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 · Taisei – A Classy, Frenetic Shoot’em Up Game in the Style of The Touhou Project
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9 Excellent Open Source Configuration Management Applications
This software automates the configuration of machines to a particular state. Like any other tools, they are designed to solve specific problems in certain ways. The goal is to get a system from whatever state it is in, into the desired state. Configuration management software are the tools of choice for many system administrators and devops professionals.

(Read more)
jEdit is a powerful, easy to use, extensible text editor. Read more


  • MySQL Workbench
    MySQL Workbench is a cross-platform, graphical database modeling tool for MySQL. It allows you to create database models from scratch as well as by importing existing databases from SQL or DBDesigner4 models. Read more hot
  • Robomongo
    Robomongo is a shell-centric cross-platform MongoDB management tool. It is an easy to use application that enable users to manage MongoDB databases, write, edit and execute code and much more. Read more hot
  • adqt
    A GUI Database query tool. It allows a user to request specific information with just a few clicks. It has drill-down and print capabilities and requires no end-user knowledge of the underlying sql or database structure.
  • AQueryx
    XTG AQueryx is a cross-platform and cross-backend interactive query tool. The users of it are mostly database developers and administrators who need to quickly hand-code many SQL queries, modify database structure and query table data.
  • BITE SQL Reports
    BITE SQL Reports is SQL reporting software that can be "plugged" into any existing database to add advanced reporting capabilities. You can build reports, and store them in the very same database. View, Print, Save and FTP these reports to pre-defined places. Or distribute the "viewer" software so that others can run the reports that you build.
  • Copper
    Copper is a feature-wise port of the Windows-only software Golden32 by Benthic Software. It allows Oracle (other db support is coming: MySql is in beta) developers to run sql queries against the db. Currently most sql statements (select, insert, update, delete, commit, rollback) are supported but you can also execute pl/sql stored procs. Copper requires Gnome to be installed.
  • CrunchyFrog
    CrunchyFrog is a database navigator and query tool for GNOME. Currently PostgreSQL, MySQL, Oracle, SQLite3 databases, and LDAP servers are supported for browsing and querying. More databases can be added using the plugin system.
  • CSQL
    CSQL is a compact main memory database SQL engine that supports a limited set of features and provides fast responses to database queries. It supports features used by most real-time applications, which includes INSERT, UPDATE, DELETE, and SELECT on a single table with local predicates. It can also be used as middle tier caching solution for any open source or commercial database, thereby increasing the throughput by a factor of 20-100.
  • Curtain
    Curtain is a data management system for PostgreSQL using the best of current technology.
  • DBAComp
    DBAComp is an easy-to-use graphical tool for Oracle database administration. It allows to visualise the content of the data dictionary of Oracle databases. It does this in a way that allows you to drill down from one item of information to related ones in a completely graphical way. The SQL used to retrieve all of this information can be completely customised by the user. Another feature is the capability to generate SQL scripts based on this information.
  • dbExpress Gateway for ODBC
    (commercial) The Easysoft dbExpress-ODBC Gateway allows applications developed using Borland's Kylix, Delphi or C++ Builder to access data in any local or remote ODBC compliant database. Develop for ODBC and deploy against any database, anywhere on the network.
  • dbkiss
    dbkiss is a one-file database browser that is easy to upload and use. It supports MySQL and PostgreSQL and features import/export of data, searching of the whole database or single tables, an advanced SQL editor, saving of templates, multi-query execution with pagination, and more.
  • dbKoda
    dbKoda is a rich MongoDB code editor with syntax highlighting, code completion, formatting and more. Graphical interface to MongoDB administration and query commands. Quickly switch between multiple MongoDB servers.
  • dbMetrix
    dbMetrix is a copy-lefted, open-sourced SQL database tool based on the GTK widget set and supports multiple, simultaneous connections to various SQL servers such as MySQL, mSQL and PostgreSQL.
  • dert
    Data Entry and Reporting Tool: a tool similar to DBase, M$ Acces, and others. Graphical interface (Motif/LessTif), DBMS backends include MySQL, XBase and mdb-tools.
  • EMS PostgreSQL Manager
    (commercial) A powerful graphical tool for PostgreSQL administration and development. It makes creating and editing PostgreSQL database objects easy and fast, and allows you to run SQL scripts, manage users and their privileges, build SQL queries visually, extract, print and search metadata, export data to 14 available formats and import them from most popular formats, view and edit BLOB fields, and many more.
  • Flamerobin
    FlameRobin is a lightweight and cross-platform administration and management GUI for the Firebird DBMS.
  • gASQL
    A GUI to view and manipulate the structure and the contents of a PostgreSQL database.
    GEBORA is an administrative tool for the Oracle Relational Database Management System. It's an OpenSource alternative to TOAD. Current version has syntax highlight, schema browser, pl/sql viewer and runner and many other features.
  • Gemello
    Gemello is a forms front end for PostgreSQL on GTK. It is written in Python and uses Python as the trigger language. Gemello combines design concepts of Oracle Forms and Microsoft Access. It is meant to be simple and lean yet powerful enough to support scalable applications.
  • genSQL
    An attempt to create a generic SQL GUI for Linux/UNIX platforms. genSQL supports all databases for which a GQL driver exists.
  • Gequel
    A GTK/C based frontend for the popular MySQL database engine. It was loosely derived from an old program by the same author (xsqlmenu).
  • Glom
    Glom is a GUI that allows you to design table definitions and the relationships between them. It also allows you to edit and search the data in those tables, and to specify field values in terms of other fields.
  • Gmyclient
    Gmyclient is designed to be a simple quick and powerful way to access your mysql database under the Gnome desktop.
  • gqlplus
    A drop-in replacement for sqlplus, an Oracle SQL client, for UNIX platforms. The difference between gqlplus and sqlplus is command-line editing and history.
  • GtkSQL
    A graphical query tool (like PostgreSQL's psql). It is released under the GNU GPL license, and was developped using Gtk+ and PostgreSQL.
  • Hornet
    Hornet is a tool to browse and build MySQL databases, with the ability to connect to remote servers. It intends in the future to provide the capability to generate PHP-based interfaces to MySQL databases.
    HTSQL is a URI-based high-level query language for relational databases. HTSQL wraps your database with a web service layer, translating HTTP requests into SQL and returning results as HTML, JSON, etc.
  • IBAccess
    IBAccess is a Interbase client application to allow users and administrators to perform common tasks with their Interbase databases in a user friendly interface.
  • kfb
    kfb (KDE Firebird Basictool) is a GUI administration tool for the Firebird database system. It includes most functions offered by Firebird. Kfb is programmed with KDevelop (C++ and Qt).
  • kiosk
    A lightweight MySQL database manager. Supports table creation, database management, etc.
  • knoda
    knoda is a database frontend for KDE under Linux. It is based on hk_classes.
  • KPGsql
    KPGsql is a frontend for the database system postgresql. It may be used to get a better output from postgres than psql. You may also send SQL-specific queries direct to the postgres backend (also over the net). As result you will get a well-formatted result-table in a QT-Widget.
  • KSql
    KSql, previously known as KMySql is a KDE database client. It was originally mySQL specific, but now uses plugins to access databases like miniSQL and PostgreSQL.
  • Kuery for MySQL
    Kuery for MySQL is a program developed on RedHat 7.1/KDE 2.11/QT2.3.0 (i386) C++ using KDevelop. Its purpose is to offer a GUI for MySQL administration. The UI superficially resembles portions of Microsoft's Enterprise Manager for SQL Server.
  • LazSqlX
    LazSqlX comes in handy to any developer who works with MsSql, Oracle, MySql, SQLite, Firebird and PostgreSQL. It provides them with an intuitive database management tool that can be used to browse the database structure, generate and execute queries and stored procedures, edit table structure and create new tables.
  • Letalite
    Letalite is a graphical SQL client. The goal is to create an easy to use, yet powerful SQL client.
  • Mergeant
    Mergeant allows to connect to any database through the Libgda library (MySQL, PostgeSQL, Oracle, etc) and manage data within the database.
  • MonetDB
    MonetDB is an open source high-performance database system developed at CWI, the Institute for Mathematics and Computer Science Research of The Netherlands. It was designed to provide high performance on complex queries against large databases, e.g. combining tables with hundreds of columns and multi-million rows.
  • MySQL Administrator
    A powerful visual administration console that enables you to easily administer your MySQL environment and gain significantly better visibility into how your databases are operating. MySQL Administrator now integrates database management and maintenance into a single, seamless environment, with a clear and intuitive graphical user interface.
  • Mysql Assistant
    Mysql Assistant is a MySQL viewer. It requires Ruby-Gtk2 and MySQL/Ruby.
  • MySQL Control Center
    MySQL's official platform-independent GUI client, based on the Qt toolkit. MyCC is developed and provided by MySQL AB.
  • MySQL Export
    (commercial) A cross-platform (Windows and Linux) program to export your data quickly from MySQL databases to any of 12 available formats, including MS Excel, MS Word, HTML, TXT, and more. MySQL Export includes a wizard, which allows you to set export options for each table visually (destination filename, exported fields, data formats, and many more) and a command line utility to export data from tables and queries in one-touch.
  • MySQL Navigator
    MySQL Navigator is for MySQL database server administrators. You can enter query, get result set, edit script, run script, user add, user drop, user alter and get client & server infomation.
  • mysqltcl
    A simple API for Mysql-Database and Tcl scripting language. It features Tcl8.0-Object support, Unicode support, configure support, no connection limitation, nested queries, handling of binary files (containing null values).
  • Navicat
    (shareware) A powerful MySQL database administration and development tool that are not only sophisticated enough for professional developers, but also easy to learn for new users. With a nice GUI, Navicat lets you quickly and easily create, organize, access and share information in a secure and easy way.
  • oracledump
    This tool provides a mysqldump-like interface to Oracle.
  • Oranna
    Oranna is a GTK based Oracle Client application, much like Toad, Tora, plsql builder and others.
  • PgAccess
    PgAccess is a free graphical database management tool for PostgreSQL. PgAccess is available for every platform where PostgreSQL was ported and where a Tcl/Tk package is available.
  • PGDesigner
    A simple data modelling tool for PostgreSQL. It currently supports graphically creating tables and columns, drag and drop foreign key creation, loading and saving models to a file, and is able to generate SQL code from your graphical model.
  • PgSqlBrowser
    A python-wxwindows GUI to browse postgres databases. Uses the psycopg db adapter. Shows table attribs, row-count and allows per column sorting of the current fetch. Has an editable query widget.
  • PgWorksheet
    PgWorksheet is a simple GUI frontend to PostgreSQL for executing SQL queries and psql commands without using the psql command line tool.
  • PyDO
    PyDO is a Object-Relational database access tool, which has tools that will, given a database connection (for Oracle and PostgreSQL anyway) can do a lot of the work for you in writing your data classes.
  • pyPgSQL
    A Python DB-API 2.0 compliant interface to a PostgreSQL (v7.0 and later) database.
  • QDepo
    QDepo (formerly TPDA - Query Repository Tool) is a wxPerl GUI tool for data exporting and query repository management. Queries are saved in XML files and can be edited and parametrized. Export formats: CSV, Excel, Calc. Support:for Firebird, PostgreSQL and SQLite.
  • Qt SQL Browser
    Qt SQL Browser is a simple, generic GUI database browsing frontend. The tool is a very simple aggregation of the Qt database classes. The database abstraction is provided by the Qt database drivers.
  • Qtabman
    A GUI front-end for the Tabman database package (Oracle). With the Tabman database package you can manipulate tables, columns, and indexes.
  • QtMyAdmin
    QtMyAdmin is a tool, written in Qt/C++, intended to manage MySQL databases. It can manage users and privileges, create/drop databases, create/alter/drop tables (creating/altering/deleting fields and creating/altering/deleting indexes), dump databases and tables (as SQL commands or as XML), and edit data.
  • QtSqlView
    QtSqlView is a simple and easy to use SQL database browser written in Qt 4.x using the excellent QtSql components. Using QtSql drivers it can natively connect to MySQL, PostgreSQL and SQLite databases.
  • Quantum
    QuantumDB is a simple but powerful database access plug-in for the Eclipse Development Platform. QuantumDB allows you to: connect to databases using standard JDBC drivers, review schemas, tables, views and sequences, look up column, index and foreign key information, issue ad-hoc queries or other SQL statements against the database, manage, edit, and work with SQL files (*.sql), and issue updates, deletes, and inserts using simple, easy-to-use wizards.
  • RazorSQL
    RazorSQL is a database query tool, SQL editor, database browser, and database administration tool with support for all major databases. Some of the main features included in RazorSQL are visual tools for creating, viewing, and altering database objects; tools for importing and exporting data; and tools for editing stored procedures, triggers, and functions.
  • Redis Desktop Manager
    Redis Desktop Manager (aka RDM) is a cross-platform open source Redis DB management tool (i.e. Admin GUI). It's available for Linux, Mac OS X and Windows.
  • Reverse Snowflake Joins
    Reverse Snowflake Joins is a tool that parses SQL Select statements and generates a diagram. In addition to joins, the diagram shows parts of the underlying SQL directly in the diagram. For example x=30, GROUP BY (year), SUM(profit), HAVING MIN(age) > 18.
  • RunSQLRun
    RunSQLRun is a database client GUI. RunSQLRun uses GTK as it's GUI toolkit and fits nicely into the GNOME Desktop Environment. It is released under the terms of the MIT license.
  • SafeSQL
    An SQL query processer to automate the tedious tasks of syntax testing, injection attack-proofing, dropping parts of queries and other misc features.
  • SPHiveDB
    SPHiveDB is a server for sqlite database. It use JSON-RPC over HTTP to expose a network interface to use SQLite database.
  • sql++
    sql++ is an easily configurable, feature-rich, portable command-line SQL tool. It can be used with many different databases and in place of other commandline tools such as MySQL's mysql-client, PostgreSQL's psql, and Oracle's sqlplus. It has features such as multiple connections, multi-database interfacing, subselects for all databases, regardless of whether the database has native subselects or not, and much more.
  • SqlGui
    A graphical frontend for MySQL under KDE2. It lists all databases, tables, columns, column-types, and their contents. It also has the possibility for editing and exporting data.
  • SQLinForm
    SQLinForm is a tool to format any SQL statement independent from their database. It can also prepare SQL statements for Java, C#, VB, ASP.
  • SQLite
    SQLite is an SQL Database Built Upon GDBM. The SQLite distribution includes both a interactive command-line access program (sqlite) and a C library (libsqlite.a) that can be linked with a C/C++ program to provide SQL database access without having to rely on an external RDBMS. Read more
  • SQLiteStudio
    SQLiteStudio is a SQLite database manager with an intuitive interface. Export to various formats (SQL statements, CSV, HTML, XML, PDF, JSON).
  • sqlupdate
    Reads a table creation file (tables.sql) and compares it to what mysqldump gives, and creates SQL clauses to update the database to match the creation file.
  • SQLyog
    SQLyog is an easy to use, compact, and very fast graphical tool to manage your MySQL database.
  • Sybase Query
    Sybase Query is a graphical SQL client for the Sybase Enterprise server. It has been tested on Enterprise 11 and 12. Sybase Query runs on un*xes with the Gnome desktop system. It is released under the GNU General Public Licence.
  • TkSQL
    A program to edit postgres databases. Requires sdtcl, sdsql, libpgtcl, and TkTable.
  • UniversQuery
    UniversQuery is a free MySQL and UniverSQL query tool developed by SideSpace Solutions. Licensed under the Gnu Publice License, UniversQuery is designed to simplify cross-platform database development.
  • VisualDB
    VisualDB is a tool for the visualization of a PostgreSQL database as tables with relations between them.
  • VMySQL
    A user friendly gui for MySQL. It is made with QT/free edition, is available for X11 platforms, and released under a BSD license.
  • WIDD
    A front end application for databases which implement sql3/sql92.
  • Xdobry
    A free in form-generator for relational databases (mysql, postgresql). It contains an editor for Database Schema, a Drap and Drop GUI editor for forms and a forms-server.
  • XmySQL
    A freely available Xforms based GUI front end to the popular SQL engine, MySQL.
  • Xsqlmenu
    A graphical client for the Mini SQL (mSQL) database. Xsqlmenu makes it very easy to modify the contents of mSQL databases.
  • yamysqlfront
    yamysqlfront is a graphical mysql client to administer mysql databases. It provides data-editing, query templates, result csv export and a table (schema) editor. It's intended to be an open-source replacement of the famous freeware mysqlfront.
    YASQL is an open source Oracle command line interface. YASQL features a much kinder alternative to SQL*Plus's user interface. This is meant to be a complete replacement for SQL*Plus when dealing with ad hoc queries and general database interfacing.

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