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How to Block Referrer Spam Bots
Referrer spam requests are requests for some pages with a faked referrer string (where the user came from). Normally this is just annoying as it appears in your webstats.

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Bonita Open Solution
Bonita Open Solution is an intuitive and powerful Business Process Management (BPM) solution to create process-based applications for simple-to-complex projects. Read more


  • acpi4asus
    a Linux kernel module and user-space daemon that handles special keys, LEDs, and extra ACPI features found on Asus laptops
  • afwd
    afwd is a Linux kernel module and userspace daemon program to enable the transparent use of an audio (or other character) device across the network.
  • argox-pt
    argox-pt is software for providing support for portable terminals (PT-10 and PT-12) manufactured by Argox under Linux. It is based on a kernel module which allows detection of PTs by kernel 2.6 and provides functions for reading and writing to the device as if it were a file.
  • Audine
    Audine is a Linux kernel module and a corresponding testprogram to run the Audine camera under Linux kernels 2.0.x and 2.2.x.
  • Barada
    Barada (Barada Aint Respecting Any Deceptive Adversaries) is a PAM module designed to provide two-factor authentication support.
  • Berkley Snoop for Linux
    Berkley Snoop for Linux is a module which adds support for the Snoop protocol, a TCP-aware link layer protocol designed to improve the performance of TCP over networks of wired and single-hop wireless links.
  • Capability Override LSM
    The Capability Override LSM is a kernel module for Linux which gives you the ability to specify that certain users/groups/programs are to gain access to one or more extra POSIX.1e capabilities. This means this LSM is a permissive module, rather than a restrictive one (which is more typical of LSMs).
  • CDemu
    CDemu is a kernel module for Linux that can simulate a CD/DVD drive with simple cue/bin files.
  • CDemu Kernel Module for Linux
    CDemu Kernel Module for Linux simulates a CD drive + CD with simple cue/bin files, which are common in the windows world. It includes an user space program, which controls the kernel modul. You can use it to watch an SVCD or mount the data track of an bin/cue.
  • cracklinux
    Cracklinux is a kernel module and shared object for Linux 2.6.x. It provides a set of functions normally only available in kernel mode or as root.
  • Cryproc
    for the Linux 2.6 kernel which allows user space programs to access the kernel's cryptographic functions. When loaded, the module creates a file called "cryproc" in the /proc filesystem. Applications can open this file read-write and, using the protocol described below, instruct the kernel to perform some of the functions the CryptoAPI provides
  • Cryptodev-linux
    Cryptodev-linux is a Linux kernel module implementation of the OpenBSD cryptodev userspace API (/dev/crypto).
  • Dazuko
    provides a kernel module which provides 3rd-party applications with an interface for file access control
  • dbtoyfs
    dbtoyfs is a Linux kernel module implementing a remote filesystem. The purpose of this filesystem is to let you browse the content of a relational database through a set of directories and xml files.
  • delcom806006
    a Linux 2.6 kernel module which drives Delcom-eng USB Numeric Display devices
  • DKMS
    Dynamic Kernel Module Support: to create a framework where kernel dependant module source can reside so that it is very easy to rebuild modules as you upgrade kernels. This will allow Linux vendors to provide driver drops without having to wait for new kernel releases while also taking out the guesswork for customers attempting to recompile modules for new kernels
  • DOSfw
    a simple Linux netfilter firewall module which drops denial-of-service attack packets
  • DWCS
    Dynamic Window-Constrained Scheduling: a kernel loadable module that replaces the default Linux scheduler. DWCS can be configured to run as an earliest deadline-first (EDF), static priority or proportional share scheduler. DWCS also has the desirable property of attempting to guarantee no more than x deadlines are ever missed in each window of y consecutive deadlines
  • eapsampler
    a simple linux kernel module to drive the August 1996 EA Pocket Sampler
  • emlog
    a Linux kernel module that makes it easy to access the most recent (and only the most recent) output from a process
  • Enhanced NBD
    Enhanced Network Block Device Linux Kernel Module is a result of an industrially funded academic research project with Realm Software of Atlanta, GA, to toughen up the kernel's NBD.
  • Ether 1394
    a kernel module which relies on Linux IEEE 1394 subsystem. It offers an easy way to use IEEE 1394 buses like an ethernet LAN
  • fjfs
    fjfs is FUSE (file system in user space) module which implements virtual joining of multiple files as one.
  • Fork Bomb Defuser
    a loadable kernel module for Linux which detects and disables 'fork bombs'
  • FTP File System
    a Linux kernel module, enhancing the VFS with FTP volume mounting capabilities. That is, you can "mount" FTP shared directories in your very personal file system and take advantage of local files ops
  • Genoa Active Message MAchine
    a low-latency, high-throughput driver wrapper for the Linux kernel, using Active Ports (a version of Active Messages). It runs parallel to the IP stack and is designed for LANs only
  • HDT
    HDT (for "Hardware Detection Tool") is a Syslinux com32 module designed to display low-level information for any x86 compatible system.
  • Health
    a module for Linux that allows you read the temperatures, voltages, and fan RPMs of your system in real-time
  • hepc3
    The Linux kernel module hepc3 is a character device driver which enables the kernel to support up to eight of Hunt Engineering's HEPC3, HEPC4 (standard PCI) or HECPCI1 (CompactPCI) TIM40 DSP motherboards.
  • i8255
    i8255 is a linux kernel driver module for controlling an Intel 8255 chip (or compatible). The 8255 is a digital I/O chip which has 24 TTL level I/O lines (grouped in 3* 8 bit ports).
  • Ipt-netflow
    Ipt-netflow is very fast and effective Netflow exporting module for Linux kernel. It is designed for a Linux router with heavy network load. This netfilter/iptables module adds support for the -j NETFLOW target. It does not use conntrack for performance reasons.
    programs that allow ISA Plug-And-Play devices to be configured on a Linux machine
  • Kernel AODV
    a loadable kernel module for Linux. It implements AODV routing between computers equipped with WLAN devices
  • Kernel Mode Linux
    a technology which enables us to execute user programs in a kernel mode. In Kernel Mode Linux, user programs can be executed as user processes that have the privilege level of a kernel mode
  • kjscal
    kjscal is a simple kernel module that is based on the Linux kernel 2.6.x input system. For each attached joystick, or joystick-like device, it creates a virtual joystick device with automatically calibrated axis.
  • laptop-hotswap
    The lt_hotswap kernel module enables hot-swapping for disk drives with full DMA support under Linux. It requires kernel 2.6.15+ and ACPI.
  • ldapconf
    a Linuxconf LDAP module to configure and operate a Linux LDAP based directory server
  • Linux Kernel Module Builder
    Linux Kernel Module Builder is a perl package that creates a bootstrap package for a Linux module. It is still very incomplete, but partially usable.
  • Linux-PAM
    latest Linux-PAM sources and other pam modules
  • LiS
    Linux STREAMS: a software package that comprises an implementation of SVR4 compatible STREAMS for Linux. It consists of a loadable module for the Linux kernel.
  • mod_auth_aix
    AIX's way to extend the identification and authentication functions of the operating system. They are - up to a certain degree - the AIX equivalent of PAM and NSS mechanisms known by many other systems
  • MPIO Project
    provides support for using Digitalway/Adtec MPIO digital audio players (DMG, DMK, DME, etc.) under Linux. It provides a Linux kernel module driver, a user space library
  • MultiAdmin Security Module
    The MultiAdmin security framework kernel module provides means to have multiple "root" users with unique UIDs. This fixes collation order problems which for example appear with NSCD, allows to have files with determinable owner and allows to track the quota usage for every user, since they now have a unique uid.
  • ndiswrapper
    some vendors refuses to release specs or even a binary linux-driver for their WLAN cards. This project tries to solve this problem by making a kernel module that can load Ndis (windows network driver API) drivers
  • NES Powerpad kernel module
    a linux kernel module you can use your old Nintento Powerpad with your computer using the parallel port

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