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10 Top Tools for Novelists
The software featured in this article is designed to meet the specialised needs of a budding novelist. There's the finest open source distraction-free tools, software designed to create visual novels, and tools to help capture and visualise ideas.

(Read more)
(commercial) Mathematica seamlessly integrates a numeric and symbolic computational engine, graphics system, programming language, documentation system, and advanced connectivity to other applications. It is this range of capabilities--many world-leading in their own right--that makes Mathematica uniquely capable as a "one-stop shop" for you or your organization's technical work. It can handle complex symbolic calculations that often involve hundreds of thousands or millions of terms. Read more


  • ICeHRM
    ICeHRM is a free and open source web based Human Resource Management system developed targeting small and medium sized companies to restructure their HRM process around it. Read more hot
  • Aduna AutoFocus
    Aduna AutoFocus is an enterprise desktop search application. Search results are presented in a Cluster Map for better overview. Facets show what metadata is available in sources. multiple information sources and file types are supported. Significant terms summarize clusters and suggest search refinements. It can index folders, Web sites, and IMAP mailboxes.
  • Alfresco
    Alfresco is an enterprise content management (ECM) application that provides document management, collaboration, records management, knowledge management, Web content management, and imaging. It includes a content repository, an out-of-the-box Web portal framework for managing and using standard portal content, a CIFS interface that provides file system compatibility on Microsoft Windows and Unix-like operating systems, a Web content management system capable of virtualizing Web apps and static sites via Apache Tomcat, Lucene indexing, and jBPM workflow. Read more
  • Apache OFBiz
    The Apache Open For Business Project (Apache OFBiz) is an open source enterprise software framework. Read more
  • BIRT Project
    The Business Intelligence and Reporting Tools (BIRT) Project is an open source software project that provides reporting and business intelligence capabilities for rich client and web applications, especially those based on Java and J2EE. Read more
  • BitCoinJ
    BitCoinJ implements the native BitCoin P2P protocol, which allows it to maintain a wallet and send/receive transactions without needing a local copy of the official implementation. It comes with full documentation and some example apps showing how to use the library.
  • BLAX!
    BLAX! is a point-of-sale application that helps the salesman to manage sales and intakes. It focuses on the main aspects of a small store: printing a bill, displaying something on an LCD, handling bar codes, and calculating inventory. It features sound feedback, color sets, log files, and many other features.
  • Business Refinery Barcode Reader for Java
    Business Refinery Barcode Reader for Java is a package that can read 1D and 2D barcode images. It can be used as a Java application or as a Java Web application (as a servlet with JSP). It supports linear codes such as Code 39, Extended Code 39, Code 128, EAN128, UPCA, UPCE, EAN-8, EAN-13, Interleaved 25, PDF417, PDF417, and Macro PDF417.
  • chemicalInventory
    Chemicalinventory is a web application that manage the chemical stock in a laboratory-, production- or other facilities, where chemicals must be safely stored, easily found and tracked. This inventory solution is currently productive at The Danish University of Pharmaceutical Sciences
  • CoffeeAdmin
    CoffeeAdmin is a work order manager to create, organize, and report work orders through a Web interface. It is built in Java using Hibernate, the Spring framework, Jasper, and displaytag.
  • Concursive
    Concursive is a mature, fully featured, Java-based, Web-delivered CRM with leads management, contacts, pipeline, accounts, quotes, campaign management, project management, document management, help desk, reports, employee, and admin modules.
  • Conges
    Conges is an application for vacation management. It allows employees to set vacation periods and print customizable vacation papers. It allows supervisors to modify, delete, and validate vacation periods.
  • Daffodil CRM
    Daffodil CRM is a software that enables seamless coordination between sales, marketing, customer service, field support and other functions that handle customer contact for an enterprise.
  • DataCleaner
    DataCleaner is a solution for businesses and organizations wishing to measure and increase the quality of their data. DataCleaner includes functionality to profile and compare data, to validate data against business rules, and to monitor the progression of these measurements over time. It includes both a standalone desktop application for exploring and defining the data quality effort and a Web application for continuous data quality deployments. Read more
  • Elastic Path
    (commercial) Elastic Path is a developer friendly Java ecommerce platform for the development of sophisticated and evolving ecommerce stores. Default functionality includes management of product catalogs, merchandising, promotions, customers, orders, shipping, tax, payment, and reporting. It has customizable business logic, allowing for very simple shopping cart checkout procedures or very complex ones.
  • Enterprise Sign On Engine
    The Enterprise Sign On Engine (ESOE) allows an enterprise to meet its goals for identity management, single sign on, authorization, federation, and accountability for resource access in a very extensible manner. The ESOE is built using the OASIS SAML 2.0 specification, and the ESOE's powerful authorization engine is built around a reduced version of the OASIS XACML 2.0 standard called Lightweight eXtensible Authorization Control Markup Language or "LXACML".
  • Flux Tickets
    (commercial) Flux Tickets manages a technical support team's process of creating, responding to, and monitoring help, trouble, and technical support cases, issues, and tickets through a Web interface. Flux Tickets helps a technical support team manage their technical support case load in a responsive and timely manner. Flux Tickets is intended to complement, but not to compete with, existing bug tracking systems such as Atlassian's JIRA or Mozilla's Bugzilla.
  • FreeMercator
    FreeMercator is a Point of Sale terminal and back-office. Project goals include scalability, robustness, and ease of use.
  • HcCash
    HcCash is a point of sale (cash-register) application for fast-food restaurants. It is designed to support easy and fast operation by touchscreen. It supports reports through JasperReport. The initial development language is German.
  • InfoCrawler
    InfoCrawler allows you to crawl and index various types of documents, accessing data from various resources: Intranets, public Web sites, and local or remote file systems.
  • JasperReports
    JasperReports is an open source Java reporting tool that has the ability to deliver rich content onto the screen, to the printer or into PDF, HTML, XLS, CSV and XML files. It is entirely written in Java and can be used in a variety of Java enabled applications, including J2EE or Web applications, to generate dynamic content. Read more
  • JasperStarter
    JasperStarter is an opensource command line launcher for JasperReports.
  • KonaKart
    KonaKart is an eCommerce and shopping cart application that provides everything that store owners need to sell their products over the Internet. KonaKart includes an extensive set of online shopping cart features to satisfy the needs of both online shoppers and store owners alike. It is an enterprise quality eCommerce solution designed with technologies that will perform and scale. KonaKart is database-compatible with osCommerce, providing a seamless upgrade path. KonaKart has an easy-to-use Java API and a SOAP Web Service interface.
  • Mantaray
    an Open Source serverless messaging fabric, based on peer-2-peer technology, 100% pure Java, supports JMS 1.1 and 1.02, and integrates with WebLogic and WebSphere. It provides guaranteed message delivery, security, and supports transactions
  • myCrop
    myCrop is a farm strategic analysis and management application intended for amateur or professional farmers.
  • MyRent
    (commercial) MyRent is a software application for car rental companies. It can manage fleets, make contracts, reservations, invoices, and so on.
  • Nuxeo EP
    Nuxeo EP (Enterprise Platform) is the server-side, Java EE-based part of the Nuxeo Enterprise Content Management platform. It provides a framework and set of components to address document management and collaboration needs, including metadata/taxonomies, versioning, lifecyle management, workflow, relations, searching, reporting, transformation, auditing, and retention. Its flexible extension system, based on OSGi, allows developers to quickly configure and extend the platform by creating new components. Its default Web user interface, based on the JSF standard, uses AJAX to create a pleasant user experience. It can also be accessed by a rich client interface through the use of Web services, for instance using the Eclipse-based Nuxeo RCP rich client platform.
  • Ohioedge CRM
    Ohioedge CRM is an online CRM application designed for the organizations requiring multi-functional, enterprise-wide coordination of sales generation & fulfillment activities.
  • Openbravo POS
    Openbravo POS is a point of sale application designed for touch screens. It supports ESC/POS ticket printers, customer displays, and barcode scanners. It is multi-user and provides product entry forms, reports, and charts. Read more
  • OpenI
    OpenI is an open source Business Intelligence application for on-demand or SaaS deployments. Based on J2EE, OpenI is an out-of-box solution to easily visualize data from OLAP and relational databases, where users intuitively build and publish interactive reports, analyses, and dashboards. Read more
  • opentaps
    opentaps is an ERP suite that offers e-commerce, point of sales, inventory, warehouse, manufacturing, customer service, and content management applications. It is written in Java, can be deployed on Linux/Unix and Windows, and is compatible with MySQL, PostgreSQL, Oracle, Microsoft SQL Server, and most other major relational databases. Read more
  • OptaPlanner
    OptaPlanner is a lightweight, embeddable planning engine written in Java to solve constraint satisfaction problems efficiently.
  • Orchestra
    Orchestra is a complete solution to handle long-running, service oriented processes. It provides out of the box orchestration functionality to handle complex business processes. It is based on the OASIS standard BPEL (Business Process Execution Language).
  • partsCAT
    (commercial) allows you to publish your catalogue on CDROM, the Internet or Intranet. Based on Java technologie partsCAT is executable within your Web Browser without installation
    PETALS is an ObjectWeb Java Business Integration (JBI) platform. It provides lightweight and packaged integration solutions, based on JSR-208 specifications, with a high focus on distribution and clustering.
  • PlayBilling
    PlayBilling is a webbased billing system for internet cafe and wireless hotspot provider mostly written in Java featured with: tariff management, prepaid, postpaid and discounts, user management and extensive reporting system.
  • Power*MatchMaker
    Power*Matchmaker is an easy-to-use data cleansing and de-duping tool. The user interface puts a strong emphasis on straightforward visualization of your data and processes. It will help you cleanse your data, validate and correct addresses, and identify and remove duplicate records.
  • RapidMiner
    RapidMiner (formerly YALE) is a flexible Java environment for knowledge discovery in databases, machine learning, and data mining. Many nestable learning and preprocessing operators (including Weka) are provided. It features an XML-based graphical user interface, a plugin mechanism, and high-dimensional plotting, and provides an easy-to-use extension mechanism that makes it possible to integrate new operators and adapt the system to your personal requirements. A command line version is also included. Read more
  • RUBiS
    Rice University Bidding System: an auction site prototype modeled after that is used to evaluate application design patterns and application servers performance scalability
  • Shared Questionnaire System
    Shared Questionnaire System (SQS) is an integrated optical mark recognition (OMR) form processing system with straightforward GUIs. The software is aimed at developing social platforms to share knowledge about questionnaires based on XML standards.
    (commercial) offers everything you need, to implement successful business strategies leveraging the Internet. SITEFORUM combines eBusiness and CRM methodologies and leads a new generation of interactive software
  • Smilehouse Workspace
    a powerful and comprehensive Java-based application to ease product, order and customer information management
  • Volante
    (commercial) Volante is POS (point of sale) software developed entirely in Java. Volante will run on the operating system of your choice, (Windows, Linux, Unix).
  • XAware
    XAware provides a solution for building real time data integrations and data services. It uses an Eclipse-based designer and a run-time engine implemented using the Spring Framework. XAware has extensive built-in support for database transactions, messaging systems, structured and unstructured text, XML schemas, and more.
  • XpertMart
    (commercial) a point of sales and inventory control software for retailers. It is designed especially for retailers of apparel and footwear, as it employes a Style/Size/Color matrix to display on-hand stock and sales statistics

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