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9 First Steps with Ubuntu 15.04
One of the first things to do with a new release of Ubuntu is to check for updates. Typically, I won't upgrade to the latest release immediately, so there's always quite a few updates since the release. There's a handy Software Updater tool which makes the updating process painless.

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WeatherBug is an application for the Android platform which provides users with up-to-date weather alerts, forecasts, radar, and current conditions.


  • ActiveWidgets Grid
    a modern cross-browser Web GUI toolkit. Provides full set of standard widgets (grid, tree, tabs, menu, etc.) with fast and convenient data-binding interface. Built on JavaScript/XML/DHTML/CSS, integrates with JSP, ASP.NET and other back-ends
  • Akka
    Akka is a JVM-based toolkit and runtime that implements the actor model.
  • Apache OpenNLP
    Apache OpenNLP is a machine learning based toolkit for the processing of natural language text.
  • BuildProcess
    BuildProcess is a complete J2EE deployment toolbox. It provides different tools to help the J2EE administrator in his daily job. The main project is AutoDeploy, which automaticaly deploys J2EE applications on different targeted application servers. It's a complement of continuous integration tools such as CruiseControl or AntHill. BuildEraser can delete files on different filesystems, local or remote (FTP, WebDAV, CIFS, and SMB).
  • CmdOption
    CmdOption is a simple annotation-driven command line parser toolkit for Java 5 applications. Everything you need is (at least one) simple configuration object.
  • Dojo Toolkit
    Dojo is a cross-browser AJAX/DHTML toolkit for building dynamic Web UIs. Dojo includes a rich-text editing component, an aspect-oriented event system, rich drag-and-drop support, a rapid-prototyping framework for building new widgets, and a full-featured abstraction for XmlHTTP I/O. Read more
  • dydoc
    dydoc is a toolkit for generating API documentation from compiled Java classes.
  • GeoTools
    an open source java toolkit for developing interactive geographical maps. The emphasis is on client side mapping applets which require little or no server side support. The main file format for the moment is the ESRI shapefile
  • Java CoG Kit
    The Java CoG Kit provides convenient access to Grid middleware through the Java framework. It contains a Grid workflow programming paradigm, Grid middleware abstractions, a Grid shell, and graphical components. It can be used to build grid portals.
  • jCSP
    jCSP is a toolkit for building PKIX CAs. Using jCSP, it is easy to build a fully-fledged Web-based CA or a simple embedded CA for a special application.
    JSDAI is a toolkit around STEP or ISO 10303, the STandard for the Exchange of Product model data. It supports the Express data modelling language as defined in ISO 10303-11 and provides data exchange capabilities according to ISO 10303-21 STEP-file and ISO 10303-28 STEP-XML.
  • JWt
    JWt (Java Web Toolkit) is a library for developing accessible and interactive Web applications with an API that is widget-centric and inspired by desktop GUI APIs.
  • Koala-graphics
    Koala-graphics provides an open source, high-level, 2D graphic layer on top of AWT. It is based on the JDK 1.1 Lightweight UI Framework, works on all releases of Java since 1.1, and does not require Java2D. It includes higher-level features (multi-view, logical zoom per view, physical zoom factor per view, interactors...), plus a rich set of higher-level components (links between objects, connectors, buses.
  • NativeCall
    NativeCall is a toolkit that lets you call operating system methods from whitin Java.
  • openadaptor
    openadaptor is a software toolkit directly addressing the problem of linking, by automating much of the custom coding required for system integration and migration.
  • OperaWatir
    OperaWatir is a toolkit used for automating interactions with web browsers.
    an Open Source serverless messaging toolkit for PHP, giving the PHP developer ability to perform JMS operations such as sending and receiving messages on queues and topics while ensuring delivery and enabling persistent messaging
  • Piccolo toolkit
    a way (in the Jazz ZUI tradition) to create robust, full-featured graphical applications in Java, with striking features such as zooming and multiple representation. Piccolo is an extensive toolkit based on the Java2D API
  • Piccolo2D
    Piccolo2D is a toolkit that supports the development of 2D structured graphics programs, in general, and Zoomable User Interfaces (ZUIs), in particular. A ZUI is a new kind of interface that presents a huge canvas of information on a traditional computer display by letting the user smoothly zoom in to get more detailed information and zoom out for an overview. It uses a "scene-graph" model that is common to 3D environments. This means that Piccolo maintains a hierarchical structure of objects and cameras.
  • SimPack
    SimPack is a collection of C++ tools (routines and programs) for computer simulation. The purpose of SimPack is to provide people with a "starting point" for simulating a system.
  • SNAP Platform
    SNAP Platform is a comprehensive open source development toolkit based on the popular Java language and API and the best open source Java-based tools. The SNAP Platform packages into an easy to install solution, the latest stable releases of an open source Java compiler, a Java virtual machine, a J2SE API, and various other open source Java-based development tools.
  • SwingSet
    an open source Java toolkit that allows the standard Java Swing components to be made database-aware
  • SWTSwing
    SWTSwing is a port of SWT to Swing. It replaces the native layer of SWT (the graphical library used by the Eclipse project) with a Swing-based version, bringing full portability to java programs developed using SWT.
  • Wicket Web Beans
    Wicket Web Beans (WWB) is an Apache Wicket component toolkit for displaying and editing POJOs that conform to the JavaBeans specification. Web pages are automatically generated based on bean properties and certain conventions. If necessary, the layout, editability, and actions of these pages can be customized on an exception basis. In other words, the toolkit normally does what you'd expect, but when it doesn't, you can override its behavior.
  • WildCAT
    WildCAT is a Java toolkit/framework which can be used to build context-aware applications, of which self-adaptive applications are a special case.
  • xWidglets
    XWidglets is a complete rich Java Swing tool for designing, creating, and using XML-based GUIs. It provides a lightweight XML client, clear separation between view, data, and process, MVC I and II support, event management, a consistent look and feel across platforms, a rich set of GUI components, and n-tier architecture integration.

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