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  • WinConnect Z
    (commercial) allows a Zaurus user to access their Windows desktop and applications remotely. It does this by establishing a connection to either a Windows 2000 Server or an XP Professional desktop across a network or over the Internet hot
  • AODV
    a routing protocol for ad hoc networks designed with mobile wireless devices in mind. It can be compiled to run on the ARM processor. It has been tested on a Sharp Zaurus with a ZCom xi825 WLAN
  • C-Kermit
    a combined network and serial communication software package offering a consistent, transport-independent, cross-platform approach to connection establishment, terminal sessions, file transfer, character-set translation, numeric and alphanumeric paging, and automation of communication tasks through its built-in scripting language
  • c3270
    (download) opens a telnet connection to an IBM host in a console window
  • Connector
    a light-weight bluetooth connection manager for Qtopia/OPIE palmtop environments. It provides for: Dial-up and LAN connections, Automatic or manual access point selection, Access point discovery with manual selection, Default or user-defined connection command & a personal config file for storing the settings and pairing management
  • Ethereal
    a port of this popular network tool
  • Gnokii
    a Linux/Unix tool suite and modem driver for Nokia mobile phones, released under the GPL
  • gnupg
    a port of this complete and free replacement for PGP
  • gnupg
    gnupg is a port of GnuPG to the Zaurus, which has been compiled with the pdaXrom 1.10RC11 SDK, for use on various ROMs.
  • Gprslink
    Gprslink offers flexible - easy to use Mms Wap EMS and SMS messaging service for office professionals - internet business - message integrated site builders or private use. EMS - Enhanced Message Service which is extended length Gprs messages with logo attachment inclusive full sms messsage center.
  • hping2
    does TCP/IP stack auditing, to uncover firewall policy, to scan TCP port in a lot of different modes, to transfer files across a firewall and more
  • JeTerm
    a GUI terminal program for Zaurus family PDA. Works with Zaurus SL-5500, SL-5600, SL-6000, SL-C700, SL-C750, SL-C760, SL-C860
  • JSquiggle
    a peer to peer scribble program written in Java for handheld device. Currently the tested platform is Sharp Zaurus 5500 Linux/Java PDA. It uses 802.11b Wireless Ethernet with XML Web Service for message passing. The distributed time is tracked by Lamport timestamp with total ordering, and the sketch message is compatible with the Scalable Vector Graphics (SVG) format
  • Kahuna
    a KDE application to manage 3com SuperStack PSHub 40's. It provides a load/save function for your favorite hubs. For communication kahuna uses net-snmp 4.2
  • Keyring
    an application for the Qtopia desktop environment. It allows users to store passwords and accounts in a reasonably secure fashion. Password and account data is encrypted using blowfish and stored in flash in an encrypted form
  • Keyring2csv
    Keyring2csv is a Perl script to convert a keyring XML file into a tab separated text file.
  • Minicom
    mincom serial communications program, similar to telix
  • mtr
    combines the functionality of the 'traceroute' and 'ping' programs in a single network diagnostic tool
  • nessusqt
    a nessus client port for Sharp Zaurus SL5000d and SL5500
  • ngrep
    (ftp only) another popular network packet capture tool (aka sniffer), NGREP has been compiled for the SHARP Zaurus SL5500
  • Noptec Interceptor
    a network monitoring tool consisting of two interacting components; the network trap layer and the monitor applet
  • OLSR
    a mobile ad hoc networking protocol that can be used for dynamic routing amongst a group of arbitrary network devices. The linux source code can be compiled for ARM-based devices and has been tested on the Zaurus SL-5500 and other PDAs running the familiar distribution
  • OpenSSL
    An OpenSSL Cryptographic library for Sharp ROMs.
  • opie-qcop
    an interprocess communication client for the Opie environment
  • Qmode2
    a version of the LIRC xmode2/smode2 tools for Qtopia running on the Zaurus. It displays a graphical view of the infra-red signal recieved by the lirc device driver
  • qpenmapfe
    a simple clone of the nmap front-end app for Qtopia. It was written entirely from scratch and requires nmap from the essentials packages found at Sourceforge
  • rsync
    a utility that provides fast incremental file transfer
  • samba
    ported to the Zaurus
  • Server manager
    a simple frontend for turning on/off servers. Currently it suports Boa, OpenSSH and the built in Telnet server
  • snowfence
    Snowfence is a simple firewall that uses the Linux kernel's iptables firewall support to limit the ability of potential attackers to access the Zaurus's services remotely while still allowing the Zaurus's legitimate local user to make use of the network as usual.
  • socat
    a Swiss army chainsaw of network and socket hacking
  • stunnel
    encrypts arbitrary TCP connections using SSL
  • tcpdump for Zaurus
    a popular network packet capture tool (aka sniffer), TCPDUMP, has been compiled to SHARP Zaurus SL5000 and SL5500. This is a direct port of TCPDUMP 3.7.1
  • Viperin-Z
    Viperin-Z is a taskbar applet to manage virtual private network connections on the Sharp Zaurus family of handheld computers. As a front-end to vpnc, the free Cisco VPN concentrator client, this application can set up various VPN configurations, connect to a selected one and monitor connection status.
  • Wellenreiter II
    makes the discovery and the audit of 802.11b wireless-networks much easier
  • WirelessApplet
    displays the status of your wavelan card in a small taskbar icon
  • yp client
    finds the server for NIS domains and maintains the NIS binding information
  • zesync
    a tool that should allow the Zaurus SL-5500D (and obviously the 5000D) to sync with evolution
  • zkeywordevents
    This small python application uses ckxml to search through the datebook, printing out any matching events. It's just a smaller version of zpimsearch.
  • zNessus
    a Nessus client for the Sharp Zaurus using Qtopia
  • ZNetMeter
    a graphical network traffic monitor. It can monitor various types of ethernet connection, such as Wireless (802.11b) LAN and USB (Zaurus cradle) LAN. It displays network statistic in a line graph. You can also use ZNetMeter to record the throughput in a specific period of time.
  • ZSSH
    a program wrapper to set up easy file transfer with the Zaurus

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