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  • Konqueror/Embedded
    attempts to build up a special version of the web browsing component of the KDE browser Konqueror (in particular its html rendering engine khtml and its io subsystem) hot
  • tkcMail
    (commercial) a high quality email application supporting SMTP and POP3 as well as SSL hot
  • Apache
    the Apache webserver, with PHP scripting support
  • Boa
    a simple web server
  • EKG
    a command-line, ncurses based client for Gadu-Gadu IM
  • Gaim for Qtopia
    an official port of the Gaim instant messenger. It is a multi-protocol instant messaging client for the Qtopia and OPIE embedded environments, compatible with the AIM (using the Oscar protocols), ICQ, MSN Messenger, Yahoo!, IRC, Jabber, Gadu-Gadu, Napster, and Trepia networks
  • InetFlash
    a fairly simple program that flashes your mail led whenever there is internet activity. This can be useful because you can make sure that packets are coming by while browsing the internet, checking your email, or downloading an ipk
  • irssi
    a port of a popular irc client to the Zaurus
  • JPilot jIRC
    (commercial) an applet that allows you to connect to any IRC servers around the world from your web pages and visit your favourite channels instantly
  • JPortScan
    a multi-threaded Java (AWT) based port scanner. While JPortScan will run on other systems, its GUI screens sizes were designed for the SL5000
  • Kinkatta-Lite
    an instant messenger for AOL ported to the Zaurus. Kinkatta is released under the GPL and LGPL license
  • KinkattaLite
    a stripped down, but still very functional Kinkatta. Kinkatta is a AOL instant messanger chat client
  • KMerlin
    an IM (Instant Messenger) client for the Microsoft MSN Network. Features include: a buddy list on which you can block users, multiple chat windows and multiple users per chat
  • KPhone/Pi
    KPhone/Pi is a 'Voice Over Internet' phone which uses the Session Initiation Protocol (SIP). SIP services are something like index or catalogue services which are mapping a UserID to a real telephone number or to the IP address of the client. Such services are available as Open Source.
  • links-nossl
    a console web browser with many advanced features, such as cookies, frames, tables, bookmarks, ftp, background downloads. Think of it as lynx+. This version compiled with no SSL for those missing the libraries
  • links-ssl
    a console web browser with many advanced features, such as SSL, cookies, frames, tables, bookmarks, ftp, background downloads. Think of it as lynx+
  • LISAmail
    (commercial) an all-new Mail-Client for the SHARP's Zaurus
  • LiveQt
    a Zaurus-specialized client for LiveJournal using Qt
  • lynx
    a port of this popular console based web browser
  • Mbox Reader
    Mbox Reader is a Qtopia program which lets you read mbox format mail files. That's all it does: it doesn't let you fetch mail messages from a server, reply to messages or delete messages from the file. It's designed to be operated entirely from the front panel buttons of the Zaurus: it isn't necessary to open the keyboard or take out the stylus.
  • micq
    a port of Micq: a popular console-based icq client
  • Miniature Java Web Server
    ncludes most of functionality of real Web Servers including running servlets. The server is pretty small as in Java code as in result byte code. General purpose of the Web server is running and debugging servlets
  • opie-mail
    an email client that supports pop3 and smtp
  • opieftp
    the ftp client for the Opie environment
  • Qazoo
    a Yahoo! instant messenger client for the Embedded Linux platform. that means it should work with Sharp Zarus, Open Zaurus, Familiar. Pretty much anything running Opie or Qtopia on a Strong-Arm processor
  • QTJim
    QT Jabber Instant Messenger: (will be) a cute client for the powerful open source jabber IM protocol
  • tkcftp
    (shareware) a fast and easy to use FTP client for the Sharp Zaurus. With tkcFTP you can grab any file, anywhere and at any time as long as you have an Internet connection
  • tkcJabber
    (commercial) a Jabber client that features buddy lists, tabbed interface, connect to multiple protocols at the same time
  • Wapaka
    (commercial) a Java programmable micro-browser for PDAs that combines the simplicity of a mark-up language and the power of Java libraries
    a simple proxy server with special features for use with dial-up internet links. This means that it is possible to browse web pages and read them without having to remain connected
  • ZauDSL
    a GUI based on the great Roaring Penguin's pppoe software with some additional configuration feasibilities
  • Zepo
    an off-line text-only Web browser and information center for PDA and mobile devices. Zepo is a Java application that runs on all platforms supporting at least Personal Java 1.2, such as Sharp Zaurus SL-5xxx or IPAQ PocketPC with Jeode
  • Zic
    a graphical IRC (Internet Relay Chat) client for Qtopia (formerly qpe). It is designed for (and tested on) the Sharp SL-5000 series PDA
  • zIPSC
    a IP subnet calculator.You give the network class and subnet bits and you get back the maximum number of subnets, maximum number of hosts per subnet, a bimap showing the breakdown of network bits, subnet bits, and host bits, the decimal and hexadecimal class netmask, the decimal and hexadecimal subnet mask, and more

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