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10 Top Tools for Novelists
The software featured in this article is designed to meet the specialised needs of a budding novelist. There's the finest open source distraction-free tools, software designed to create visual novels, and tools to help capture and visualise ideas.

(Read more)
jack is a low-latency audio server, written primarily for the GNU/Linux operating system. It can connect a number of different applications to an audio device, as well as allowing them to share audio between themselves. Read more


  • Jipes
    Jipes allows you to efficiently compute audio features. Possible uses for these features are general music information retrieval (MIR) applications or more specifically personal music software like beaTunes.
  • JIU
    The Java Imaging Utilities: this library offers functionality to load, analyze, process and save pixel images.
  • jKiska
    provides some utility classes to solve common problems which every Java programmer will face ealier or later. jKiska contains many specialized iterator implementations (FilteringIterator, SortingIterator, RangeIterator), new collections (SortedCollection, ...) and other helpfull classes
  • JLAN Client
    (commercial) implements the various protocols used by Windows Networking (NetBIOS over TCP/IP, SMB/CIFS and DCE/RPC)
  • JLicense
    (shareware) a Java utility library for creating and validating license keys. It includes a simple GUI tool for creating the license file and a LicenseManager
  • JLine
    a Java library for handling console input. It is similar in functionality to BSD editline and GNU readline. People familiar with the readline/editline capabilities for modern shells (such as bash and tcsh) will find most of the command editing features of JLine to be familiar
  • JMathLib
    JMathLib is a system of mathematical functions designed to be used to evaluate complex expressions and display the results graphically. It can be used either interactively or to interpret script files. It works like Matlab, Octave, and Scilab.
  • jmdb
    jmdb is a library for retrieving and parsing information from
  • jMimeMagic
    a Java library for determining the MIME type of files or streams
  • jMimetypeLib
    jMimetypeLib is a Java library for determining the MIME type of files and streams using extensions or magic numbers. Additionally, it may return an icon to represent the MIME type and a locale description.
  • jMock
    a library for testing Java code using mock objects1. Mock objects help you design and test the interactions between the objects in your programs
  • jModbus
    aims to provide Java libraries to allow java based devices to comminciate as either master or slave devices via ModbusRTU (Modbus), ModbusASCII (ModbusA) or ModbusTCP (Modnet). The code is open source and designed to run on devices with a small footprint, such as the Dallas Semiconductor TINI
  • JNetStream
    JNetStream is a pure Java library and a set of tools that allows you to decode, analyze and manipulate captured network packets. You can easily define your own protocol definitions using built-in NPL language or use the predefined ones.
  • Jniexec
    Jniexec provides a Java class library and a Java Native Interface wrapper around the Linux (Unix) fork/exec functions.
  • Jodd
    Jodd is a generic purpose open-source Java library bundled with few lightweight frameworks and components(Bean, JDateTime, DB, Madvoc, Petite...). It may help with every-day development of both standalone and server-side applications. Special attention is put into making code simple and fast as possible, and yet, feature rich.
  • JOELib/JOELib2
    a Java based cheminformatics (computational chemistry) library
  • JOOConverter
    JOOConverter is a tool to perform conversions between office document formats based on Supported formats include PDF, Flash, OpenDocument, Word, Excel, and PowerPoint. It can be used from the command line or as a Web application.
  • JooTemplates
    JooTemplates is a templating system to generate business documents, such as forms, mailings and reports.
  • JOpenChart
    an open source Java library and toolkit for creating different kinds of charts and embedding them into web applications or Swing applications. It further supports interpolating data and plotting mathematical functions
  • jOpenDocument
    jOpenDocument is a pure Java library for manipulation of OASIS Open Document files.
  • JOpt Simple
    JOpt Simple is a simple, test-driven command line parser for Java programs. It supports POSIX getopt() and GNU getopt_long().
  • JOpt.SDK
    (commercial) JOpt.SDK is a tour optimization library for Java that uses specialized genetic algorithms to calculate an optimized allocation of orders and stops to mobile resources. The algorithm not only provides tours at minimum costs but also considers an arbitrary set of constraints for each tour. JOpt solves problems of the same classes as the Travelling Salesman Problem (TSP) and the Vehicle Routing Problem with Time Windows (VRPTW).
  • joscar AIM library
    an extensible Java library for instant messaging using the AOL Instant Messenger OSCAR protocol
  • jpcap
    a network packet capture library
  • jPDFPrinter
    (commercial) generates Adobe Acrobat PDF documents directly from your Java programs. jPDFPrinter is a Java class library that allows you to create PDF documents without any modifications to your printing code. By extending the standard Java classes that handle printing, jPDFPrinter emulates a Java printer job and its behavior
  • Jpedal
    a java class library to extract images and text from pdf files as well as to access the more basic pdf object tree. It also provides a pdf rasterizer to generate an image of the page
  • jQuery
    jQuery is a fast, concise, JavaScript library that simplifies how you traverse HTML documents, handle events, perform animations, and add AJAX interactions to your Web pages. Read more
  • jregex
    yet another open source regular expression library in/for java. It supports whole Perl5.6 regular expression syntax and Unicode
  • JRML
    Java Remote Method Invocation Language: a Java library for XML web services. It supports the (de)serialization of arbitrary complex types. SOAP and WSDL support have been considered but seem unnecessary today
  • jsBind
    jsBind is a library that helps developers build MVVM Web sites and applications using JavaScript or TypeScript
  • jscl-meditor
    jscl-meditor is a symbolic computing library and mathematical editor.
  • jsDOM
    created in order to develop a Javascript library for creating dynamic html components in browsers that support the DOM
  • JSend NSCA
    JSend NSCA is a Java API and command line tool for sending Nagios Passive Checks to the Nagios NSCA add-on
  • jsFlow
    jsFlow is Java library for sFlow, an industry standard for monitoring switches and routers.
  • jslibs
    jslibs is a set of native modules that contains various general-purpose objects and functions for stand-alone JavaScript programming.
  • Json-lib
    Json-lib is a library that can transform the following Java structures to JSON: Java beans, Java arrays, collections, maps, and composites of the four previous types.
  • jsoup
    jsoup is a library for working with real-world HTML. It can parse HTML from a URL, file, or string.
  • jSPF
    The jSPF library is pure Java SPF implementation. It was designed to match the current SPF specifications of 2006 (RFC 4408). SPF is also known as Sender Policy Framework. It was designed to detect email spoofing.
  • JStateMachine
    a free library designed to allow you, as an application or website designer, to produce and enforce a well-defined design for your application's user interface using the UML Statechart notation
  • JSyntaxColor
    (shareware) a library for coloring in real time user text input. Features include a standard EditorKit, a simple property file for each syntax description, inner cache for limiting parsing scope
  • jTokeniser
    jTokeniser is a Java library for tokenising strings into a list of tokens. A variety of possible tokenisers are available, including a very basic whitespace tokeniser, a more flexible StringTokeniser, a couple of regular expression tokenisers, and a tokeniser that utilises Java's BreakIterator, which provides more complex, locale dependant tokenisation.
  • jtr
    a small Java library that emulates the Perl 5 "transliterate" operation on a given string
  • jTransfo
    jTransfo is a Java library to convert between transfer and domain objects.
  • JUnique
    The JUnique library can be used to prevent a user from running more instances of the same Java application at the same time. It implements locks and communication channels shared between all the JVM instances launched by the same user.
  • junit-quickcheck
    junit-quickcheck supplies JUnit theories with random values with which to test the validity of the theories.
  • junixsocket
    junixsocket is a Java/JNI library that allows the use of Unix Domain Sockets (AF_UNIX sockets) from Java.
  • jUPS
    jUPS is a Java class that implements MetaSystem's uninterruptible power supplies management protocol v1.12d.
  • jurlmap
    jurlmap is a library for enabling your Web apps to have clean, REST-like URLs.
  • jUSB
    provides an Open Source Java API for USB, supporting applications using Java host-side software to drive USB devices
  • Juxy
    Juxy is a Java unit testing library for XSLT. It allows you to write JUnit tests for XSLT stylesheets. You can easily setup transformation context (parameters, variables, current node) and then invoke the transformation. There are corresponding methods to call or to apply individual templates and you can even pass parameters to these templates, or apply templates in different modes. Result of the transformation can be verified in a number of ways; you can evaluate an XPath expression or you can perform canonical XML comparison. It works with any XSLT processor that supports the TRaX API.

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