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  • Camera Assistant
    aims to be an all round calculator for photographers & Cinematographers
  • Construct
    a 2D CAD program licensed under the GPL that uses the AutoCAD DXF format. It is written primarily for the Sharp Zaurus PDA
  • DjView
    a port of the DjVuLibre library to the Zaurus and a Qtopia viewer based around it. DjVu is excellent compression format which is particularly useful for scanned documents
  • DoctorZ
    a tele medicine application for medical imaging
  • Exif Viewer
    a simple application for the Zaurus built around Lutz Müller's libexif library to display EXIF information stored in JPEG files
  • exifoz
    EXIF (JPEG) File Viewer for ZAURUS. Browsing and caching picture data with thumbnails and exif information, show a slected picture in a fullscreen(VGA) mode.
  • Flip It!
    (commercial) a doodling animation tool allowing users to easily draw and create colorful sketched animations. It can also be used as a virtual pad of paper, allowing users an easy way to save, keep track, and organize handwritten notes
  • FreeNoteQt
    an image notebook style application featuring a large canvas, export to PDF and freehand lines and curves are formatted automatically
  • Hancom Mobile Paint
    (commercial) consists of two applications: Image Viewer and Image Editor. Image Viewer is an image management application that offers various ways of displaying images on PDAs. File management features allow you to easily search through directories or delete images. Image Editor is a full-featured image editing tool
  • ImageJ
    a public domain image processing and analysis program developed in Java
  • JMap
    a small tool to navigate through the world
    (commercial) a modelling tool for your PDA. It supports UML and allows you to write down your idea quickly, while being far away from your PC. Be mobile and creative at the same time! JUMLIX supports six diagram types and three export formats which are easy to extend by installing new diagram/format plugin. This application is powerful modelling tool optimized to work on the small screen device
  • Kaos
    a fractal generator written in Java to the J2ME spec. It runs on any device featuring Java, including the Sharp Zaurus, PocketPC and Palm OS
  • Localizer
    a vector and image based map viewer for Qtopia based PDA devices like the Zaurus. It's mainly focused on city maps and maps for exhibitions, expositions, congresses, etc. It can use vector graphics to draw your maps or it can use pictures (i.e. satellite images of cities)
  • MooView
    an image viewer for the Sharp Zaurus SL-5000D and SL-5500 PDAs, created out of the dissatisfaction with the builtin viewer that comes with the device. MooView is currently limited to viewing only JPEG images but other than the Zaurus image viewer it can display even large images
  • opie-showimg
    an image viewer for the Opie environment. Supports whichever formats are compiled into Qt/Embedded (eg. PNG)
  • PetitePeinture
    a simple paint application for SHARP Linux Zaurus. This software works on SL-A300, B500, C700, C750, and C760
  • Povray
    Povray version 3.6.1 compiled for ARM.
  • QPaint
    a simple image editor for the Sharp Zaurus that is based on KPaint. Has JPEG (read and write), Gif (saves to PNG), PNG, BMP and XPM support
  • QPhoto
    allows the user to preselect digital photographs directly from the cameras flashdisk using a linux handheld. It is tested on my ipaq including a PCMCIA jacket using a compact flash adapter, but will also run on other handhelds using QTopia, the new linux desktop frm trolltech
  • qpPhoto
    a small picture editor for QTopia (tm) and the Sharp Zaurus
  • Sketches of Q
    Sketches of Q is a drawing program. Carefully handcrafted for cute computers that sit on your palm, replacing all those crumbled paper sheets and napkins you once scribbled your nobel prize winning thoughts and sketches on.
  • tkcGallery
    (shareware) meant to simplify working with digital images, specifically Compact Flash based Digital Cameras. With tkcGallery you can simply pop in the CF card from your digital camera and then browse, delete, rotate, select for slide show and play back your images
  • tkcPainter
    (shareware) fills a need on the Sharp Zaurus for a basic paint application as well as a "Scribble" type application. You can select colors and brush size and draw directly on the screen
  • Turtle
    a Logo-like turtle graphics environment to draw pictures and fractals
  • ZImage
    a simple port of the qvv program. It allows to browse directories for images. The images can be zoomed, moved and rotated. A fast thumbnail preview is also available
  • ZStyle
    (commercial) an extension for the orginial Sharp Zarus ROM, that allows you to modify the appearance of the Qtopia UI. The current features include: Custom styles can be loaded via plugins, the default font can be changed to any Qt/E supported font, Color-schemes can be created and edited

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