactive command-line access program (sqlite) and a C library (libsqlite.a) that can be linked with a C/C++ program to provide SQL database access without having to rely on an external RDBMS. Read more
  • sqlupdate
    Reads a table creation file (tables.sql) and compares it to what mysqldump gives, and creates SQL clauses to update the database to match the creation file.
  • SQLyog
    SQLyog is an easy to use, compact, and very fast graphical tool to manage your MySQL database.
  • Sybase Query
    Sybase Query is a graphical SQL client for the Sybase Enterprise server. It has been tested on Enterprise 11 and 12. Sybase Query runs on un*xes with the Gnome desktop system. It is released under the GNU General Public Licence.
  • TkSQL
    A program to edit postgres databases. Requires sdtcl, sdsql, libpgtcl, and TkTable.
  • UniversQuery
    UniversQuery is a free MySQL and UniverSQL query tool developed by SideSpace Solutions. Licensed under the Gnu Publice License, UniversQuery is designed to simplify cross-platform database development.
  • VisualDB
    VisualDB is a tool for the visualization of a PostgreSQL database as tables with relations between them.
  • VMySQL
    A user friendly gui for MySQL. It is made with QT/free edition, is available for X11 platforms, and released under a BSD license.
  • WIDD
    A front end application for databases which implement sql3/sql92.
  • Xdobry
    A free in form-generator for relational databases (mysql, postgresql). It contains an editor for Database Schema, a Drap and Drop GUI editor for forms and a forms-server.
  • XmySQL
    A freely available Xforms based GUI front end to the popular SQL engine, MySQL.
  • Xsqlmenu
    A graphical client for the Mini SQL (mSQL) database. Xsqlmenu makes it very easy to modify the contents of mSQL databases.
  • yamysqlfront
    yamysqlfront is a graphical mysql client to administer mysql databases. It provides data-editing, query templates, result csv export and a table (schema) editor. It's intended to be an open-source replacement of the famous freeware mysqlfront.

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