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 Text Utilities (24)

Romp Home with these 21 Peerless ASCII Games
The purpose of this article is to identify our favourite ASCII based games. There are no fancy graphics here, just great gameplay coupled with the urge of always having just one more play.

(Read more)
VirtualBox is a family of powerful x86 virtualization products for enterprise as well as home use. Read more


  • JOrtho
    JOrtho is a spell checker. The library works with any JTextComponent from the Swing framework and checks as you type. The dictionary is based on the free, and applicable for multiple languages. You can select the spell checking language via context menu.
  • jPort
    jPort is a Java-enabled application launcher for your desktop. jPort creates a Java enabled menu to launch dozens of free applications.
  • JRemoteControl
    JRemote Control is a simple Bluetooth remote control. It allows you to initiate virtually any task on your PC from a J2ME enabled device. The server is fully configurable via an XML configuration file to allow you to choose how to map tasks on your PC to remote device commands. Commands are organized in contexts. Configuration is synchronized to the client when it connects.
  • jRSVP
    jRSVP is a tool for Rapid Serial Visual Presentation. RSVP is based on the notion of displaying a text one word at a time. The words are displayed very quickly after one another. This supresses the eyes tendency to backtrack the line while reading, searching for the end of the sentence as well as the reader's tendency to oralize the text while reading.
  • Jsh
    Jsh is basically a Java shell or a Java launcher. That is, a program with a prompt that allows you to type sequence of commands.
  • JTail
    a Unix Tail Utility with Java/Swing User Interface
  • JTransliterator
    a small Java tool to transliterate Arabic script to English text
  • JUnitConv
    JUnitConv is an universal Units of Measure Converter built as a Java Applet. It supports an unlimited number of Units Categories, Units of Measure and Multiplier Prefixes that could be customized using external text files.
  • JVerify
    enables you to monitor for changes in any file on your Unix system, most notably executable binaries, thus alerting you to a possibly backdoored binary. It runs on any platform that supports JSDK 1.4.x and has a MySQL database
  • jzForum
    jzForum is a simple forum written in Java. Features include rss feeds for forums/categories/threads, user and right management and uses jZonic as framework.
  • jZip
    a zipping/archiving program, written in Java. It let's a user use a gui to create zip archives and Jar executables archives
  • kontent
    a local content management system. Most content management systems run on the server, but this program will run on a local computer, allow you to manage the files associated with a Web site, and then upload them to the server as static pages
  • KontrolPack
    KontrolPack is an efficient, cross-platform remote shell command executor. The project's goal is to improve system interoperability connecting remote computers (independently of operating systems running) and executing shell command across networks.
  • Krysalis Barcode
    Krysalis Barcode is a flexible generator for barcodes written in Java. It's free, available under an Apache-style Open Source license.
  • Laughing Man
    an application that detects if a webpage has changed. It uses a web servers last modified date if available, otherwise it generates a hash number based on the contents of the page
  • Library Finder
    Library Finder is a utility for finding Java library files (.jar/.zip) for any class or file name pattern. It's a troubleshooting tool for ClassNotFoundException or NoClassDefFoundError. It also helps in setting up an IntelliJ project or workspace by identifying libraries used by a set of Java source files. It can add library files to an IntelliJ classpath. It supports wildcards and regular expressions for file name patterns. It can also be used through a command line interface.
  • LipstikLF
    LipstikLF is intended to be a Swing counterpart for the Lipstik KDE theme engine. It was written to be fast, clean, and as similar to original Lipstik look as possible. It should run both on Java 1.4 and 1.5.
  • MadCommander
    MadCommander is a tool which imitates the legendary TotalCommander/MidnightCommander.
  • magic.jar
    magic.jar is the runtime component of the Lua system. It allows you to run sandboxed scripts. Also, to up- and download them.
  • Magnolia
    Magnolia is a free, open source, J2EE deployable content-management-system (CMS). Magnolia is written in Java and uses the upcoming standard API for Java-based content repositories to access its content. It has an easy to use WebBrowser Interface, a clear API and a useful custom tag library for easy templating in JSP and Servlets.
  • Make Run Script
    MakeRunScript is a custom task for ant that generates run scripts for Java applications. Even if you are developing on windows, you can make a run script for *nix, and vice-versa. If you've used the built-in Java task before, you already know how to use 90% of MakeRunScript.
  • Managing Gigabytes for Java
    a collaborative ongoing effort aimed at providing a free Java implementation of inverted-index compression techniques. MG4J tries to make the techniques accessible without having to deal with bit-level operations in a clean, object-oriented environment
  • Mapyrus
    software for creating plots of points, lines, polygons and labels to PostScript (high resolution, up to A0 paper size), Portable Document Format (PDF) and web image output formats
  • MindRaider
    an easy-to-use system for organizing of your resources - local files, analytical documents, images, thoughts, friends, tasks, web links, etc. MindRaider enables you to annotate these resources with metadata describing how they are related. Also it provides a visualization of metadata and data
  • MMBase
    a Web Content Management System with strong multi media features. MMBase has a large installed base in The Netherlands
  • MQ File Mover
    The MQ File Mover application is a software package designed to move files using WebSphere MQ (aka MQSeries).
  • MQSLoad
    MQSLoad is a simple program which loads messages read from a file into an MQSeries queue.
  • muCommander
    muCommander is a lightweight, cross-platform file manager with a dual-pane interface. It runs on any operating system with Java support (Mac OS X, Windows, Linux, *BSD, Solaris...). . It features a Norton Commander style, dual-pane interface to allow easy manipulation of files with many keyboard shortcuts. Read more
  • Multivalent Browser
    natively views scanned paper, PDF, HTML, UNIX manual pages, and TeX DVI. It supports annotations such as hyperlinks, highlights, notes, and executable copy editor markup on any of the above formats
  • mvnForum
    an open source, powerful, easy to use, easy to setup bulletin board (forum) built on the Java J2EE technology (Jsp/Servlet). mvnForum is compatible with any Servlet Containers which supports Jsp 1.2 and Servlet 2.3
  • NailGun
    a client, protocol, and server for running Java programs from the command line without incurring the JVM startup overhead. Programs run in the server (which is implemented in Java), and are triggered by the client (written in C), which handles all I/O
  • New Repository
    a java XML repository. Automatic total reuse so that differencing is not required
  • is an experimental shell that aims to be platform neutral, operate multiple machines, and provide a simple and efficient command line.
  • Nodevision Portal
    Nodevision Portal is a Java enterprise portal solution that passed the TCK for JSR-168, supports WSRP, has a freely definable layout, and has a graphical administration interface to deploy portlets, add users, and change the layout of the portal.
  • NumericalChameleon
    converts numbers with a precision of up to 1000 significant figures! The latest version supports more than 1200 units in 73 categories, including lengths, areas, volumes, durations, bits & bytes, angles, temperatures, exchange rates, roman numbers, spoken numbers, all 35 radixes and more
  • Oddjob
    Oddjob is a free open source Java job scheduler. Oddjob provides 'no programming required' scheduling with a business orientated approach that brings control back to the user.
  • Opcion Font Viewer
    Opcion Font Viewer is a utility that allows you to view both installed and uninstalled TrueType fonts on any platform. Read more
  • OpenSearchServer
    OpenSearchServer is a stable, high-performance search engine and a suite of high-powered full text search algorithms. Documents can be indexed in sixteen languages.
  • OpenSymphony SiteMesh
    a web-page layout and decoration framework and web- application integration framework to aid in creating large sites consisting of many pages for which a consistent look/feel, navigation and layout scheme is required
  • OpenSyncro
    OpenSyncro is a lightweight, open source enterprise application integration tool. It runs on Apache Tomcat application server and stores its configuration data in MySQL database. OpenSyncro is distributed under the GNU General Public License.
  • P3P Policy Editor
    a visual tool, with an easy-to-use interface, for creating a Web site's privacy policy in the P3P language, which can be interpreted by Web browsers and other user agents that support the Platform for Privacy Preferences Project (P3P) specification
  • Packlet
    a simple installer tool for Java. A packlet is similar to a zip or tgz file: it packages an application into a single compressed file that can be distributed. Packlet files are Java class files that can be executed on any machine with Java 2 Runtime Environment installed
  • PackRat
    PackRat is a console application developed in Java for administering RPM's on Linux.
  • PDFreactor
    PDFreactor is a formatting processor for converting XML and XHTML/HTML documents into PDF. It uses Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) to define page layout and styles. It allows you to dynamically generate PDF documents such as invoices, delivery notes, and shipping documents on-the-fly. Vector graphics (SVG), barcodes, and XSLT are supported. All common J2EE application servers are supported. Direct integration into automatic build processes using Apache Ant is also possible.
  • PDFTrans
    PDFTrans is a PDF utility based on the iText library. It can add metadata and encrypt a PDF file.
  • PDM
    PDM is a simple, easy-to-use document management system using platform-independent programming.
  • PlexCrypt
    (commercial) PlexCrypt is a graphical based software that allows a set of files or folders to compress using Zip format. In addition, it encrypts and decrypts a set of files or a set of folders using AES, Blowfish, CAST, DES, ElGamal, IDEA, IES, RC4, RC6, RSA, Rijndael, Serpent Skipjack, Twofish, etc.
  • PlexGlobelet
    PlexGlobelet is a world Clock Java Applet with all time-zones in the world and day-light-savings.
  • Poliqarp
    Poliqarp is a universal suite of utilities for processing large corpora. It includes a concordancer that works on binary corpora compiled for efficient searching and a corpus builder. It supports positional tagsets, ambiguities in the texts, and Unicode.
  • portageMaster
    a Java GUI for Gentoo's packaging system Portage. It is GUI and nothing more, simply executes shell commands in background thread

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