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 · 12 of the Best Free Git Books
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 · Free software GNU/Linux laptop in development
 · First hands-on with the Creator CI20 microcomputer
 · Canonical’s Stripped-Down “Snappy” Ubuntu Comes To Google’s Compute Engine
 · KDE Ships KDE Applications 14.12.0
 · Why is the Number of Linux Distros Declining?
 · The new minuscule Linutop XS is announced!
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12 of the Best Free Git Books
Git is the most widely used version control system, in part because of the popularity of GitHub, a web-based Git repository hosting service, which offers all of the distributed revision control and source code management) functionality of Git as well as adding its own features.

(Read more)
Synfig Studio
Synfig is a powerful, industrial-strength, vector-based 2D animation software package, designed from the ground-up for producing feature-film quality animation with fewer people and resources. Read more


  • 3D Slicer
    3D Slicer (Slicer) is a multi-platform, open source, integrated software for visualization and image computing. It is intended for computer scientists and clinical researchers. Read more hot
  • PatientOS
    PatientOS is a Healthcare Information System (HIS) for small hospitals and clinics. The software can be used as an Electronic Medical Record, Electronic Health Record or as a Personal Medical System. Read more hot
  • Accha
    Accha is a program intended to help people learn the Hindi alphabet (Devan?gar?). Features include: Unicode display of Devan?gar?, audio of correct pronunciation, and Phonetic textual input (i.e. ?sa? for ?).
  • AcchaNi
    AcchaNi is a program that assists with learning Japanese. It is cross-platform, requires no special Japanese fonts or encoding, has built-in hiragana input, and supports iterative learning modes.
  • aConCorde
    aConCorde is a concordance tool to help visualise how words behave in relation to others. It is useful for linguists to study languages, and for people learning foreign languages to learn new words in an multi-lingual concordance tool. Originally developed for native Arabic concordance, it posses basic concordance functionality, as well as English and Arabic interfaces.
  • Acts 20:2
    Acts 20:2 periodically pops up Bible verses to users.
  • Alkitab Bible Study
    Alkitab Bible Study is a desktop based Bible study tool. It features rich and user-friendly Bible study tools. Alkitab supports parallel view, commentaries, lexicons/dictionaries, and daily devotions. It also comes with a powerful search capability. Read more
  • Animelamp
    AnimeLamp helps with managing an Anime (Manga) collection. It lets you get data about Anime from the net, including titles, synopses, and durations, from famous Anime Web database like AnimeNfo and Animeka.
  • Asaph Songbook Publisher
    an open-source, cross-platform program for Christian music groups and worship leaders for managing song databases. Features include printing song books, sheets and transparencies with or without chord markings, and generating presentations for use in group worship
  • BBCT
    BBCT is a simple database app for your baseball card collection. You can add information about the cards in your collection, view details about individual cards, and filter the list of cards according to a limited set of criteria.
  • BibApp
    BibApp allows researchers to promote their research, find collaborators on campus, make your research more accessible, and reuse their publication history in other applications. Read more
  • Bible Desktop
    Bible Desktop is a free and easy to use Bible Study tool that allows you to dig deeply into God's Word. Read more
  • Bible-Discovery
    Bible-Discovery is complex Bible studying software. It contains several Bible translations, dictionaries, tools for helping to understand the texts in the original language, bookmark handling, customizable font size and colour, a biblical text importing pane, and a parallel and comparative Bible read feature. The program engine is free, but the extension plug-in with the Greek and Hebrew dictionaries is a shareware product.
  • Bodymass Index Calculator
    Bodymass Index Calculator is a program that will determine your BMI (body mass index), which is your ratio of fat to other tissue. It uses your weight and height in either metric or standard systems as input. This program uses a formula by the National Heart Lung and Blood Institute and is for general knowledge.
  • CDPhotoIndex
    CDPhotoIndex is a utility to easily print CD covers of CD full of photos. The CD cover is built with thumbnails of the photos found on the CD.
  • CellarBoss
    CellarBoss provides a simple way to manage your wine cellar. It lets you easily update your database and includes printable reports.
  • CycleAtlas
    a free, open-source cycling diary based on a road atlas. It can be used both for store or for plan new rides. It permits to create and store planimetry, profile and route time table of rides. A map editor is included, in order to create custom road maps
  • Data Crow
    Data Crow is a movie, video, book, software, and music cataloguer/database. It uses freeDB, Amazon, and IMDB Web services. It is highly customizable, easy to use, and feature rich. It has PDF reporting. It supports DVDs, audio CDs, and many audio and video file formats.
  • dcm4che
    dcm4che is a high performance collection of open source applications and utilities for the healthcare enterprise. Read more
  • Deep Breathing
    Deep Breathing is a program to help users relax and breathe deeply. Users can set how many beats to breathe in and breathe out and at what tempo, as well as set up what sounds to play with the breathing in and breathing out. Users are able to save profiles to easily reuse settings they enjoy.
  • DicomBrowser
    DicomBrowser is a platform-independent desktop tool for inspecting DICOM header fields, editing DICOM header fields, viewing DICOM images, and transferring DICOM files to a DICOM receiver. Read more
  • Dive Log Book
    Dive Log Book is a easy to use logbook for scuba diving. It makes possible to record basic dive data, dive notes with photos, weather conditions and provides simple statistics.
  • Docear
    Docear ("dog-ear") is an academic literature suite. It integrates everything you need to search, organize and create academic literature into a single application: digital library with support for pdf documents, reference manager, note taking and with mind maps taking a central role. These applications are BibTeX based reference management, mind mapping, and some pdf management capabilities. Read more
  • eKitaab
    eKitaab is an eBook Catalog Manager to manage large collections of ebooks. eKitaab is not an eBook reader. eKitaab displays a list of all books you have, with their titles, authors, descriptions, and photos of the book covers. It also shows if you have read that book before or not. eKitaab downloads all this information from the Internet, based on the ISBN of the book, or by searching by author or title. eKitaab is designed to be extremely safe for the eBooks.
  • elateXam
    elateXam is a solution for e-assessment for university settings.
  • ETH Lecture Communicator
    a tool to improve classroom interaction between instructors and their students. It enables the instructor to create and carry out in-class online assessments, and facilitates organized instant communication for large classes. It is intended to improve the overall quality of a lecture by providing the instructor with continuous feedback on the students' understanding of the material. The system is based on a network infrastructure (e.g., a Wireless LAN) and portable computers brought to class
  • Exam4Fun
    Exam4Fun is an examination program designed to test your vocabulary. It allows user to create their own sets of questions and choose from different type of exam (Flashcard, etc.). Several features will be added to this quiz program.
  • Flare
    Foreign Language Software - Providing an interactive environment for learning a foreign language
  • GenealogyJ
    GenealogyJ is a full-featured standalone application that can handle all of your genealogic information. Read more
  • GNU Gluco Control
    helps you to manage your diabetes. You will find detailed tables, diagrams and statistics. It is platform independent and is written in java
  • Greenstone
    Greenstone is a complete digital library creation, management, and distribution package for Unix, Windows, and Mac OS X. Users create collections by gathering a set of input documents, specifying a configuration file, and running the build script. It provides full-text and fielded searching, browsable indexes, customised formatting, metadata extraction (acronyms, languages, etc), a Z39.50 client, and many other features. It supports many input formats, the interface is configurable and multi-lingual, and collections can be distributed on the Web or on CD-ROM. Read more
  • HL7 Browser
    HL7 Browser is a tool that allows health care professionals to simplify the analysis and editing of HL7 records. Its main features are a tree-based message browser, a table-based reporting utility, and a TCP/IP MLLP network tool for sending and receiving messages over the network.
  • iDiet
    iDiet is a diet management tool that helps people choose, customize, and follow their diet. Several diets are supported (e.g. Atkins, Summer Fresh, The Zone, Weight Watchers, Body for Life), with details for every one of them.
  • J-Bird
    a database system for recording observations of birds. Observations might be life ticks or ticks made on a day-to-day basis. The database is structured around the idea of a daily trip or excursion. Trip data include date, locality, key words or phrases, and notes as well as the region in which the trip occurred
  • Jalmus
    Jalmus is a free, open source music education software helping the musicians, specially pianists, to improve their sight-reading. You can train to read music with both exercises on notes or rhythms and give your answers by a MIDI keyboard. Jalmus is a multilingual software supporting English, French, Spanish, and German languages. Read more
  • Java Stencil Report
    Java Stencil Report is designed to write school reports in a fast way by a set of user-inserted sentences. It has a small vector graphics editor to create a full customizable print model. Java Stencil Report is designed for schools, but can be used to write any kind of judgement.
  • JBook
    lets users retrieve, read, and bookmark electronic texts, primarily from Project Gutenberg but eventually from other sources
  • JBookShelf
    JBookShelf is an electronic book collection organizer and reader.
  • JDiveLog
    JDiveLog is an open source diver's logbook for logging scuba dives. Features include the ability to import UDCF data or data from Suunto and Uwatec computers, profile generation, statistics, search functionality, image management and a web page generator.
    a computational model of human language acquisition. It is written entirely in Java and currently acquires a protolanguage of nouns and verbs language based on visual perception
  • JILetters
    JILetters is a small python based application to help young children to learn letters of the alphabet (western), building on the application lletters.
  • JIV
    JIV is software for visualization and side-by-side comparison of multiple 3D image datasets. While it was originally designed for remote data access (through the WWW), it can be used as a traditional (local) application as well.
  • JLanguageLearn
    JLanguageLearn is a generic language course. It is based on Java and XML. You can define your own lessons in an easy way, and JLanguageLearn displays the defined lessons in a graphical user interface.
  • jMemorize
    jMemorize manages your flashcards by the famous Leitner system and makes memorizing facts not only more efficient but also more fun. It manages your whole learning progress and features categories, statistics and a visually appealing and intuitive interface.
  • JNutrix
    JNutrix is a small program that lets you search for over 130 nutrient values (protein, sugar, fat, etc.) of over 5,400 foods in the latest Canadian government's food composition database (2005). The database is included with the binary distribution.
  • JobimText
    JobimText provides a software solution for automatic text expansion using contextualized distributional similarity.
  • jSpellCorrect
    jSpellCorrect is a Java implementation of a statistical spelling checking algorithm.
  • jTarot
    jTarot is your own personal advisor based on the wisdom of the tarot which can be directly traced to the fifteenth century (1420-1440), northern Italy.
  • jTranslit
    program for converting English transliterated text to Russian and Hebrew (possibly others in the future). It's written in Java and has a GUI
  • jVLT
    jVLT is a vocabulary learning tool. Examples containing one or many of the vocabulary words may be specified. jVLT also can perform quizzes, querying only those words which you frequently did not know in the past or which have not been queried for a long time. During a quiz, jVLT shows the examples of each word, letting you better memorize its usage. Read more

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