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 · Success! Beelink S1 Running Linux Courtesy of the Open Source Community
 · Beelink S1 Mini PC and Linux Comedy Gold
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Success! Beelink S1 Running Linux Courtesy of the Open Source Community
From limited testing, the Beelink S1 functions as an excellent, inexpensive Linux-based mini PC. The quad-core Celeron processor is more than capable of handling most desktop tasks. The Intel GD Graphics 500 video performs competently.

(Read more)
Scrollout F1
Scrollout F1 is an easy to use, highly configurable email firewall (gateway) for multiple domains and servers. Read more


  • [ini4j]
    [ini4j] is a simple Java API for handling configuration files in Windows .ini format. Additionally, the library includes a Java Preferences API implementation based on the .ini file.
  • AutoUI
    a mechanism to automatically construct Java Swing user interfaces for data objects by using JDK 1.5 annotations
  • CarrierWave
    CarrierWave provides a set of facilities that automate and extend the EJB Value Object (or Data Transfer Object) pattern into supporting arbitrary value graphs. Specifically, CarrierWave provides a code generator that creates typed value objects from the source code of corresponding business objects, a client interface supporting the selection, modification, deletion, and invocation of business objects, and near-transparent business object persistence through various object persistence applications and interfaces like JDO.
  • CloverETL GUI
    CloverETL GUI is visual designer of data transformations which are executed by CloverETL engine. The GUI has been developed as an Eclipse platform plugin and is well integrated with other Eclipse functionality.
  • Crispy
    Crispy is a client for remote invocation for different kinds of services via proxies. It is a very simple Java API for calling different kinds of services (RMI, WebService, XML-RPC, EJB, Hessian, Burlap, JBoss Remoting, REST, and others) as local Java objects. Crispy can be used to integrate your client in a Service Oriented Architecture (SOA).
  • Curve API
    An implementation of various mathematical curves that define themselves over a set of control points. The curves supported are: Bezier, B-Spline, Cardinal Spline, Catmull-Rom Spline, Lagrange, Natural Cubic Spline, and NURBS.
  • domingo
    Domingo is a simple, consistent, object-oriented, easy to use interface to the Lotus Notes/Domino Java API.
  • Graphico
    an open source 3D graphics application programming interface distributed under the terms of the GNU Lesser General Public License
    a generic Java XML push parser API to greatly reduce the cost of application development and maintenance with event-based stream parsers like SAX Parser. Includes an implementation for SAX parser in Java SDK
  • Hawron
    a GUI interface for the XML Web Development Framework Cocoon and its offline generation capabilities
  • J4SC
    J4SC (Java for SpinVox Create) is a Java API designed to be used by developers for submitting audio and retrieving converted text from the SpinVox Create service.
  • JAPI
    JAPI is a Java API intended to make life easier for Java application developers. Currently it is targetted on normal Desktop Java (J2SE). JAPI helps you writing internationalized and localized Swing applications with very little effort and very efficient event handling code.
  • Java GForge SOAP Interface
    The Java GForge SOAP Interface (JaGoSI) is an approach to access the GForge collaboration platform via Java. This can be used to put other applications on top of JaGoSI. It may be integrated with other applications like the former MyLar project.
  • JavaGit
    JavaGit is a Java API that provides access to git repositories. The goal is to bring the power of git to the Java world as an API that is intuitive for developers new to git and developers who are veteran git users. It is engineered to provide the developer with access to the raw git commands through a command API as well as an object API designed to represent the .git repository, the working tree, and other familiar git concepts. JavaGit uses the git binaries installed on the host machine to provide git functionality, and has been designed to easily accommodate additional methods of access to git repositories.
  • JavaXM
    a pure-java (SWING) GUI for controlling the XMPCR, which is a USB powered and controlled XM radio
  • Jazzy
    a set of APIs (Application Programming Interfaces) that allow you to add spell checking functionality to Java Applications easily
  • jDependency
    jDependency is an API and application for analyzing Java package dependencies.
  • JEgg
    a Java API that allows one to implement a multithreaded application where the threading is decoupled from the application code. Consequently, the application code is much simpler and more robust
  • jGCS
    The Group Communication Service (jGCS) intends to provide a generic API for applications that need group communication primitives, such as virtual synchrony or atomic broadcast. It is a Java based common API to several toolkits such as Spread, Appia, and JGroups.
  • JHeatChart
    JHeatChart is a one class Java API for generating heat map charts that was created because very few charting APIs seem to contain the facility to create heat maps.
  • JMSL
    (commercial) JMSL is a Java API for music composition, interactive performance, and intelligent instrument design. With JMSL, the composer/programmer can create stand-alone musical applications or deploy applets on the web. JMSL supports JSyn, MidiShare, MidiPort, and JavaSound.
  • JOGI
    allows Java programs to access the functionality of an
  • jPastebin
    jPastebin is a simple and easy-to-use Java API to post text onto
  • jui
    a Java GUI builder. Uses true separation of model and GUI. Works with an easy-to-use absolute layout system without losing resizing capabilities. Allows modification and replacement of delivered GUIs
  • Jumpi
    Jumpi is a simple low level, generic, protocol agnostic and extensible message passing communications API written in Java. The scope of the Jumpi project is a Jumpi API, and a reference implementation. The Jumpi API is the interface visible to client application code.
  • Jvider
    (commercial) a Visual GUI builder tool for Java Swing applications and applets
  • JWPL
    JWPL is a language independent, database-driven, high performance Wikipedia API that provides structured access to information nuggets like redirects, categories, articles, and link structure.
  • libservlet
    The Servlet API for Perl (libservlet) is a formulation of the Java (TM) Servlet API in Perl.
  • log4cplus
    log4cplus is a simple to use C++ logging API providing thread-safe, flexible, and arbitrarily granular control over log management and configuration.
  • ObJectRelationalBridge
    an Object/Relational mapping tool that allows transparent persistence for Java Objects against relational databases. OJB provides several APIs
  • Persistence Layer
    a Java API which makes objects automatically stored, retrieved, updated, and deleted in a relational database without any additional code
  • Prevayler
    Transparent Persistence for Java Business Objects: an object prevalence system which is orders of magnitude faster and simpler than a DBMS. It is possible to write plain Java classes with no pre- or post-processing required, and no inheritance from a base class. It runs on any Java VM, and includes clear documentation and a demo
  • ReportEngine
    ReportEngine is an easy to use API for java reports very well suited for economical applications, statistical applications and any other report based applications
  • Sav ZAPI
    a Java API forming new powerful "Java/Zigzag" language, for development of a high-performance mobile object-relational database applications. Sav ZAPI provides synchronous connection many of users with many of databases
  • SchemaCrawler
    SchemaCrawler is a Java API which makes working with database metadata as easy as working with ordinary Java objects.
  • Socrates Questionnaire Engine
    a Java based questionnaire/survey engine and wizard, that enables fast delivery of questionnaires to the web. Socrates is an API, with a thin servlet layer, so that it can be used in other applications
  • Sowa Data Capacitor
    Sowa Data Capacitor is a unified Java API for accessing data in several different forms, such as XML, memory, or database.
    consists of two related parts: a framework for representing the contents of a relational database as Java objects (similar to but simpler than Entity EJBs), and a set of tools for automatically creating Java classes and/or SQL statements from a DB diagram or existing DB tables
    a programming interface for accessing and manipulating data held in a topic map. The TMAPI specification defines a set of core interfaces which must be implemented by a compliant application as well as a set of additional interfaces which may be implemented by a compliant application or which may be built upon the core interfaces
  • TriActive Java Data Objects
    an open source implementation of Sun's JDO specification (JSR 12). TJDO provides a mechanism to add "transparent persistence" to any Java application backed by a relational database
  • Trivial Persist
    developed to provide the quickest and easiest means possible to object persistence in Java. That means no cumbersome XML files to glue things together, no SQL database at all, and use of normal Java classes for access - normal as in Set, Comparator, Iterator - rather than JDBC or a new API. As a result, a new object repository (called a Store) can be created or modified in just a few seconds
  • UnboundID LDAP SDK for Java
    UnboundID LDAP SDK for Java is a fast, comprehensive, and easy-to-use Java API for communicating with LDAP directory servers and performing related tasks like reading and writing LDIF, encoding and decoding data using base64 and ASN.1 BER, and performing secure communication.
  • UploadBean
    a "technical" component that could be integrated in any JAVA/JSP/Servlets application. It provides a simple API to read and store uploaded files sent from a browser
  • Vector Visuals
    Vector Visuals provides an easy-to-use, object-based API for creating and manipulating Java2D-rendered shapes and images. It features object embedding, dynamic connectors, and multithreaded task support.
  • X10 CM17A API
    an API to control the FireCracker Computer Interface (CM17A) from any computer with a serial port
  • X4J Analytic
    X4J Analytic is a reporting API for Java. The implementation focuses on Excel reporting and delivers a high performance solution for huge reports.
  • XOM
    XOM is an XML object model. It is a tree-based API for processing XML with Java that simultaneously supports streaming. In many use-cases, it can process arbitrarily large documents with effectively constant memory sizes. It strives for correctness, simplicity, and performance, in that order. XOM supports XSLT, Canonical XML, and XInclude.
  • XORM Beta
    an extensible object-relational mapping layer for Java applications. It provides interface-based persistence to RDBMSs while allowing developers to focus on the object model, not the physical layer
  • XPointerAPI
    a Java API for XPointer. XPointer is a W3C standard for addressing into the internal structure of XML documents
  • ZVTM
    a Zoomable User Interface (ZUI) toolkit implemented in Java, designed to ease the task of creating complex visual editors in which large amounts of objects have to be displayed, or which contain complex geometrical shapes that need to be animated

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