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 · First Steps with OpenELEC on the Raspberry Pi 2
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 · MIPS Creator CI20 v Raspberry Pi 2
 · Raspberry Pi 2: Raspbian (ARMv6) v Linaro (ARMv7)
 · Raspberry Pi 2 review
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First Steps with OpenELEC on the Raspberry Pi 2
OpenELEC uses very little system resources for processor or memory. There's no need to use any special customization tips to get good performance with the RPi2. There's also no need to overclock the machine, reduce the resolution of videos, or use a different skin (although I really like the Amber skin).

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(commercial) Oracle Database 10g is the first database designed for enterprise grid computing, the most flexible and cost-effective way to manage enterprise information. It cuts costs of management while providing the highest possible quality of service. In addition to providing numerous quality and performance enhancements, Oracle Database 10g significantly reduces the costs of managing the IT environment, with a simplified install, greatly reduced configuration and management requirements, and automatic performance diagnosis and SQL tuning. These and other automated management capabilities help improve DBA and developer productivity and efficiency.


  • Sokoban
    Sokoban is a remake of the classic Sokoban game. You as the player need to push boxes to specific locations in the level. Once all boxes are pushed to the correct spots the level is finished. The Game has over 700 levels, a level editor and options to play your own music files during gameplay.
  • Squares
    The game is a remake of the flash game Squares, the basic aim is to move your Square around the game area and collect the Black squares while avoiding the Red squares, which will end the game. In addition, there are Specials that depending on their colour or icon may help or hinder your progress when collected.
  • Stairway to Heaven
    The aim of the game is simple - to power up the bulbs until they reach the top of the stairs, where heaven is.
  • Star Hustlers
    Star Hustlers is a seemingly simple yet infinitely challenging mathematic puzzle of randomly changing strategy. Ring the bell, the Intergalactic Stock Exchange is now open and brings Mental Calisthenics to the GP2X.
  • Sudoku
    Sudoku uses the sudoku-sensei library to generate the boards.
  • Sudoku
    Sudoku is a version of the highly popular puzzle game.
  • SuperSonicSpeed
    SuperSonicSpeed is a (fake/wrong/twisted)-physics puzzle game. You are a teleport engineer in charge of the partical transportation through the quantum plane. Basically your job consists of directing particles to the exit.
  • Symbolica
    Symbolica is a remake of the same author's game for the Commodore 64. In this game the symbols on the screen represent a numeric value in the order as they are displayed on the right. As you move over a symbol, it reduces to the next lower symbol or disappears.
  • Tail Teiru
    This is a port of the action puzzle game "Tail-Tale".
  • ThreeTs
    ThreeTs is a simple TicTacToe Game for the GP2x.
  • Tilematch
    In an board made of 8x8 tiles, the main goal is to line up horizontally or vertically at least 3 tiles of the same kind.
  • TileWorld2x
    TileWorld is an open source interpreter for Chip's Challenge levels. Chip's Challenge remains a popular game today, despite having been introduced in 1989 on the Lynx handheld.
  • Tilt
    Tilt is a maze game.
  • Tong
    Tong is the result of mixing Tetris and Pong, capitalizing on the essential qualities of each classic and adding new twists of its own to make an explosive chemical reaction out of it all.
  • Tunar
    Tunar is an original game made with pygame.
    UNICOLOR is a remake of the DS puzzle game Polarium. The goal is to switch every line to either complete black or white. To do so, you have to move the Selector around and mark the tiles you want to flip, from black to white or from white to black.
  • Vexed
    Vexed is an award-winning puzzle game for Palm OS devices, ported to the GP2X.
  • Waternet
    Waternet is a puzzle game where you to connect pipes to each other so that water flows through it. You can do this depending on the game mode in 3 ways : by sliding rows and columns, rotating invidual pipes or by doing both at the same time. Waternet has 3 difficulties each difficulty has 2 grid sizes and 20 static levels which makes a total of 180 static levels.
  • Wind and Water: Puzzle Battles
    (commercial) Wind and Water: Puzzle Battles is a puzzle game with an extensive Story Mode, online Stats, arcade quality graphics, and studio-recorded music.

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