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Beelink S1 Mini PC and Linux – Comedy Gold
The Beelink S1 is a small, silent mini PC released in August 2017 retailing for around 300 dollars (250 euros). It’s produced by Shenzhen AZW Technology Co Ltd, a Chinese company that focuses on Android smart TV boxes, Intel mini PCs, and home cloud TV boxes.

(Read more)
Piwigo is a photo gallery software for the web, built by an active community of users and developers. Extensions make Piwigo easily customizable. Read more


  • World Wind
    World Wind is an open source (released under the NOSA license) virtual globe initially developed by NASA's Learning Technologies project. World Wind allows any user to zoom from outer space into any place on Earth. World Wind uses satellite imagery and elevation data to allow users to experience Earth terrain in visually rich 3D, just as if they were really there. Read more hot
    ACT-RBOT + MRS is a cognitive agent-based social simulation toolkit (RBOT+MRS) and production system based on ACT-R for modelling single actor cognitive experiments (RBOT) and multiple actors in a simulated (semiotic) world (RBOT + MRS).
  • Algorithm Study
    Algorithm Study provides tools and resources to augment the traditional study of algorithms. It includes implementations of common and less-common algorithms in a variety of languages and visualization tools to help in gaining a deeper understanding of the algorithms.
  • BEAM
    BEAM is a toolbox and development platform for viewing, analysing, and processing of remote sensing raster data. Originally developed to facilitate the utilisation of image data from Envisat's optical instruments, BEAM now supports a growing number of other raster data formats such as GeoTIFF and NetCDF as well as data formats of other EO sensors such as MODIS, AVHRR, AVNIR, PRISM and CHRIS/Proba.
  • BigAl
    BigAl is a platform independent program for calculating really big numbers. It supports not only standard arithmetic, but also calculations with numbers stored in files, exact period determination, continued calculation with predefined factorials, fibonacci with customized seeds, lucas, factorization, ackermann, nth root, random number generation, and more.
  • Biogenesis
    Biogenesis simulates the processes involved in the evolution of unicellular organisms. It tries to be a didactic approximation to the ideas of mutation or evolution and can be enjoyed also as an entertainment. Biogenesis is based on Primordial Life.
  • Boolean Expression Solver
    Boolean Expression Solver is a commandline utility that generates a truth table for a given Boolean expression.
  • CapCode
    CapCode is a navigation system for sailors with a specialization in regatta assistance. It handles acquisition of data coming from NMEA bus and GPS, computation of the VMG, and route tracing on raster charts.
  • Daylight Chart
    Daylight Chart shows sunrise and sunset times in an attractive chart for any location in the world. The effect of daylight savings time is also displayed. Charts can be exported to image files.
  • Draco
    Draco is an econometrics and statistics package written with ease of use in mind. The software offers a variety of regressions for econometric analysis, and data is presented in a familiar, spreadsheet-like interface. Draco features data plotting and manipulation as well. It interoperates with common open source formats, including OpenDocument spreadsheets and Scalable Vector Graphics. Read more
  • GeoMapApp
    GeoMapApp is an open source, earth science exploration, global topography database, and visualization application that is continually being expanded as part of the Marine Geoscience Data System (MGDS) at the Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory of Columbia University. Read more
  • GHCN Processor
    GHCN Processor is a command-line tool that reads temperature data from the Global Historical Climatic Network (GHCN) database and produces an annual or monthly temperature series in CSV format for an arbitrary set of stations.
  • gpsdings
    GPSdings is a command line tool for the manipulation and analysis of track and waypoint data recorded with a GPS receiver.
  • GrammarScope
    GrammarScope provides a simple-to-use graphical interface to the grammatical structure and relations of any text, as parsed by the Stanford Parser. It contains a grammatical relation editor to modify, import, and export grammatical relation definitions (tregex patterns and features).
  • HicCalc
    HicCalc is a portable graphing utility written in Java. It is part of a bigger software package, but only the graphing utility has been released.
  • iDMC
    iDMC is user-friendly software for the simulation and analysis of non-linear models. It was designed both as a teaching and research tool, and is very easy to use (a user’s guide is available). Numerical calculations are performed on models included in the package, or any model formulated by the user and easily encoded (a few lines with no compilation necessary). The Java graphical user interface provides fast generation of graphical data of good quality, which can be saved as .png files. Hard computational tasks are delegated to a separate, small C library.
  • Impact
    Impact is a Finite Element Code which is based on an Explicit Time stepping algorithm. These kind of codes are used to simulate dynamic phenomenons such as car crashes and similar, usually involving large deformations.
  • Java Machine Learning Library
    The Java Machine Learning Library is a set of reference implementations of machine learning algorithms. These algorithms are well documented, both in the source code as on the documentation site. Along with real machine learning algorithms, many supporting algorithms are provided: distance measures, evaluation criteria, data sets for validation purposes, and some sample code.
  • JEFF
    JEFF is an explanation facility framework written in Java. Explanation facilities date from the era of expert systems (ES), where they were used in order to provide an explanation about the inference process.
  • JGeocoder
    Geocoding is the process of estimating a latitude and longitude for a given location. JGeocoder is a geocoder loosely modeled after Geo::Coder::US.
  • JOSM
    JOSM is an extensible editor for ?OpenStreetMap (OSM) written in ?Java 1.6.
    MARGO is a Multiattribute ARGumentation framework for Opinion explaination. Margo implement an argumentation framework for decision making. Arguments are rich and intelligible structures justifying a choice.
  • mkgmap
    The mkgmap program converts map data from OpenStreetMap into the Garmin img map format that can be loaded onto Garmin GPS devices.
  • Molle
    Molle is a cross-platform prover for modal logic. It exploits the modal semantic tableaux method. It features a very usable graphical interface, with an interactive representation of generated models.
  • OLIVER Data Viewer
    OLIVER is MassGIS's OnLIne data ViewER. Written as a stand-alone Java application (and deployed via Java Web Start) it allows you to browse, view, and download (if supported) data from the MassGIS maintained WMS and WFS servers.
  • OpenGTS
    OpenGTS is a full-featured GPS tracking system that includes the OpenDMTP server, yet also can support other remote tracking device types. It also provides a Web interface that provides GPS tracking and location reporting. Server configuration experience is required to use this.
  • OpenJUMP
    OpenJUMP is an open source Geographic Information System (GIS) written in the Java programming language.
  • planetGenesis
    planetGenesis is designed to produce models of planets and landscapes. It produces 16 bit greyscale bitmaps, wavefront format objects, POVRAY 3.5 mesh2 meshs, and terragen terrains.
  • Prune
    Prune is an application for managing coordinate data from GPS systems. With it you can edit and combine tracks, view data in 2d and 3d, export to Google Earth or Povray, correlate photos with GPS tracks, and more.
  • Pulga
    Pulga is a program for numerical simulation of dynamical systems. It is designed to provide a way for students and researchers who study dynamical systems to model them on a computer and analyze them numerically without the difficulty of traditional computer programming languages.
  • QAParadigm
    The term "question-answer paradigm" (QAP) is used in psycho-linguistics to refer to a familiar mode of human discourse. QAParadigm facilitates a common QAP experiment that involves display of a sentence, then a verbal question about the sentence.
  • Shell for Simulated Agent Systems
    SeSAm (Shell for Simulated Agent Systems) provides a generic environment for modelling and experimenting with agent-based simulation. We especially focused on providing a tool for the easy construction of complex models, which include dynamic interdependecies or emergent behaviour.
  • The GeoViz Toolkit
    The GeoViz Toolkit is set of tools developed for the visualization of multidimensional geographic data. It is an application version of GeoVISTA Studio in which a sample of these components were adapted to a more "user-friendly" environment and coordinated to support analysis of multivariate relationships in geographic space. The components are coordinated with each other, so if you select a different set of variables in one component, that change will be reflected in the other components being used.
  • Tinybrain
    Tinybrain understands natural language and automates the desktop.
  • Trip Tracker
    Trip Tracker is a position tracking client-server system. A realtime tracking environment can be set up with a GPS receiver and a tracking server. The map client can show the map position of the GPS client in realtime.
  • UDIG
    User-friendly Desktop Internet GIS ia an open source spatial data viewer/editor, with special emphasis on the OpenGIS standards for internet GIS, the Web Map Server and Web Feature Server standards. UDIG will provide a common Java platform for building spatial applications with open source components. Read more
  • Virtual Ocean
    Virtual Ocean integrates the GeoMapApp tool suite with the NASA World Wind 3-D earth browser to create a powerful platform for interdisciplinary research and education. Read more
  • Visual Turing Machine
    Visual Turing Machine (VTM) is a tool for visually designing Turing machines. This means no coding in abstract scripting languages, but simple point & click design. Visual Turing uses only the * and | symbols, and also simulates an infinite tape.
  • Walldrawer
    Walldrawer is an easy alternative to on-site wall drawing for archaeology this software aims at putting together the tools needed to produce scaled, rectified, drawing-like pictures from digital photographs in archaeological excavations.
  • WEKA
    WEKA is a collection of machine learning algorithms for solving real-world data mining problems. It is written in Java and runs on almost any platform. The algorithms can either be applied directly to a dataset or called from your own Java code. Weka is also well-suited for developing new machine learning schemes. Weka is open source software issued under the GNU public license.
  • What's Wrong With My NLP?
    What's Wrong With My NLP? is visualizer and graphical diff for natural language processing problems. It can display syntactic and semantic dependencies and bilingual alignments as well as all types of chunk information such as NP, NER, or SRL chunks.
  • WW2D
    WW2D is cross-platform, free and open-source application similar to NASA World Wind or Google Earth software. It allows you to explore Earth using satellite imagery, topographic maps and images from other data sources also providing large placenames and boundaries database and allowing you to install community-made add-ons for even more information about our planet.

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