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  • Aliens
    a clone of the X11 based game "Aliens" written in C++ for the Qt library, using the graphics from Aliens
  • Atomic
    a port of the game "katomic" of the KDE project. The objective of the game is build the molecules by moving the atoms to the proper positions
  • BilliardZ
    a billiards game for the Sharp Zaurus SL-5000D/SL-5500 PDA. While it is currently in its development stages, it provides a functional and flexible backend for billiard games
  • Blackjack
    (commercial) for a fun and exciting card game, try this version of Blackjack designed specifically for the Zaurus. Not only does this program support traditional Blackjack game play, its "scoring" mode also allows you to compete against your high scores
  • Brickout
    a ball-and-paddle game where it's your objective to destroy bricks on the screen
  • Bridges
    objective of the game is to connect your 'bridge' between the left and right side of the screen, while the computer attempts to connect between the top and bottom of the screen
  • Bugsquish
    in Bug Squish, you must defend your arm from an onslaught of blood-sucking insects. Use your fly-swatter to squish them before they suck you dryv
  • Bust'em
    (commercial) an addictive fast-action game featuring great graphics and sound, tons of levels and power-ups, and the Penny Arcade Fighters
  • buZzword Bingo
    based on this Dilbert cartoon. Play it whenever you sit in a boring meeting with some boring management or marketing folks
  • Candy Cruncher
    (commercial) move the space around the board, completing rows and columns of identical candies to make them crunch away! You only have a limited amount of time, so plan ahead and don't get trapped by the immovable Black Jellybeans
  • Checkers
    a quick port of checkers game originally written by Steve Poulsen in Pascal and ported to C by Bill Spitzak
  • Crimson Fields
    a strategy game in the style of Battle Isle (by Bluebyte)
  • CrozzWord
    (shareware) a Zaurus application for displaying and solving crossword puzzles
  • Eligo
    (shareware) a collection of puzzle games. Originally a Lines clone, it now has 8 different gaming modes
  • eLoadRunner
    a LoadRunner game clone for embedded devices as Zaurus and it can run on any Linux system too
  • Exult
    a port of an Ultima 7 game engine
  • Forest Fire
    (commercial) an expansion pack for Strategic Assault, a real time strategy game
  • FreeSCI
    FreeSCI - Sierra Game Interpreter ported to the Zaurus C7x0/C860.
  • Froot
    a colorful fruity game
  • frotz
    cross compile of the popular infocom game interpreter for linux
  • Glider
    fight evil aliens using your space glider
  • GNU Chess
    an ipkg of this popular free chess program
  • GoFive for Zaurus
    (commercial) a classic game whose object is to put continuous five pieces (only five pieces) in a line, including horizon , vertical and diagonal line. It's an addictive game
  • Golf Scorz
    (commercial) an easy to use electronic golf score card program. It was designed to emulate an actual score card as much as possible while minimizing the amount of setup required to use the program. Golf Scorz allows you to load and save your score and course information. It will also provide some simple statistics which you can view while you are playing. In addition, the program will allow you to load a course map which can be used while playing
  • Gomoku Moro
    an implementation of the ancient Asian game Gomoku. The game was played as early as 700 AD in China
  • GoVRec
    records Go Games on your linux PDA
  • Handheld Quake
    a CVS repository of Quake which has been ported for use with handheld devices
  • Hangem
    (commercial) a "hangman" style word game. The goal is to guess the letters in a randomly generated secret word. With each incorrect guess, a part of the mascot is added to the gallows. Hangem comes with a library of over 18,000 English words
  • Hanoi
    move disks from one stack to another, or just watch the Zaurus solve it for you
  • iceblox
    a port of a java game from javaonthebrain
  • IceBloxx
    a clone of the java game "IceBlox" written in C++ for the Qt library, using the graphics from IceBlox. The objective of the game is to get the coins inside the ice blocks, while evading the evil flames
  • ICS Chess
    (commercial) an Internet chess client connects to ICS server over an internet connection. Allows you to play a timed match against another human
  • Interstellar Flames
    a vast horde of alien battleships is approaching our solar system. Due to maintenance problems only one fighter craft is ready to defend the planet. Fly dangerous missions against huge battlecruisers, dogfight with enemy fighters in asteroid fields and destroy the alien fleet before it enslaves Earth
  • IslandReversi
    (commercial) brings the classic board game of reversi to your Sharp Zaurus. With exciting graphics, you will enjoy this addictive game play
  • Justa Game Video Poker
    the game provided with "Cool Hand Video Poker" without the strategy calculator which is the primary feature of that product
  • JWordSplitter
    (commercial) you are provided with two enticing game options in this JWordSplitter
  • KBill
    the famous hit Bill game Hit Bill as hard as you can before he infects your network with a wannabe OS
  • Kpacman
    a Qtopia port for this very popular game
  • LambdaMOO
    LambdaMOO, compiled for the Sharp Zaurus. Run it in the background, telnet to it and interact with it.
  • Lavaman
    the game objective is to direct the lava flow from the bottom left corner to the volcano in the top right corner. This is achieved by placing the pipe segments next to one another
  • Mahjongg
    an old chinese game. It uses the graphics from the almost equal "kmahjongg" game of the KDE project
  • Maki
    objective of the game is to remove the tiles from the board. Maki is also known as "The Same Game
  • Mancala5000
    a game which is playable on the Sharp Zaurus. The user interface is simple and easy to use, but provides a lot of information and options
  • Maze Bomber
    (commercial) an old classic labyrinth like game. The inspiration of the game was Bomber Man for Sinclair ZX Spectrum
  • MFighter
    a Street Fighter style game, uses the Application buttons
  • Mines
    yet another MineSweeper game
  • MobGolf
    a multitask golf scoring application that allows either a player or group to keep track of their scores. The program may be utilized for keeping personalized notes for holes, as well as, the number of putts and shots to green for each hole on your own handheld device. This gives a golfer the ability to access their statistics and their competitors
  • MSlots
    (commercial) the first slot machine available for Zaurus PDA
  • Mystic Runes
    (shareware) the Sharp Zaurus version of the popular mental matching game, Mystic Runes. The game is challenging and addictive
  • Nine Mens Morris
    a Zaurus port of "Gnome Nine Mens Morris", a classic board game
  • opie-fifteen
    Fifteen pieces game: A game for the Opie environment
  • opie-go
    the game of Go for the Opie environment
  • opie-parashoot
    shoot the parachutists: a game for the Opie environment
  • opie-snake
    control the snake: a game for the Opie environment
  • opie-wordgame
    a crossword game for the Opie environment. Play against the computer or human opponents
  • PDA-Maze
    a rewrite of the C/Xlib game "pdamaze" for C++ and the Qt library
  • Pipeman
    objective of the game is to play against the clock and put pipe parts together so that the water stays in the pipe
  • PixRoundup
    objective of this game is to "Roundup" the moving dots (Pixies) on the screen into the green box. Click on the screen to add or remove a red block. The lower the score the better you did
  • PrBoom
    allows you to play Doom on your Zaurus! Works with Doom 1 shareware, Doom 1, Doom 2, and The Ultimate Doom
  • PurpleBlaster
    an addictive shoot'em'up based on the popular Asteroids(tm) game of the '80s. Your mission is simple... destroy all the aliens, their cruiser craft and their motherships
  • Puzz-le
    a colorful logic/arcade game ( Vexed "on steroids")
  • Puzz_le
    a to be released puzzle game
  • Q-Maki
    a version of Maki (also known as the Same Game).
  • QHorse
    a game that players can train their own horse. After training, users can take part in competition with other players through TCP/IP network
  • QLine
    a kind of mixture between Tetris and Connect-4. Your goal is to prevent the playing board from being completely filled with tokens. To achieve this goal bring at least five tokens of the same color either in vertical, horizontal or diagonal rows so that they disappear from the board
  • QMame
    a Qtopia port of (X)MAME
  • QpMud
    a MUD Client for Qtopia primarily running on the Zaurus handheld
  • Qtopia GnuBoy
    a Qtopia port of Gnuboy Gameboy emulator. It supports both color and black & white games however sound has not been tested
  • Quake
    a port of the ever popular Quake
  • Queue
    (commercial) a challenging and at times thoroughly maddening single-player puzzle game. From a simple concept comes a clever puzzle game. Push various shapes around on the board to arrange them in the correct order
  • Reef War
    (commercial) brings the classic board game to your Sharp Zaurus. With exciting graphics, you will be enjoy this addictive game play
  • RPG names
    a name generator for use as Game Master instant assistant when playing Role Playing Games. The application generates 5 random names upon choosing a race and gender
  • Rubik Unbound
    a Java applet of the classic Rubik's Cube game. Twist or rotate by using the stylus and dragging in the direction you want to go
  • Scummvm
    a rewrite of the Scumm engine that allows Lucasarts games (Day of the Tentacle, Sam'n Max, Indiana Jones, etc.) to run on the Zaurus
  • Scummvm
    a rewrite of the Scumm engine that allows Lucasarts games (Day of the Tentacle, Sam'n Max, Indiana Jones, etc.) to run on the Zaurus (amongst many other platforms).
  • SFCave
    fly the dot thorugh the caverns without hitting the roof or the walls
  • Shisen-Sho
    a port of the game "kshisen" of the KDE project. The aim of the game is to remove all tiles from the board. Only two matching tiles can be removed at a time. Two tiles can only be removed if they can be connected with a maximum of three connected lines
  • Shufflewords
    a one or multi player desktop game. The aim of the game is to guess a word from the shuffled letters which are presented to you. Guessing right will reward you with points. Guessing wrong will count your energy down. Is it zero the game is over
  • SmartGolf
    meant to be used for tracking rounds for up to 4 golfers at a time and then saving those rounds for later use by whatever program really gets a kick out of using it
  • Sokobon
    a quick and dirty port of ksokobon from KDE to the QT/Palmtop system. It's not complete, and not pretty, but very usable
  • Solitaire-jm
    solitaire version based on the QPE CVS version 1.4 contains Freecell, Patience and (added) Spider
  • Spades
    a Multi-player Spades card game in which up to 4 human players can play against each other and the computer. AI engine makes the computer a good partner and a tough opponent. Color graphics displays of the card table, tricks, and hands. Supports Nil bids and misdeals. Tracks team scores, bids, tricks, and underbids
  • swingman
    (commercial) a fun, quick, pleasant diversion from your normal workday. Based on the popular and timeless Hangman game, it offers you a quick break from your normal work routine
  • Text Adventure Interpreter
    for the most commonly used text adventure game files, including Agility (AGT/AGX), Alan, Scare (ADRIFT), Hugo, Glkzip (Inform/Z-Code), TADS 2 and TADS 3. Compiled and packaged for the Zaurus and with a little Opie-SH script running the games in the Opie-Konsole. All the interpreter are running also from command line, most of them compiled with the GlkTerm library (shared, please install also libglkterm). There are also some packages for developing text adventure games on the Zaurus
  • The Eliminator
    a puzzle game where the goal is to eliminate all balls on the board within the allowed number of moves. Balls are eliminated if more than one ball is connected in a horizontal or vertical direction. Clear the board, and move on to the next level
  • The Hunter Project: Lamech Awakens
    (commercial) a 2d rpg that chronicles the struggle of the main character who mysteriously awakens in the desert and knows not who he is or what everything around him is
  • Tickypip
    every network administrator's worst nightmares brought to your PDA. You must complete every level by connecting all computers to the main server. The network, however, is horribly fractured, and it may take some creativity and patience to solve some puzzles
  • tkcLoadRunner
    (commercial) there are 50 levels available with varying amounts of difficulty to challenge your mind and reflexes. Look for the gold and collect it, dig holes for your enemies to fall in to, hang on to poles and find the hidden ladders
  • tkcMahJongg
    (commercial) a version of the popular game Mahjongg with a huge library of background graphics and tiles as well as an enormous selection of tile layouts
  • Tritoc
    (commercial) a small desktop game for the Zaurus. One or two player try to occupy a game board of 9 fields containing 9 holes. Each of the fields as well as the game itself is won by placing 3 pieces of the same color into one row, coloumn or diagonal (ala Tic-Tac-Toe)
  • Tron
    the objective of the game is to play against the computer and avoid hitting a wall longer than your opponent
  • UE
    a simple game for the Zaurus
  • Vectoroids
    a vector-based rock-shooting game similar to the arcade classic "Asteroids."
  • Warp
    an arcade spaceship game
  • WarpFleet
    a starship combat simulator for the Sharp Zaurus PDA
  • Wyvern Zaurus Client
    a very rich, detailed, complicated game. You can be completely immersed in it for weeks or even months. However, it's not an easy game to learn how to play, any more than Dungeons and Dragons(tm) or any other role-playing game
  • XP Calculator (3.5e D&D)
    an experience point calculator for 3e and 3.5e D&D. It is a utility to help a DM quickly calculate the experience per player for an encounter. Enter the creature's CR (Challenge Rating), the number of creatures, the average party level, and the number of party members. The total XP and individual XP will be displayed
  • Z-Rally
    race against the Computer, Race against the Clock. Test your skills with this single player Race
  • Zauralign
    a one player boardgame for embedded Linux/QT. A bit similar to Tetris in this game you have to keep a game board free, fighting against new pieces appearing every move and clutter the board. You remove pieces by aligning pieces of the same colour in a row, column or diagonal. If you have aligned enough pieces (default: 5) they will vanish making more room on the board
  • Zaurus Freeciv
    a port of Freeciv to the Sharp Zaurus SL5500 Linux PDA. The project is in very early stages
  • Zaurus Star Castle
    a clone of the old vector-based arcade game "Star Castle" by Cinematronics. (Based on XSC for X-Window)
  • zaurus-adventure-emulators
    contains executables of ScummVM, Sarien and FreeSci. It also contains the demo version of Indiana Jones and the Fate of Atlantis which can be played with ScummVM
  • zbattleship
    a free implementation of the well known battleship for the Sharp Zaurus SL5500 / SL5000D
  • ZBounce
    (ftp only) an interesting Quix clone for the Zaurus
  • zD20 Dice
    a d20 gaming dice roller program. No keyboard required, very easy to use! Simply use spin boxes to select the number of dice, the +/- modifier, and click the image of the dice type you wish to roll. The results are displayed in a results window which can be cleared by the user
  • ZGScore
    Zaurus Golf Score: a unique golf scoring application that only requires the Zaurus hardware rocker keys. Hence you can keep score using just your thumb and never have to resort to your stylus or keypad. (Except when optionally entering player names.) This comes in handy on the course, plus you never have to sharpen a pencil! You can also print the final scores to a text file for bragging back at the club! Requires qpe-libqtopia_1.6.0-13_arm.ipk
  • zIQ
    based on the popular IQ game. The main objective of the game is to jump pieces until there is only one left on the board
  • ZLines
    a simple game for the Z
  • ZMahjongg
    a traditional mahjongg game. Supports both 240x320 and 640x480 resolutions
  • zMerlin
    a simple penguin puzzle game
  • zNumbers
    the classic puzzle game implemented for the Zaurus
  • ZooZ
    (commercial) an addictive puzzle game in which you have to throw some items at others similar items in order to make them fall. Items will disappear only if at least 3 of them are connected when hit by a similar item
  • zraycast
    (ftp only) a shooter game for the Zaurus in early development
  • ZSolitaire
    Zaurus Solitaire Game Collection - derived from SolitaireJM. Supports 640x480 screen resolution
  • zTappy
    the goal of this game is to remove as many blocks as possible

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