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Ubuntu MATE 15.04 for Raspberry Pi 2
With the release of the Raspberry Pi 2 Model B and its ARM Cortex-A7 CPU, users are offered a number of ways of running Ubuntu.

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The FreeCol team aims to create an Open Source version of Colonization (released under the GPL). At first we'll try to make an exact clone of Colonization. The visuals will be brought up to date with more recent standards but will remain clean, simple and functional. Certain new 'features' will be implemented but the gameplay and the rules will be exactly the same as the original game. Examples of modern features are: an isometric map and multiplayer support. Read more


  • Arnie
    arnie is a tremendously simple system for performing incremental backups to remote untrusted hosts, with support for encrypted files on the remote host.
  • autobd
    autobd is an automated backup daemon that uses inotify watches to act on events when they happen. So basically it will watch a directory for events, then back up all your stuff to other servers when you change, add or delete something.
  • BackBurner
    A collection of Perl scripts that leverage existing parts of the Unix system and allow users to backup and restore verified and compressed images of any mountable file-system, network drive, or even a disk partition. This should allow even unrecognized operating system partitions to be ghosted and restored via your Unix system, and allow recognized file-systems to be backed up and restored in whole or in parts.
  • backup by loop
    A script to backup system directories, files and configurations, specified in the configuration file (backup.conf). The backups can be written to various media.
  • BackupOnCd
    BackupOnCd is a set of shell scripts which make gziped multi-volume backups on CD-RW possible. It also makes the backup faster using cdrecord in a parallel subshell and minimizes the amount of temporary needed disk space.
  • bakonf
    This python script creates a backup of all your configuration files, plus some extra informations about the system it runs on, to create a rescue archive. This archive can be used to recreate the system, in case of emergencies.
  • BinBackup
    BinBackup is a tool intended to efficiently backup a directory to a set of size-limited media like CD-Rs or DVD-Rs. It's goal is to distribute the contents of a directory to a set of media while using the space available on these media as best as possible, minimizing the number of media required for a backup.
  • bkp
    bkp is a set of Linux shell scripts that perform tape backup optimized for low cost, IDE travan tape drives.
  • Bontmia
    Bontmia merges the functionality of glastree and rsync in one application with a more flexible selection of long term storage.
  • Burt
    Burt, the backup and recovery tool, is an extension for Tcl/Tk 8.0 designed to perform backups to and recoveries from tapes. A Burt installation consists of the Burt extension module and a set of Tcl/Tk 8.0 scripts to make use of that module to perform backups.
  • but
    BackUp Tool: but is a small Perl script that makes creating periodical backups of certains directory's easy, but was made to be run by cron.
  • cryptosync
    Cryptosync is a tool which makes compressed and encrypted incremental backups. That way one can efficiently copy the files to another location with normal rsync. Not only the are filecontents encrypted, also the filename, mode, owner and groupinformation are stored encrypted.
  • Datbkr
    A DAT tape program with ssh support. Datbkr is very lightweight, and simple to use, but is no longer maintained.
  • Distributed Internet Archiving Program
    DIAP is a set of Bash shell scripts to set up a system using three backup nodes either between sites (e.g. between offices and homes) or over WANs. The application provides a decentralized, self-contained and managed storage utility.
  • dmzBackup
    dmzBackup is a backup script for disk-to-disk backups of multiple remote hosts. Simultaneous encrypted data flows per remote or local host. Supports full and incremental backups of regular files and mysql data. Offline indexes to search for specific data.
  • Dyadic Snapshot Scheduler
    DSS creates hardlink-based snapshots of a given directory on a remote or local host using rsync's link-dest feature.
  • DYS Backup
    DYS Backup is just a small script to backup your system.
  • Filesystem Backup
    The goal is to provide a set of customizable shell scripts to achieve massive backups on tape from multiples filesystems, while keep tapes as full as possible.
  • flexbackup
    A flexible backup script that uses dump, afio, tar, or cpio, features full (0) and 1-9 levels of incremental backup (ala "dump"), Backup, extract, compare, list modes and more.
  • Gnotary
    Gnotary is a combination of a secure backup program and a digital notary service. It consists of a client part and a server part.
  • histbackup
    histbackup makes incremental backups of a directory tree in a set of directories named by dates, or date-time if the date already exists. The new backup is prepopulated by hardlinks of each file from the previous backup and then updates with rsync.
  • ImageBackup
    A fully automatic incremental backup system for digital pictures. It will create backup CDs, one at a time, until all images have been backed up.
  • Longstop
    Longstop provides tools to archive to CD/DVD and retrieve files from archives with an archive tracking database backend. It tracks multiple copies of files across media, with options to dump and archive MySQL (remote and local) databases and subversion repositories.
  • Magic Settings Wizard
    Magic Settings Wizard is designed to quickly and easily restore or backup your favorite applications settings through a FTP location used as a storage medium.
  • PipeToFTP
    PipeToFTP is a tool that sends the output of a command to a file on an FTP server. It is hardcoded to send the output of creating a tar archive of the root directory.
  • rdup
    rdup is a utility inspired by rsync and the plan9 way of doing backups. rdup itself does not backup anything. It only prints a list of files that are changed, or all files in case of a null dump, to standard output.
  • Relax and Recover
    Relax and Recover (abbreviated rear) is a highly modular disaster recovery framework for GNU/Linux based systems, but can be easily extended to other UNIX alike systems. The disaster recovery information (and maybe the backups) can be stored via the network, local on hard disks or USB devices, DVD/CD-R, tape, etc. The result is also a bootable image that is capable of booting via PXE, DVD/CD and tape (OBDR).
  • RevoBackup
    RevoBackup is an rsync-based backup script, similar to Dirvish and Rsnapshot but written from scratch to allow a clean codebase and maintainable code.
  • rsync-incr
    rsync-incr is a linux wrapper shell (bash) script around rsync to perform automated, unattended, incremental, disk to disk backups, automatically removing old backups to make room for new ones. It produces standard mirror copies browsable and restorable without specific tools.
  • rsyncbackup
    rsyncbackup is a perl script that reads configuration files for sources and destinations, and feeds the rsync tool with the appropriate parameters. rsyncbackup is written on Mac OS X, but will probably work on every system that have both perl and rsync installed.
  • TapeChanger::MTX
    TapeChanger::MTX is a module to manipulate a tape library using the 'mtx' tape library program. It is meant to work with a simple shell/perl script to load and unload tapes as appropriate, and to provide a interface for more complicated programs to do the same.
  • Tartarus
    Tartarus provides a nice wrapper around basic Unix tools such as tar, find and curl (well, that's not that basic) to provide a seamless backup solution, aimed at automatic gathering and backup.
  • This Is Not Backup Buddy
    This Is Not Backup Buddy is a set of scripts which make versioned, disk-to-disk, backups via rsync easy. It allows the user to set up disk-to-disk backups that happen automatically.
  • twcbackup
    twcbackup is usually run automatically (from cron) every night to generate a backup of all your data. Every time twcbackup is run, it sends a report by e-mail. These reports show whether the backup succeeded or not and contain a detailed backup log.
  • VeriTAR
    VeriTAR [Veri(fy)TAR] is a command-line utility that verifies the MD5 sums of files within a tar archive.

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