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 · First hands-on with the Creator CI20 microcomputer
 · Canonical’s Stripped-Down “Snappy” Ubuntu Comes To Google’s Compute Engine
 · KDE Ships KDE Applications 14.12.0
 · Why is the Number of Linux Distros Declining?
 · The new minuscule Linutop XS is announced!
 · Getting Started With KODI(XBMC)
 · PikeOS provides Safety and Security for Energy-Sensible Communication Platform from X-ES
 · SMPlayer with support for MPV is now available
 · USB Armory: Open Source USB Stick Computer
 · Magical Open Source Music Workstations


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First hands-on with the Creator CI20 microcomputer
When we introduced Creator CI20 two weeks ago in London, we had several demonstrations on display showing the full capabilities of the board in terms of performance and power consumption.

(Read more)
rxvt is a colour vt102 terminal emulator intended as an xterm(1) replacement for users who do not require features such as Tektronix 4014 emulation and toolkit-style configurability. As a result, rxvt uses much less swap space.


  • MindTerm
    MindTerm is a free SSH client program written in Java (non-certified). It can be run as a stand-alone program or as an applet in a webpage. hot
  • abiCloud
    abiCloud is a cloud computing platform manager that allows you to easily deploy a private cloud infrastructure. One of the key features is the Web rich interface for managing the infrastructure.
  • Aggrevator
    a cross-platform RSS/Atom aggregator that uses a MySQL 4.1 database for storage. It is designed to make life easier for people who want to subscribe to large numbers of blogs by using scoring, sophisticated search, filtering and sorting
  • AgileWiki
    AgileWiki is a wiki that provides a virtual wiki for each registered user, complete with access control and versioning. The backend includes a built-in database (which uses flat files) and communicates via RMI to either a Servlet (packaged as a WAR file) or to a Swing client. AgileWiki is also both an application platform and a knowledge management system.
  • AGRanger
    an unofficial open source client engine for the Audio Galaxy's file sharing network
  • AsItHappens
    AsItHappens is a real-time network performance monitor. It collects data from devices over a network and displays them on a graph, optionally storing collected data in a database for later retrieval. Current collection types include network response, bandwidth, Cisco NBAR, and Cisco NetFlow. AsItHappens polls data in regular intervals, which can be as low as every second, to give immediate feedback on network performance.
  • asyncj
    async-j is an architecture for building long-running, high-performance network servers in Java. It is based on Java's nio library, but shields the user from nio's bugs and complexities. An object-oriented design is used for extendability and low development and maintenance costs.
  • Axis2
    Axis2 is a next generation Web Services stack (client and server) written in Java that supports asynchronous calling, a high-performance object model, WS-Addressing, and a powerful extensibility model that supports WS-Sec, WSReliableMessaging, and WS-AtomicTransactions.
  • Azureus
    Azureus provides a bittorrent protocol implementation. It offers multiple torrent downloads, queuing/priority systems (on torrents and files), start/stop seeding options and instant access to numerous pieces of information about your torrent.
  • bananawire
    bananawire is a downloader which uses the IRC protocol.
  • Beatmover
    BeatMover is a downloader application for Beatport tracks. It aims to be a better alternative to the downloader application from Beatport.
  • Bonka's Queue
    Bonka's Queue is an HTTP-based message queue that relates to JMS or AMQP much in the same way that CouchDB relates to traditional DBMSes.
  • BRAP
    BRAP is a remoting protocol that uses native Java object serialization, encapsulated in HTTP. It aims to be an alternative to Spring HttpInvoker and Spring Security especially when you don't need or want the dependencies of Spring in your client, for example when building a rich client application where size might be an issue.
  • Breaking the Multi-Colored Box
    Breaking the Multi-Colored Box is a framework which is designed to test various techniques of generating known CAPTCHA and then attempting to break them using image filtering, segmentation, and character recognition.
  • Cabos
    Cabos is Gnutella file sharing program based on LimeWire and Acquisition. Cabos provides simple sidebar user interface, firewall to firewall transfers, proxy transfers, Universal Plug and Play, iTunes + iPod integration, Creative Commons integration, "What's New?" searches, international searches, and more.
  • Cartel
    designed to be a CMS along with being a client extranet/portal. Written in Java, it will work with any JDBC capable RDBMS, and is platform independent
  • Cerber Grid
    Cerber Grid is a light-weight high performance Java grid system that combines simplicity and easy of use with a powerful and versatile architecture. It contains a Web interface that allows a user to submit and view jobs, view statistics on the controller and the nodes, and perform other administrative functions.
  • Chainsaw
    a GUI log viewer and filter for the Log4J package. By default it listens for LoggingEvent objects sent using the SocketAppender and displays them in a table
  • Charles Web Debugging Proxy
    Charles is a Web debugging tool, HTTP monitor, and reverse HTTP proxy for Web developers that includes plain text debugging of HTTPS/SSL. It is built in Java Swing, and runs on all Java platforms. It is an HTTP proxy server that displays requests and responses, complete with HTTP headers. This enables the developer to examine the exact content of HTTP exchanges, including cookies, caching, and redirects. It can also throttle your connection in order to simulate modem conditions. It is a valuable tool for all Web developers and is especially useful for debugging XML RCP, SOAP, Web services, AJAX/XMLHTTP, and Macromedia Flash client-server traffic including AMF, AMF 3, LoadVars, and XML Sockets.
  • CoffeeSaint
    CoffeeSaint is an application which shows the status of Nagios (version 1 up to 3) on a screen. It can, if there are no errors, display a webcam-feed. If an errorstatus occurs it can play a sound. One can configure it to display certain errors/warning always on top.
  • CrossFTP
    CrossFTP is a versatile, cross-platform GUI FTP client. CrossFTP uses a familiar, Explorer-like interface that even the most novice user can master in minutes. It offers features such as Web starting and updating without installation, good international CJK word support, drag-and-drop, filtering, Web searching, friendly options, firewall and proxy support, speed limiting, auto-reconnecting and anti-idle, and sound and event triggers. The Pro version features secure and multi-threaded transports.
  • Davenport
    a servlet which provides a WebDAV gateway to SMB shared resources. Typical usage would be to provide web-based read and write access to Windows shared drives
  • Deep Network Analyser
    DNA is an open, flexible and extensible deep network analyzer software server and software architecture for gathering and analyzing network packets, network sessions and applications protocols, passively off enterprise class networks.
  • Digmia Enterprise SSH
    DSSH was written as a direct replacement for the OpenSSH client. It adds SSH over SSH tunneling capabilities (for example, to log in to a network hidden by a firewall), scripting support (using Groovy), an advanced agent (which allows storing of passwords) and "su -" interactive logging for machines that have disabled direct root login. All of this was done to enable automated scripting and logging to many machines based on a few simple rules. It uses the Ganymed SSH library (slightly patched).
  • Dijjer
    Dijjer is a peer-to-peer HTTP cache, designed to allow the distribution of large files from Web servers while virtually eliminating the bandwidth cost to the file's publisher. Dijjer is designed to be simple, elegant, and to cleanly integrate with existing applications where possible. Dijjer uses "UDP hole punching" to allow it to operate from behind firewalls without any need for manual reconfiguration. Dijjer's distributed and scalable content distribution algorithm is inspired by Freenet.
  • Distributor load balancer
    a software TCP load balancer. Like other load balancers, it accepts connections and distributes them to an array of back end servers. Distributor is compatible with any standard TCP protocol (HTTP, LDAP, IMAP, etc.) and is also IPv6 compatible
  • Eagle DNS
    Eagle DNS is a powerful, multithreaded, platform independent DNS server written in Java. It is based on the very reliable and proven dnsjava API and has pluggable resolvers, zone providers and plugins making it very flexible.
  • eMusic/J
    eMusic/J is a download manager aimed at Linux users. It takes the .emp file that you get from the Web site and downloads the music and artwork specified in it.
  • Extended Virtual Synchrony for Java
    Extended Virtual Synchrony for Java is a pure Java implementation of the totem single-ring protocol, which provides process group membership and reliable multicast with totally ordered messages.
  • Fast Data Transfer
    FDT is an application for efficient data transfers that is capable of reading and writing at disk speed over wide area networks (with standard TCP). It can be used to stream a large set of files across the network, so a large dataset composed of thousands of files can be sent or received at full speed, without the network transfer restarting between files.
  • FileNabber
    FileNabber is a Java servlet packaged as a Web app (WAR file) that allows you to download files via HTTP and FTP and upload them via HTTP.
  • FurthurNET
    a sharing tool that allows a fully enforceable legal sharing model, instant downloads with no waiting lists, in-depth cataloging functionality, and detailed attribute searches
  • Ganymed SSH2 for Java
    Ganymed SSH2 for Java is a library which implements the SSH2 protocol in pure Java (tested on J2SE 1.4.2 and 5.0). It allows one to connect to SSH servers from within Java programs. It supports SSH sessions (remote command execution and shell access), local port forwarding, local stream forwarding, and SCP. There are no dependencies on any JCE provider, as all crypto functionality is included.
  • GDownloader
    a download manager, that will allow to resume paused or aborted downloads, download from multiple locations, and manage multiples downloads (priorities, schedule, etc) among other features
  • GNetWatch
    GNetWatch is an application that enables real-time graphical monitoring and analysis of network performance through SNMP, ICMP, and traffic generation modules.
  • Graylog2
    Graylog2 is an open source syslog implementation that stores your logs in MongoDB. It consists of a server written in Java that accepts your syslog messages via TCP or UDP and stores it in the database. The second part is a Ruby on Rails web interface that allows you to view the log messages.
  • GridWay Metascheduler
    GridWay is a workload manager that performs job execution management and resource brokering on a grid consisting of distinct computing platforms managed by Globus services. It enables large- scale, reliable, and efficient sharing of computing resources managed by different Local Resource Management systems within a single organization (enterprise grid) or scattered across several administrative domains (partner or supply-chain grid).
  • GroundWork Foundation
    GroundWork Foundation is an open and extendable IT management platform enabling users to integrate IT monitoring and management data from disparate sources. With GroundWork Foundation, data from both open source tools and legacy management systems can be accessed via real time status views, reports and dashboards.
  • Guacamole
    Guacamole is an HTML5 + JavaScript (AJAX) viewer for VNC that makes use of a Java-based server-side VNC-to-XML proxy.
  • Host Status Monitor App
    Host Status Monitor App allows you to automatically monitor multiple internet hosts for downtime.
  • HTTPManifold
    HTTPManifold is an application for funnelling Web/HTTP traffic for multiple servers through a single IP address (a reverse proxy). It is intended for home users and small businesses so that they can host multiple domains and sub-domains through a single IP address on port 80. HTTPManifold forwards traffic to other machines, logs requests, and rewrites content during the process. It can also log the raw content of requests for the purpose of debugging Web services, etc. It provides a Web interface for configuration and log viewing with some log analysis capabilities.
  • ItSucks
    ItSucks is a Web spider with the ability to download (and resume) files. It is also highly customizable with regular expressions and download templates. All backend functionality is available in a separate library.
  • JAMWiki
    JAMWiki is a Java-based Wiki engine. It features Java servlet 2.3 and JDK 1.4 compatibility, feature parity with MediaWiki, quick and easy setup, and support for running either with or without an external database.
  • Java Dynamic Dns Client
    Java Dynamic DNS Client is a dynamic DNS client that runs as an application or daemon. It supports ZoneEdit, Enom, ChangeIP,, and, management with JMX, and accessibility monitoring with JXTA P2P.
  • Javacelot
    a Java utility for communicating with an Adicon Ocelot over the serial port. It uses Keane Jarvi's RXTX utility for raw serial port I/O, and Jakarta's Log4J for logging and Ant for building
  • JavaMelody
    The goal of JavaMelody is to monitor Java or Java EE applications servers in QA and production environments. It is not a tool to simulate requests from users, it is a tool to measure and calculate statistics on real operation of an application depending on the usage of the application by users.
  • Jawa Open Eyes
    a project to build open network monitoring system using SNMP with the power of Java language. The main features support information collection of MIB-II, graphical view, network topology, email alert, trap receiver, JDBC and data log
  • JCTerm
    JCTerm is a pure Java VT100 terminal emulator for SSH2. This terminal emulator also allows you to enjoy port forwarding, X11 forwarding, etc.
  • JDownloader
    JDownloader is a free, open-source download management tool with a large community of developers that makes downloading easy and fast. Users can start, stop or pause downloads, set bandwith limitations, auto-extract archives and much more. It offers an easy-to-extend framework. Read more
  • Jease
    Jease is an open-source Content-Management-System which is driven by the power of Java. Jease means "Java with Ease", so Jease promises to keep simple things simple and the hard things (j)easy.

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