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Ubuntu MATE 15.04 for Raspberry Pi 2
With the release of the Raspberry Pi 2 Model B and its ARM Cortex-A7 CPU, users are offered a number of ways of running Ubuntu.

(Read more)
TTD2X is a modified port of OpenTTD to the GP2X. TTD is a clone of the Microprose game "Transport Tycoon Deluxe".


  • "make xconfig" Search Enhancement
    Linux Kernel "make xconfig" Enhancement Patch is a patch to the Linux kernel that enhances the search dialog of "make xconfig" by providing case-sensitivity and a choice of keyword search, regular expression search, and substring search. It was done in a modular way by enhancing the kernel C configuration API.
  • 11logger
    a small kernel patch, a module and some userspace tool to add SIGSEGV logging and history capabilities to Linux 2.2.x
  • Alphagate Systems Kernel Patchset
    The Alphagate Systems Kernel Patchset aims to provide new features and technologies, standard enhancements, as well as trivial-but-necessary fixes, that have not yet made it into the mainline (vanilla) Kernel.
  • AQuoSA
    AQuoSA is an open architecture for the provisioning of Quality of Service related functionality into the Linux kernel. The project features a flexible, portable and lightweight software architecture for supporting QoS related services on the top of a general-purpose operating system as Linux. The architecture is well founded on formal scheduling analysis and control theoretical results.
  • AutoFS CD Changer
    a patch for autofs which automounts the different slots of a cd changer. It automatically changes the slots and remounts cds as needed giving the impression that they are all simultaneously mounted
  • Autofs patch
    implements autofs protocol v4 and significantly modifies the autofs filesystem in order to support tree mounts
  • BadMEM
    a kernel patch to handle broken RAM modules gracefully under Linux
  • Cap Processor Usage
    a modification to the Linux kernel that allows you to limit the amount of CPU power any given task can get. Unlike the ulimit command it does not limit total time a task can run - instead it limits how much percentage of the CPU the task can get. It also differs from nice command as it does not change priority of the task
  • CKO patchset
    cko is a patch for Linux kernel of 2.4 and 2.6 series which will make colored kernel messages in BSD style.
  • Compressed caching
    This project creates RAM based block device (named zram) which acts as swap disk. Pages swapped to this disk are compressed and stored in memory itself.
  • cprof
    an enhanced performance profiler tool written in C++ for use with C/C++ programs under GNU/Linux. Both flat profiles and call graphs a'la gprof are supported. Profiling multithreaded programs works out of the box
  • DARE
    DARE is a small Linux kernel patch to the VFS (virtual filesystem) which transparently moves files into a special directory on each filesystem instead of removing them. It works like the Novell Netware Data Recovery system or MS Windows' Recycle Bin. DARE is independent of filesystem type, so it can be used without constraints on almost every filesystem. Deleted files are collected in a directory named "deleted" on the filesystem's root directory. There are also user space utilities for dealing with deleted files.
  • dgt2684
    allow QoS in RFC2684-compatible enacpsulation (i.e. ethernet connection over ATM PVC). You can have multiple traffic classes handled by single encapsulated interface, all they can have different QoS parameters
  • DLM
    Distributed Lock Manager is a Linux kernel patch from Red Hat as part of their Linux clustering technology. Its programming API is very similar to those found on other operating systems, but is modeled most closely on VMS.
  • e2compr
    The Linux e2compr package consists of a set of patches and utilities to provide transparent compression and decompression in the second extended (ext2) filesystem.
  • Fairsched
    a hierarchical fair CPU scheduler. Processes are divided into groups and each group receives guaranteed CPU time allocation proportional to its weigh
  • fscaps
    implements filesystem capabilities for the Linux operating system (2.5 and up)
  • grsecurity
    grsecurity is an innovative set of patches for the Linux kernel with an emphasis on strengthening the security of a computer system. Read more
  • Hgafb
    a framebuffer driver for HGA cards
  • HH501 Usb Smartmedia Reader
    This driver patches the Linux Kernel (a patch for the 2.6 exists) and adds read support. You needs an external device (like camera) to delete or format the card.
  • IP Personality
    a patch to the newer Linux kernels that adds netfilter features: it enables the emulation of other OSes at network level, thus fooling remote OS detection tools such as nmap that rely on network fingerprinting
  • KBDlock
    KBDlock is a patch to the keyboard and sysrq code in the Linux's kernel + a driver to lock the keyboard on a x86 machine.
  • Kernel Socks Bouncer
    a Linux Kernel 2.6.x patch that redirects tcp connections [SSH, telnet, browsers...] to follow through socks5. KSB26 uses a character device to pass socks5 and target ips to the Linux Kernel
  • Kernel Spinlock Metering
    Kernel Spinlock Metering allows you to build a kernel that can perform simple "metering", or record-keeping, of spinlock usage.
  • Kernprof
    a set of facilities for profiling the Linux kernel. It consists of a kernel patch that implements a number of profiling data collection mechanisms as well as a device driver for controlling them, plus the user level command kernprof that allows a user to configure and control the kernel profiling facilities
  • Linux ABI
    a patch to the linux kernel that allows a linux system to run foreign binaries
  • Linux Boot Logo Patch
    Linux Boot Logo Patch is a kernel patch that is an enhancement of the well known "penguin" patch by J Sullivan.
  • Linux Progress Patch
    a funny patch that provides a simple boot logo with progress bar and some informational text
  • Linux/UID32
    This is a set of patches to the Linux kernel which enable the use of 32 bits when internally representing user or group IDs, and a patch the the GNU C library which enables the use of 32 bit UIDs by applications.
  • mark_in_u32
    mark_in_u32 allows u32 classifier to match also the mark.
    kernel enhancements for BSD/OS for supporting cluster computing. Linux support is under development.
  • openMosix
    a Linux kernel extension for single-system image clustering. openMosix is perfectly scalable and adaptive
  • PageTrace
    PageTrace is a kernel patch and set of utilities to analyze memory access patterns. This tool may help Linux kernel developers determine exactly what the page replacement algorithm should do, something which has not been done recently.
  • PaX
    PaX is a Linux kernel patch which protects against a number of overflow attacks (but not all overflow attacks). PaXtest is a tool which tests the protection provided by PaX. It is a regression test suite that tries to do all kinds of dirtry tricks and then reports what worked and what did not. Anything that PaXtest can do, an attacker can do too.
  • perfctr
    perfctr is a x86 performance-monitoring counters patch for Linux.
  • POSIX 1003.1b clock/timer patch
    for the Linux kernel's clock/timer code, and it is derived from a patch from the University of Kansas. It includes modifications for all architectures for the system call numbers and other things. The core facilities are architecture independent
    RSBAC (Rule Set Based Access Control) is a kernel patch which adds several mandatory access models to the Linux kernel. These models can be used to enhance the security of a Linux system. Read more
  • sch_dup
    sch_dup is a queueing discipline that simulate the packet duplication.
  • sch_log
    sch_log is a patch for Linux kernel that allows qdisc to mirror traffic that pass to a special network device which can be listened to with tcpdump. Users can easily find out what goes into the default class, for example.
  • sch_ooo
    sch_ooo is a queueing discipline that produces out-of-order packets.
  • Secure-Linux Patch
    adds a few security features to the kernel which, while not a complete method of protection, will stop most of the 'cookbook' buffer overflow exploits cold
  • SF16-FMR driver
    SF16-FMR driver is a small kernel patch (should work with kernel 2.2.14 and probably other 2.2.x kernels) to make the SF16-RFM radio card (From Typhoon/MediaForte/etc.) work with all tuner programs.
  • SMT Kernel
    Simple Multi-Threading kernel is an add-on for the Libero programming tool that lets you write portable high-performance multithreaded programs based on Libero's finite-state machine (FSM) design method.
  • Solar Designer's non-executable stack patch
    Solar Designer's non-executable stack patch is a collection of security-related features for the Linux kernel, all configurable via the new 'Security options' configuration section.
  • suser-jengelh Kernel Patchset
    suser-jengelh Kernel Patchset is a patch collection for the Linux kernel. It includes code from a lot of projects, such as ttyrpld, MultiAdmin, parts of NF POM, cdfs, unionfs, and various accumulated bugfixes still not present in the vanilla kernel.
  • suser-jengelh/ccj kernel patchset
    The suser-jengelh kernel patchset contains a number of accumulated fixes as well as new features such as ttyrpld, multiadm, chaostables, various netfilter extensions, and other improvements.
  • Sysmask
    Sysmask is a security enhancement package for Linux systems, featuring interactive security reactions, protection against both system level and user level networking risks, capability of disarming many kernel vulnerabilities, etc. It can protect the system integrity against vulnerabilities in the great majority of codes, whether known or unknown, patched or non-patched, in user programs, libraries or the kernel.
  • TOMOYO Linux
    TOMOYO Linux is an extension for Linux to provide mandatory access control (MAC) functions. It is provided in the form of patches to the Linux vanilla kernel and utilities for policy management. Read more
  • user-mode kernel
    a port of the Linux kernel to its own system call interface. It runs in a set of processes, resulting in a user-mode virtual machine
    Micro-Second Resolution Timers for Linux
  • V86-64
    V86-64 is a Linux kernel patch which adds the vm86() system call currently missing in the x86-64 Linux kernel. It lets DOS programs to run under DOSEMU natively without CPU emulation.
  • xlike Kernel Patchset
    xlike Kernel Patchset is a patch collection for the Linux vanilla kernel. It includes as many stable enhancements for the Linux kernel as possible. These include code from Kernel Mode Linux, Rule Set Based Access Control, Novell AppArmor, Openswan, grsecurity, Ndiswrapper, web100, Nefilters, Suspend2, Speakup, Amiga Smart File System, Cdemu, SquashFS, fbsplash, QuadDSP, and more. It also contains many drivers and fixes.
  • xmlprocfs
    a patch of linux kernel to new file system which is corresponding to traditional procfs

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