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5 Highly Promising Terminal Emulators
The terminal emulator is a venerable but essential tool for computer users. The reason why Linux offers so much power is due to the command line. The Linux shell can do so much, and this power can be accessed on the desktop by using a terminal emulator. There are so many available for Linux that the choice is bewildering.

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SwiFTP is an open-source FTP server that allows you to connect to your phone over wifi or cellular/3g to upload and download files. Any FTP client can be used.


  • Java Bomberman
    another multiplayer bomberman clone written in Java hot
  • RuneScape
    RuneScape is a MMORPG (Massively Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Game). In RuneScape you can go exploring, or earn a living practising a craft such as cooking or crafting. Many of the characters in the game can give you quests to explore, each with different rewards. Read more hot
  • Wurm Online
    (commercial) Wurm Online is a community-centric Massively multiplayer online role-playing game (MMORPG) developed in Java. The game tries to emulate real life in a medieval fantasy setting. Read more hot
  • Aevum Obscurum - Das Tausendburgenspiel
    Aevum Obscurum is a turn-based multiplayer strategy game. You will have to take control of an empire at the beginning of the 14th century, Earth. Your goal is to have absolut control within the next years to come. Your empires to choose from are among England, France, Ireland, Rome and other 50+ all over Europe.
  • Aevum Obscurum - Revolution
    a realtime multiplayer strategy game. It is a wargame simulation playing in the 21st century. Take control of your units and conquer the world
  • Anarchist
    Anarchist is an ASCII-based tactics RPG for GNU/Linux. Anarchist draws heavy influence from Final Fantasy Tactics (in the way combat works) and also from Nethack.
  • Armageddon
    a MUD server written from scratch in Java. It features customizable classes, races, spells, objects, creatures, rooms, players, and more
  • Battleships
    The popular game as client/server edition for playing with a mate over the Internet (or on the LAN).
  • BattleTech THUD
    BattleTech THUD is a client designed to connect to Battletech MUXes and display combat data in a easy-to-read tactical display. It displays a tactical map, contacts list, armor status and more.
  • Bomberman
    another multiplayer bomberman clone written in Java
  • Bots'n'Scouts
    Bots'n'Scouts is an addictive multiplayer networked strategy game inspired by RoboRally.
  • BuzzTroll Mud
    This java program is intended to be used as a MudClient. It sends telnet strings in the exact format they are entered by the user. The strings received by the server are given a color based on there content and displayed as is to the screen.
  • Call of Combat
    Call of Combat tests your ability to coordinate with other online players and deploy your squad of 4 soldiers to maximum combat effect. The enemy are trying to kill you, only skill and teamwork will stop them. Your team needs you, will you answer their call?
  • Chaotic Domain
    Chaotic Domain is another RTS (real time strategy) with a few new features, such as customizable technologies and graphics, mutliple players per team, and more.
  • Chinchorin
    Chinchorin is a dice game that has been adapted from a Mini-game inside a famous role-playing game.
  • Clustermines
    Clustermines is a minesweeper game. It comes with a number of features unavailable in the Windows version, such as allowing a square to contain more than one mine.
  • CoffeeMud
    CoffeeMud is a mature, full-featured, tried, tested, and compatible text-based MUD engine. It includes public and admin HTTP servers, an SMTP server, IMC2 and I3 clients, and a Web client. World builders can import areas from other codebases, design their game on the Web, write scripts in mobprog or JavaScript, and design at run-time.
  • Domination
    Domination is a risk clone. In the classic 'World Domination' game of military strategy, you are battling to conquer the world. To win, you must launch daring attacks, defend yourself to all fronts, and sweep across vast continents with boldness and cunning. Read more
  • Dungeon Inc
    DungeonInc is a realtime dungeon simulator. The creatures living in the dungeon have their own will and the player can only interact to a certain extend. The goal is to gather as much valuables in your dungeon as you can. In order to accomplish that, you've to make it as comfortable as possible for your creatures while fending of attacks from the evil heroes looking for loot and fame.
  • eXtensible MUD
    an extensible MUD. It is inspired by LambdaMOO and LPMUD. As those sytems XMud allows users to extend the system at run time by creating new objects. Objects are Java classes that follow certain rules with respect to manipulating the state
  • FreePop
    a multi-platform tile-based game based on the great old game Populous 2 by Bullfrog Productions Ltd., but much improved
  • FreeRails
    Freerails is a real time multi player strategy game where players compete to build the most powerful railroad empire, released under the GNU General Public License. It is inspired by the games Railroad Tycoon I&II and by the FreeCiv project.
  • GoGrinder
    a Java program for practicing Go problems
  • Gold Chest
    Gold Chest is a new game engine inspired by the old goldbox styled games. My goal is to create a game with the same Look and Feel of the goldbox games while bringing to it newer graphics, sounds, music and network play.
  • GURPS Character Sheet
    GURPS Character Sheet (GCS) is a stand-alone, interactive, character sheet editor that allows you to build characters for Steve Jackson Games' GURPS 4th Edition roleplaying game system.
  • Hero Wars
    Hero Wars is an attempt to automate the Hero Wars role playing game system (RPG) published by Issaries Inc.. The ultimate aim of this project is to allow a Narrator/Game Master and multiple players to play across the internet in as close a simulation as possible of the traditional pen, paper and dice based RPG.
  • Hunt for Gold
    a real-time strategy game implemented in Java. The game takes place the in the 16th century Caribbean, where pirates controlled the sea
  • Imperialism Remake
    The aim of this project is to create a free (open source, OS independent) remake of the classic SSI game Imperialism. While the spirit and many concepts of the original should be preserved it should not become a pure copy but advance the concept in a sense that modern elements of strategic games are included as for example of the Civilization series.
  • JamochaMUD
    JamochaMUD is a MUD/Muck client written in Java. JamochaMUD offers Unicode, plug-in, and multi-language support (8 different languages) to allow a more enjoyable MUCKing/MUDding experience. It features command history, synchronized window controls, experimental SOCKS 5 support, and greatly improved ANSI colour support.
  • Java Classic RPG
    Java Classic RPG is an RPG framework, engine, and game that uses OpenGL, a challenging AI, huge territories, and classic pen-and-paper turn-based combat. It is in the tradition of games like Wizardry 7 and EOB, but incorporates innovations made possible by modern computing technology.
  • Java-Sudoku
    Java Sudoku is a cross platform version of the popular Sudoku logic game. Java Sudoku features an advanced user interface that is both easy to use and appealing to the eye.
  • JBattleship
    JBattleship is a network-aware battleship game written in Java.
  • JCraft
    A tile-based real-time strategy game engine. It includes support for playing over the Internet/LAN, or playing a computer opponent. The engine is configurable and can be used to create games with a wide range of features specific to your needs.
  • jcrossclient
    jcrossclient is a client for the Crossfire RPG/MMORPG.
  • jDip
    a Diplomacy? adjudicator and mapping program that runs on Windows, Linux, Macintosh (OS X only), and Solaris. It has a graphical interface for viewing orders, which may be entered both through a graphical point-and-click interface, the keyboard, or via cut-and-paste
  • JFlag
    JFlag is a free multiplayer real-time strategy game, written in Java. Current features include: Network game with up to 9 players, gameplay based on XML files, and random map generation.
  • JMud
    a completely new MUD server written in Java
  • JRicochet
    JRicochet is a simple puzzle game. It consists of a 10x10 grid which contains 5 invisible blocks. From each side, a player can shoot probes into the grid. The goal is to use a few shots as possible to find the blocks by the pattern of the probes as they ricochet.
  • JSoko
    JSoko is a program for playing the game of Sokoban. It features path finding, auto push, auto solving, undo/redo, deadlock detection, and more.
  • jTans
    a (not so) ancient puzzle. The object is to put seven geometric shapes together so as to form a given outline. All the pieces must be used and are laid next to one another
    Java Universal Role Playing Engine: a Java API to support writing of new computer RPG games based on the CORPS system: a skill based, three dice RPG system
  • JXFire
    JXFire is an OpenSource multiplayer RPG game project, written in Java which is intended to be protocol-compatible with Crossfire, another popular MUD game.
  • Kagiru
    Kagiru is a Sudoku puzzle game which includes support for automatic puzzle generation, manual puzzle definition, automatic puzzle solving, multiple levels, localization, puzzle loading and saving, puzzle progress, sound, and errors shown in play.
  • Kalyp
    a fantasy based roguelike game project, designed on traditions set by known roguelikes, most of all Nethack. It has a more RPG like world design rather than an dungeon descension setup, including wilderness or land, cities and of course, dungeons
  • KMush
    KMush is a simple MU* client for the K Desktop Environment that uses the QtJava/KDEJava bindings. Its intended use is for soft coding and role playing in MUSH environments.
  • Kokua
    Kokua is a Trade Wars 2002 assistant with the goal of being very easy for the user to customize for their use. Every screen is defined in user-modifiable XML user interface files similar to HTML. All actions are written in JavaScript, eliminating the difference between scripts and normal application behaviors.
  • lfgapp
    a Java client and server which provide a looking for group (LFG) service to be used alongside MMORPGs. Group leaders can advertise groups, and players can look for groups and add themselves to waiting lists for groups
  • LMUSleuth
    a networked, turn-based, whodunit-type game closely modeled after the board game Clue
  • Lost Hero
    features its own language, which is used in dungeons, for spells, NPC, etc
  • Lux
    (shareware) a game of strategy and domination inspired by the board game Risk. Control your armies to conquer and hold strategic countries on the map. The object of the game is simple: Take over the entire world
  • marauroa
    an effort to create a efficient usable Java server and client of the Arianne game system. urrently Marauroa is solely target to developers and it is NOT playable
  • MazeRunner
    MazeRunner is a very extensible puzzle game that is also meant to be (somewhat) a Mario clone, featuring good music, graphics (2D), and other features.
  • MegaMek
    MegaMek is an open source, networked Java clone of the classic BattleTech, a turn-based sci-fi boardgame for 2+ players. Fight using giant robots on a hex-based map. Read more
  • MegamekNET
    MegamekNET is a client/server Java Application to chat and play MegaMek Games and also enroll into the ongoing campaign to fíght for one of the 5 houses or a Mercenary Group.
  • Memories of Mordor
    a light, 2D multi-level game that contains its own easy-to-use and extend OO Java game programming library
  • Mercator Grid
    Merrcator Grid is a real-time strategy game that incorporates actual GIS map terrain and NATO map symbology (MIL-STD-2500B). Mercator Grid strives for a balance between realism and playability. Ultimately, the design goal for Mercator Grid is to create a global real-time strategy simulation with an integrated first-person shooter.
  • MUGU
    an international effort to develop a massively-multiplayer roleplaying game system. The MUGU system provides a game engine for customizable graphical worlds
    a basically-featured MUD client, designed in form of Java applet. Its GUI is written with Swing, so one needs Java Runtime Environment to run it
  • Open Imperium Galactica
    Open Imperium Galactica (Open-IG) is an open source Java reimplementation of the Digital Reality game Imperium Galactica, a real-time space strategy game released in 1997. Read more
  • PAiN
    PAiN is a general purpose mud engine. It designed to be an extremely flexible base that will help build your own virtual world.
  • PCGen
    a Java character generator for d20 roleplaying games.
  • Planet M.U.L.E.
    Planet M.U.L.E. is an online multiplayer version of the classic 1980s economy game M.U.L.E.
  • Planetary Hoppers
    Planetary Hoppers is a Java based space strategy game. The game is multiplayer, TCP/IP-based classic style strategy for up to 70 players.
  • Rail World
    Rail World is a railroad train simulation game designed to bring the features of model railroading to the desktop using actual aerial or satellite photographs as the backdrop for maps.
  • Realms of Rivalry
    Realms of Rivalry is an online graphical turn-based strategy/rpg game where you can play short tactical skirmishes with 2-4 players in small random-generated game worlds. The game is free and can be played either as an applet or downloadable client.
  • Role Playing Tools
    Role Playing Tools for traditional role playing games. Current tools: DiceTool, a die rolling tool that supports complex dice expressions. MapTool, a simple to use internet enabled battle map replacement. TokenTool, for easily creating MapTool tokens.
  • SimpleFootie
    SimpleFootie is a text-based football match engine simulation. It currently simulates score calculations and intends to provide a robust and extensible infrastructure.
  • SoapQuest
    SoapQuest1024 is a small written after reading "20 Open World Games" on Gamasutra and coming across "Adventure". It's a very simple tile-based game written in 1024 lines of Java. You can wander around the place, picking things up and using them on other things by walking into them. You can save the gameand go back to it later. It's fully data-driven, based on a simple CSV format, and has things like wandering treants and a day/night cycle with light calculations.
  • Spice Trade
    Abu Al-Qazzaz is the main character in Spice Trade. He is a poor young man from Baghdad, who has inherited a house and some land. Abu decides to try his luck in the spice game. He has to prevent the European countries from gaining a trade monopoly. Will Abu be able to beat out the Europeans in the spice trade?
  • Spiral Knights
    (commercial) Spiral Knights is a cooperative adventure to battle monsters and collect treasure in an ever-changing world.
  • Star Corp
    Star Corp is a space economic strategy multiplayer play-by-email game. You run a corporation in the frontiers of space and operate starships, build colony facilities, harvest the resources of alien worlds, and manufacture goods to keep colonists happy. The software provides a hosted server with an administrative shell program for creating and editing a game with a rich environment of star systems, planets, asteroids, gas fields, colonies, and starships. Turns are played through emails, and players can submit any number of orders between game updates to be processed immediately but have a limited amount of time to use. A graphical client is included for viewing turn reports and preparing turn orders.
  • Sudokumat
    Sudokumat is a software that allows to easily create and solve sudokus at different levels of difficulty. It is possible to create your own Sudoku-"pdf-book" with as many sudokus as you want.
  • The Java Roguelike Engine Project
    makes it easy for programmers to create truly outstanding Roguelike variants(Angband,Moria,etc). The JRLE consists of three components: the Core, the Variant Manager, and SimpleGame, a prototype JRLE Roguelike
  • Tribal Trouble
    (commercial) Tribal Trouble is a fast paced realtime strategy game where you will find yourself pitted against your computer or online players. Your job is to lead your somewhat clueless kinsmen (be it vikings or natives) to new discoveries and victories as the tribal clashes rage across a group of tropical islands.
  • Tyrant
    a graphical roguelike fantasy adventure game. It features intricate randomly generated landscapes, towns and dungeons. It is written in Java with a highly extensible game engine
  • Universe
    A multiplayer turn based space strategy game similar to Masters of Orion. Written in Java, we are striving for a platform independent game.
  • Vendetta Manager
    Vendetta Manager is a Web-based tool for the browser game vendetta1923.
  • Vyger
    a graphic RPG MUD with Java. Fork of Maps with 2d Tiles; Editor to draw tile maps; Adding RPG features; Adding spells (such Time Stop etc); Jython support to add items and NPC(easy script)
  • Wakfu
    (commercial) Wakfu is a turn-based tactical Massively Multiplayer Online Game (MMORPG) and a television cartoon, under development by Ankama Studio. Read more
  • YAMC
    Yet Another Mud Client: a Java application which enable a socket connection to a remote MUD
  • Yohoho! Puzzle Pirates
    (commercial) an online game in which you play a Pirate character in an ocean world. Hundreds of your fellow player Pirates swarm these Isles and Sea-lanes. For Pirates who love acronyms, Puzzle Pirates is an massively multi-player online roleplaying game, or mmoarrrrpg

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