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 Parallel Processing (6)

Romp Home with these 21 Peerless ASCII Games
The purpose of this article is to identify our favourite ASCII based games. There are no fancy graphics here, just great gameplay coupled with the urge of always having just one more play.

(Read more)
MyNotex is software to take and to manage textual notes, even large numbers of them. Notes are gathered under different subjects and consist of a title, a date, a list of tags (keywords), and a free-length plain text. Read more


  • KernCob
    a project geared towards creating a stable Linux-2.4 kernel for the Sun Cobalt (formally Cobalt Networks) Generation III and Generation V Intel based server appliances. It is available in .patch form for your Sun Cobalt Appliance
  • Kubuntu Continuous Integration (CI)
    The Kubuntu CI system does builds from KDE Git master along with Kubuntu packaging. It is useful for developing and testing KDE software as well as Kubuntu packaging.
  • Kyfieithu
    an initiative to create a wholly Welsh computing environment for Welsh speakers and learners. This Welsh desktop will run on the exciting new open-source GNU/Linux operating system, which offers many advantages over other operating systems in terms of cost, stability, security, and independence
  • Large Scale Linux Information Project
    the objective of Large Scale Linux Infomation Project is to collect as many examples as possible where Linux is operated in very large scale, and to open them to the public
    Everything for electronic commerce on Linux. Downloads, reference materials, and featured articles on Linux and electronic commerce
  • LHC++ project
    aims to replace the current CERNLIB software libraries with a suite of OO software with roughly equivalent functionality
  • Linux @ SunSITE Denmark
    Linux resources at SunSITE Denmark. Projects, documentation, FTP mirrors, RPM repository, and other stuff...
  • Linux Business Solutions Project
    a new project whose goal is to provide more coherent, comprehensive documentation on how Linux can be used to solve common business problems
  • Linux Counter
    Here you can get yourself and your computer counted among the Linux users
  • Linux Event Logging for Enterprise-Class Systems
    provide an open-source, platform-independent Event Logging facility for the Linux Operating system and Linux applications, which offers capabilities and features comparable to Event and Error Logging facilities found in Enterprise-class, UNIX-based Operating Systems
  • Linux Font Project
    Linux Font Project develops readable bitmap fonts for console and X (and Windows).
  • Linux for Astronomy
    Compilation of astronomy software prebuilt for Linux/x86. 1.6Gb + a full Linux system distribution (2 cdrom set)
  • Linux Memory Technology Device project
    aims to provide a unified subsystem for handling RAM and Flash cards (Memory Technology Devices). It is intended to be compatible with the Linux PCMCIA code, to prevent duplication of code and effort, yet its main target is small embedded systems
  • Linux NTFS file system support
    goals of this project are: create a new Linux kernel driver for the NTFS file system (v1.2 and later 3.0), user space utilities (e.g. format, ntfs check, etc.) and a library to avoid code duplication and provide access to NTFS to other GPLed programs
  • Linux scalability
    the primary goal of this research is to improve the scalability and robustness of the Linux operating system in order to support greater network server workloads more reliably
  • Linux Standard Base
    Contains latest informations about involved participants and latest events
  • Linux Terminal Server Project
    Linux Terminal Server Project is an OpenSource project that extends the power and flexibility of Linux by making it easier and less expensive to deploy Linux workstations on every desk. Read more
  • Linux trustees
    to create an advanced permission management system for linux
  • Linux USB Project
    created to serve as a central point of information for USB support under Linux
  • Linux Voodoo
    providing Linux drivers, development projects and free hosting, searchable LDP database, Linux gaming, and FREE 24-hour technical/installation support
  • Linux Wacom Tablet Project
    manages the libraries, configuration, and diagnostic tools for Wacom tablets running under Linux. It also maintains updated linux kernel drivers and XFree86 XInput drivers
  • Linux-Equipped Astronauts Project
    a project to port to Linux those applications that the astronauts use on their laptops, so that each astronaut has a choice of operating systems
  • LiViD Project
    Linux Video and DVD Project: the goal is to bring support for video capture, tv out and dvd playback to Linux
  • Lunar Numbat
    Lunar Numbat is a team of Australians and New Zealanders who use their skill and Open-Source technologies to partner with the Google Lunar X-Prize team White Label Space.
    The MILLE-XTERM project's goal is to provide a robust, flexible, and scalable infrastructure for massive deployment of X-terminals. It will provide a practical solution to the management of thousands of X-Terminals in a school district (for instance).
  • MISA Initiative Project
    an initiative to develop a commercial strength business suite for the open source business community. MISA is being developed under the GPL, and LGPL
  • Mono Project
    an open development initiative sponsored by Ximian that is working to develop an open source, Unix version of the Microsoft .NET development platform
    MPEG4IP provides a standards-based system for encoding, streaming, and playing MPEG-4 encoded audio and video. Read more
  • NFS Version 4 Open Source Reference Implementation
    the goal of this project is to produce a minimally IETF compliant NFS version 4 client and server running in the Linux kernel by January 1, 2000. CITI's strategy is to adapt the existing Linux NFS version 3 kernel client and server code, implementing mandatory features only, such as compound requests, mount, open, read, write, and navigation primatives
  • Open Compute Project
    Open Compute Project is a Facebook-driven effort to develop open source servers and switches.
  • Open For Business
    an open source project that provides tools for businesses based on Sun's J2EE standard. The project is intended to be open and used by a large group of people
  • Open Source
    Tuxedo is an initiative to promote Free Software to the world.
  • Open Source Database Benchmark
    defining a database-independent, system-independent benchmark to enable individuals to analyze the performance of a variety of system configurations
  • OpenAI
    geared toward developing a specification for AI related tools. The specification will allow these tools to operate in a modular fashion and be highly interoperable with other tools adhering to the specification
  • OpenCA
    OpenCA is a collaborative effort to develop a full featured interfaces structure for currently available security-related and administrative toolkit developed for managing x509 digital certificates common operations (i.e. admission, verify, revocation, suspension, etc... ). The project will therefore cover various aspects of administrative solutions in managing digital certificates and will be using many different software today available among the Open Source community.
  • OpenCOE
    OpenCOE provides an implementation of the publicly-available DII COE APIs. The Defense Information Infrastructure Common Operating Environment (DII COE) is an initiative of the Defense Information System Agency to provide a common set of resources and procedures for system administration and security across multiple platforms.
  • OpenDRDA
    a project to produce client and server libraries for the DRDA (Distributed Relational Database Architecture) protocol
  • OpenHPI
    an open source project created with the intent of providing an implementation of the SA Forum's Hardware Platform Interface (HPI). HPI provides an abstracted interface to managing computer hardware, typically for chassis and rack based servers

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