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  • tkcCalendar
    (commercial) an enhanced replacement to the calendar included in the Zaurus. tkcCalendar includes the following features: Day/Week/Month/Year view modes, beam events, synchronization with desktop software is maintained, enhanced appointment information, repeatable events and more hot
  • Alpha Clock
    a transparent clock running on top of Qtopia
  • Aricalc
    a simple calculator useful to people who have to work with imperial values where dimensions are given in feet, inches and fractions of inch
  • Bangstate TimeLog
    (commercial) now supports automated integration with online time-tracking applications
  • Car Mileage Calculator
    allows you to enter data for multiple cars. You enter the date, odometer, and fuel used each time you fillup. It will then compute the mileage after each fillup as well as display your lifetime mileage, last mileage, and distance driven per month
  • Cata-List
    an application to take data in an XML file and display it in selectable lists. Suitable uses for Cata-List might be stock taking and shopping
  • ClassMate
    (commercisl) an organizational tool that assists students in tracking their assignments, tasks, grades, and grade point average
  • Danielle Edwards eCalendar
    (commercial) the first ever electronic swimsuit calendar application featuring one of the world's most beautiful and graceful fitness model
  • GetDone!
    (commercial) a task tracking application where every task command can be done in one of four different ways. Use menus, toolbar, tap-n-hold, or use keyboard/input method
  • gwCalc
    a easy to use scientific pocket calculator for the Zaurus 5x00 family. Some of the main features are: Command line for formula input with history: recall older formulas, change something and calculate again, Result history; use the results of previous calculations in the current formula, built in scientific functions and a smart display of results
  • Hebcal
    a perpetual Jewish Calendar
  • HNB
    an outliner, similar in style to IQNotes for the Z or the many dozens of others out there. It's fast and easy to use, with a built-in scripting language for extensions. It can import from XML and ASCII and export in XML, ascii, HTML, OPML
  • HolidayCalc
    a free calculator for movable holidays, eg. easter. It runs on the Sharp Zaurus SL5000 and SL5500(G). In the moment HolidayCalc support english and german languages
  • InforManager
    (commercial) a unique and innovative item organizer that provides access to all your data from one central location. Urgent and current items are placed right on the start page, and other items are easily located with an item explorer
  • IslandTime
    (commercial) a clock and calendar with an island theme
  • KGrok
    a palmtop database manager, designed for Linux PDAs. It reads ``applications'', which are simple configuration files that morph KGrok's GUI and behavior to perform a wide variety of database functions
  • KOrganizer
    a port of the KDE's calendaring and scheduling program for organizing appointments, todo lists, projects and more. It is an integral part of the KDE PIM suite, which aims to be a complete solution for organizing your personal data. KOrganizer supports the two dominant standards for storing and exchanging calendar data, vCalendar and iCalendar
  • Leaflet
    a note-taking program for embedded device like Sharp Zaurus SL series or Qtopia Platform
    a versatile data manager for the Sharp Zaurus
  • lsab
    a command line utility for searching contact records generated by the opie contacts application
  • NeoCal
    an advanced calculator featuring over 145 financial, scientific, statistical, programmer, and conversion functions
  • NoteBox
    designed from the ground up as a note-taking platform. It allows notes to be stored and retrieved logically and intuitively. Instead of storing notes as files, you store them according to date, topic, or title. Notes can be retrieved across any of those parameters, allowing you, for example, to review all notes from all meetings with Client X regarding the design of their intranet, or notes from all Staff Meetings held over the past month
  • Notes Applet
    (commercial) sits in your taskbar and allows you to quickly jot down notes and things you need to remember, without that lag time needed to open a regular program
  • noteZ
    a simple note-taking application for the Sharp Zaurus SL-5500/SL-5000 series of PDAs. It's written in C++ using the Qt widget set
  • opie-calculator
    a multi-function calculator for the Opie environment. Includes units conversion
  • opie-clock
    a simple clock and stop-watch for the Opie environment
  • opie-datebook
    a datebook/appointment manager for the Opie environment
  • opie-today
    a short overview over current appointments and tasks
  • opie-todo
    a Todo-list manager for the Opie environment
  • opie-vmemo
    a voice memo recorder for the Opie environment
  • Prospector
    (shareware) a useful tool designed to smooth your search for a new job. Track your contacts and company information in one synchronized location
  • QPlot
    an Advanced Mathematical Calculator Includes: natural-style input, 2-D and 3-D graphing, differentiating, integrating, equation solving, and a lot more
  • Qtopia Alarm Clock
    an alarm clock for PDAs running the Qtopia Palmtop Environment (QPE). The program allows you to schedule up to four alarms
  • Qtopia Desktop
    the Qt edition for PCs running Microsoft Windows. It provides all of Qt's graphical tools and the complete Qt API, including support for OpenGL 3D graphics, SQL databases, internationalization, network programming and much more
  • Qtopia Personal Information Manager
    meant to be a drop in replacement for the native Qtopia apps, providing faster data access, more intuitive input, and seamless integration
  • SafeDee
    (commercial) a flexible database with Blowfish encryption. Store passwords, PIN numbers, personal information
  • Shop & Save PDA
    (shareware) a handheld application that offers powerful tools for shopping and saving experience. The next generation of shopping centers can take advantage of wireless system to drive sales and consumer "stickiness"
  • ShoppingList
    a Java application to manage a shopping list. You can categorize the items on your list, mark them as wanted, then view the list of just what you need
  • slcalc
    a QT embedded application for the Sharp Zaurus. slcalc is a scientific calculator with user definable constants and functions
  • Temtor for Qtopia/Opie
    To track the time spent on various projects efficient, it has to be fast, easy and simple. The PDA component of TempusRelator has an innovative one-tap interface, that allows you to handle most of the tasks with one single tap on the screen.
  • TimeSleuth
    a system for recording the amount of time spent performing activities such as consulting, project work, etc., and producing useful reports such as time sheets and summaries from the recorded data
  • TimeTableZ
    an application for storing all your Timetables. Now you will never miss a bus again :-) It shows the current time and the next departure. Additionally you can see how much time you've got left to catch the next bus, tram or whatever
  • tkcAddressBook
    (commercial) an enhanced replacement to the address book included in the Zaurus. tkcAddressBook is easy to use, with more options and a more sophisticated user interface
  • tkcMemo
    (commercial) an advanced Memo Pad application that is the perfect tool for creating, organizing and accessing short notes and memos
  • tkcTodo
    (commercial) another piece of our PIM suite, but goes far beyond the normal concept of a ToDo application and approaches the realm of project management
  • TMClock
    a clock that has the following features: Background image(Changeable), Fullscreen mode, Simple Calendar, Hide/show Clock & Calendar
  • TraveLog
    the professional travellers toolbox, consisting of a trip manager, time reporting and expense reporting tools
  • TraveLog PRO
    (commercial) a toolbox for the business traveler who needs to keep itineraries organized, be reminded of departures, uses multiple time zones or currencies and need to keep track of project times and expenses
  • Tu-Ya
    (commercial) a personal productivity tool. It allows user have quick memo and sketches capabilities functions in the PDA. Every memos and sketches can be save under different categories for easy references. Besides that, it also serves as an Arts tools
  • TuxCards
    A port of TuxCards, a hierarchical notebook that was created out of the desire to let my own chaos of papers, notes, and post-it's vanish.
  • WorldZ
    (commercial) provides details and information on countries of the world, their corresponding major cities, population data, Currency in each country, Geographic locations etc. Countries are segregated region wise for easy access
  • z2x
    a simple script to parse the addressbook
  • Zearch
    (commercial) must have utility that allows you to search your: Address Book, Date Book, ToDo List & Documents
  • Zoutline
    a small outliner for the Zaurus PDA
  • zphone
    This small python application uses ckxml to search through the addressbook, printing out any matching events.
  • zpimsearch
    This python application lets you scan the zaurus for matching text in the Contacts, Calendar, tkcMemo, or Todo applications.
  • ZShopi
    meant as an electronical shopping list for the Zaurus. Instead of using slips of paper to notice your shopping list you can now use your Zaurus. You just have to choose the good from the goods-list and decide how much you need. No typing is necessary
  • ZStopWatch
    a simple stopwatch written in Java. Can store multiple stop times in sequential order.
  • zTi85emu
    a port of ti85emu to the Qtopia environment

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