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That Was The Week That Was (TWTWTW)
This is the first edition of TWTWTW, a weekly blog promoting interesting developments in the open source world. TWTWTW seeks to whet your curiosity. The name pays homage to the satirical British TV comedy programme aired in the early 1960s. Except satire isnít the the raison díetre for this blog.

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IT Operations Portal (iTop) is a comprehensive open source Information Technology Infrastructure Library (ITIL) web based service management tool. iTop includes a fully customizable configuration management database, a helpdesk system and a document management tool. Read more


  • AKVIS Chameleon
    (commercial) AKVIS Chameleon is an tool for photo collage creation. It eliminates the tedium of selecting an object with a complicated shape for pasting into a new background. The software has three modes: montage, chameleon, and blend. Montage mode fades the irrelevant parts of an object into the background. Chameleon mode adjusts the inserted object to the target image's color range and smooths the object's borders. Blend mode both adjusts the color range and smooths the object's borders and also makes the object semi-transparent.
  • AKVIS Coloriage
    (commercial) AKVIS Coloriage is a plug-in for colorizing B&W photos and replacing colors in color photos. It works equally well for coloring of portraits, landscapes, fashion,and still life. The skin, sky, verdure, and tree color patterns help users to select realistic colors for their picture.
  • AKVIS Enhancer
    (commercial) The AKVIS Enhancer plug-in is a tool for revealing details of a picture. It extends the dynamic range of digital photos and improves textures and fine details and detects details from underexposed, overexposed, and mid-tone areas of a photo without manipulating exposure. The tool is useful when a photo lacks detail.
  • AKVIS LightShop
    (commercial) AKVIS LightShop helps you create various light effects in digital images. It can apply sparkles, reflections, glows, and much more. Hints are provided to help the user decide on the many complex parameters that can be adjusted to create a particular effect. Many preset effects can be applied.
  • AKVIS Noise Buster
    (commercial) AKVIS Noise Buster is a image editor plug-in for noise suppression on digital and scanned images. AKVIS Noise Buster reduces both luminance and chroma (color) noise on digital images without spoiling other aspects of the photo. The plug-in's window shows "before" and "after" images for instant preview and easy tweaking of the parameters. Separate setting areas for luminance and chroma noise allow you to deal with each kind of noise in the most efficient way.
  • AKVIS Retoucher
    (commercial) AKVIS Retoucher is a photo restoration and image retouching tool that works as a Photoshop plugin. It removes dust, scratches, stains, and other defects that appear on damaged photos.
  • ClipEdit
    ClipEdit is a small application that allows you to create and edit text and picture clippings. ClipEdit also exports any internet address to an internet clipping.
  • Decompose
    (commercial) Decompose allows you to easily extract elements from a picture and use them to make composite images. It is the perfect tool to make images for web pages, newspapers and magazine or simply for your own creations.
  • DotMatrix
    DotMatrix lets you apply PhotoBooth-like special effects to images.
  • Downsize
    (commercial) Downsize is a utility that allows you to prepare images for the web by resizing, and adding watermarks, frames, and drop shadows. Batch resize an entire folder of images in bulk to save time.
  • Drag-N-Scale
    Drag-N-Scale is a simple application that makes scaling images easy. It can also email scaled images.
  • EasyBatchPhoto
    (commercial) EasyBatchPhoto is a utility to make batch image processing easier. It supports JPEG, PNG, TIFF, PSD and many other formats.
  • EasyCrop
    (commercial) EasyCrop is a small application to crop and scale photos.
  • EasyFrame
    (commercial) EasyFrame is a utility that adds an attractive edge to photos.
  • Easypano Panoweaver
    (commercial) Panoweaver is a panorama stitching application which enables you to stitch professional panoramas easily and quickly. You just need to import the fisheye images into the program and then wait for the program to complete all the panoramas automatically for you.
  • iBeenFramed
    (commercial) iBeenFramed makes it easy to add high quality frames to your favorite photos. Then e-mail, print, export or create greeting cards from your framed images easily.
  • Image Tool
    Image Tool is a utility to scale images and convert image file formats. Source images can be tiff, jpg, gif, bmp, png or pdf. Source Images can be dragged and dropped into the application?s main window, or onto the application?s icon. There are buttons for quick resizes, or exact sizes can be typed in. Images can be output to tiff, jpg, gif, bmp or png.
  • ImageOptim
    ImageOptim is a front-end for open source tools: OptiPNG, pngcrush, advpng, jpegtran and jpegoptim.
  • ImagePlay
    ImagePlay is an open source program to run a series of effects on an image; tweak them, rearrange them, remove them, all without messing up the source image.
  • ImageWell
    ImageWell is a small, but handy, image editing application that lets you quickly resize, crop, watermark, edit your images and then upload them to the web, save to your computer or email them to a friend. As well, ImageWell lets you annotate your images with text, shapes and lines quickly and easily.
  • iPhoto Batch Enhancer
    iPhoto Batch Enhancer is a tool to make using iPhoto a little bit simpler. It helps to apply the built in effects (enhance, black-white and sepia plus even more in iPhoto 6) as well as the adjust-palette with a few mouse clicks to your selection of photos.
  • iPhoto Diet
    iPhoto Diet is a utility that helps to slim down your iPhoto library by manipulating your photos.
  • JMicroVision
    JMicroVision is an image analysis toolbox for measuring and quantifying components of high-definition images. The program contains most of the common image processing operations, has a simple and intuitive user interface, an efficient visualization system and innovative features. It contains tools to quantify either manually or automatically.
  • MathMap Cocoa
    MathMap is the result of porting the MathMap GIMP plugin to MacOS X (Cocoa) and providing it with an advanced Aqua User Interface. It can be used to render spectacular new images or to distort existing ones by transforming them according to a mathematical formula.
  • Norrkross MorphX
    Use Norrkross MorphX for calculating images or movies where one image transforms into another. Simply drag 2 images to the document window, drag a few lines to indicate similar areas and Norrkross MorphX calculates images so that it looks like the first image magically is transformed into the other.
  • Norrkross Tint
    Norrkross Tint is used to adjust the color balance of images. Color adjustments with original color near the pixel color are applied more, whereas color adjustments that differ in original color from the pixel color have little or no effect.
  • OMA
    The OMA program was developed by researchers as a way to investigate and post-process photometric images from CCD detectors used for laser-based imaging of reacting and nonreacting flows as well as for some spectroscopic applications. OMA includes processing routines for particle image velocimetry (PIV) and has macro scripting capabilities. Full source code is available.
  • OsiriX
    OsiriX is an image processing software dedicated to DICOM images (".dcm" / ".DCM" extension) produced by medical equipment (MRI, CT, PET, PET-CT, ...) and confocal microscopy (LSM and BioRAD-PIC format). It can also read many other file formats: TIFF (8,16, 32 bits), JPEG, PDF, AVI, MPEG and Quicktime. It is fully compliant with the DICOM standard for image comunication and image file formats. OsiriX is able to receive images transferred by DICOM communication protocol from any PACS or medical imaging modality (STORE SCP - Service Class Provider, STORE SCU - Service Class User, and Query/Retrieve) .
  • Phatch
    Phatch is an easy-to-use GUI photo batch processor which handles all popular image formats and can handle (sub)folder hierarchies. It provides many features, such as resize, rotate, rename, shadows, watermarks, rounded corners, masks, perspective, and more. Read more
  • Photo Desktop
    (shareware) Photo Desktop includes features such as multiple photosets, iSight support, a Photo Desktop editor, a Photo Chooser and more.
  • PhotoBulk
    PhotoBulk is an easy-to-use bulk image editor that lets you add text/image watermarks, resize, and optimize hundreds and thousands of images or photos in just one click.
  • PhotoLine
    (shareware) PhotoLine 32 is imaging software, layout program, vector editor, batch converter and web editor with many functions.
  • PictureItPostage
    PictureItPostage integrates with iPhoto or your iSight, giving you easy way to create postage from any photo on your Mac. Zoom, rotate, crop and apply filters to make your postage perfect.
  • Pleinpot
    Pleinpot is a tool to present easily a fullscreen panorama on a web page.
  • Portraits & Prints
    (commercial) Portraits & Prints allows you to enhance, export and print your digital photographs yielding high quality photos rivaling those from a film lab. In addition to all that the Portraits & Prints Standard Edition has to offer, Portraits & Prints Pro Edition allows you to create, edit, and save custom templates.
    PRICE can open several file formats and apply high quality filters and other enhancements to the image.
  • symTone
    symTone is a dual cursor image manipulation program that allows users to easily and intuitively edit their digital photos using two mice and two cursors. symTone requires that the user plug in two extra three-button USB mice (in addition to their laptop touchpad or their desktop mouse). Mice with a scroll wheel as the middle mouse button will work fine. Only the PNG file format is currently supported.
  • Up!
    Up! is a small Cocoa application that can resize and sharpen photos and upload them to a blog software via the MetaWebLog API.

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