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 · 9 Excellent Open Source Configuration Management Applications
 · A Beginner’s Introduction to Linux
 · Simon Tatham’s Portable Puzzle Collection – Games for the Brain
 · Captain Holetooth – Explorative 2D Platform Game for Kids
 · Taisei – A Classy, Frenetic Shoot’em Up Game in the Style of The Touhou Project
 · YouTube Channel
 · Minilens – Fun Open Source Puzzle Platform Game
 · Wizznic! – Highly Addictive Open Source Puzzle Game
 · Success! Beelink S1 Running Linux – Courtesy of the Open Source Community
 · Beelink S1 Mini PC and Linux – Comedy Gold


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9 Excellent Open Source Configuration Management Applications
This software automates the configuration of machines to a particular state. Like any other tools, they are designed to solve specific problems in certain ways. The goal is to get a system from whatever state it is in, into the desired state. Configuration management software are the tools of choice for many system administrators and devops professionals.

(Read more)
Ubuntu UK Podcast
The Ubuntu Podcast covers all the latest news and issues facing Ubuntu Linux users and Free Software lovers in general. The show aims to appeal to a Linux beginner as well as the oldest coder. Read more


  • AMazing 3D
    AMazing 3D is a 3D maze solving game based on the Windows 98 Screensaver. Using your inaccurate compass, and the ability to teleport to places you've been, you must find your way through 30 challenging if not impossible levels.
  • Amoebax
    Amoebax is a free Puyo Puyo-style puzzle game for up to two players. The objective of the game is to beat the opponent in a battle by filling up their grid up to the top with garbage. Read more
  • Balluz
    Balluz is a small and simple puzzle game where you have to match pair of balls by their colors.
  • BisfoG
    BisfoG is a remake of the classic sokoban game, featuring 100 levels. You need to push the euro coins to specific locations in the level. When all euro coins are into correct locations the level is finished.
  • Blingo
    Blingo is a clone of a very popular online game called Slingo. The game is a cross between a slot machine and bingo. The aim of the game is to try to fill the board within 20 spins by matching numbers that appear on the reels with a matching number in the same column.
  • Blips
    Blips is a puzzle game like sokoban except that you need to collect "stars" here and avoid the dynamite. Boxes can be blown up using the dynamite. There are 26 levels included from the orginal "bips" game made by Bryant Brownell.
  • Blockdude
    Blockdude is a puzzle game where you need to be able to reach the exit by moving boxes, it's as simple as that. It is a remake of the Blockman Game from Soleau Software and the TI 83 Blockdude game by Brandon Sterner.
  • Blocked
    Blocked is simple puzzle game, where you have to match up three or more blocks to delete them and score as high as possible.
  • Blockrage2x
    Blockrage2x is an SDL port of Blockrage, a clone of columns.
  • Blocks
    Blocks is a logical game for GP2X. Game rules are very simple. It is necessary to throw blocks (from one up to three for time) to the central field so that groups of blocks with identical color were created.
  • Boomshine2x
    Boomshine2x is a relaxing game where the aim is to cause an explosive chain reaction of a large enough size to complete the level.
  • Brass Munkey
    Brass Munkey is a game where you try to clear the table by matching up pairs of barrels with matching or consecutive values. Shameless copycat of the Merit game Funky Monkey.
  • BubbleX
    BubbleX is a puzzle game where you remove the marbles with the same color.
  • Bunny Traps
    Bunny Traps is basically Hangman with some twists. It follows the same format as Hangman in which you have to guess the word by entering the correct letters but instead of saving the character from being hung you must save Bunny from ten dangerous situations.
  • Buscaminas
    Buscaminas is a minesweeper clone written in Fenix.
    CUBES is a colour based puzzle game.
  • Dabakka
    Dabakka is a logical game.
  • Deal Or No Deal
    Deal or No Deal for the GP2X is a fan made interpretation of the hit TV show of the same name. It features US and UK game variants complete with their own graphics and gameplay to match the shows, Speech from the presenter, models and players, Highscore tables to play against your friends and a Fully written PDF user guide and loads more
  • DROD for GP2X
    Deadly Rooms of Death is a puzzle game for Windows and Linux. You control a sword-swinging character that explores dungeons and fights monsters.
  • duckmaze
    duckmaze is a game about a duck that is in a maze. The duck can move walls, but only if there are no walls in the way (it makes sense when you try it).
  • Eggstreme - Sizzler Supremacy
    Eggstreme - Sizzler Supremacy is a game similar to Tilematch, featuring a game engine built using EDGE, two game modes and more.
  • Enigma
    Enigma is a puzzle game inspired by Oxyd on the Atari ST and Rock'n'Roll on the Amiga. The object of the game is to find uncover pairs of identically colored Oxyd stones. Read more
  • Escapa!
    The aim of the game is control the red square to avoid the blue squares which bounce around the screen.
  • Flaschenspiel
    In Flaschenspiel you catch bottle to reveal pictures of an adult theme.
  • FloboPuyo
    FloboPuyo is a port of flobopuyo for the GP2X, based on the source of the 0.20 version.
  • FlowFlowMania
    FlowFlowMania is a remake of the classical puzzle game Pipe Mania on Linux with GP2X compliance.
  • GP2Hanoi
    Towers of Hanoi game is specifically implemented for the GP2X console but runs on any system with a port of the SDL Libraries.
  • Hex-a-hop
    Hex-a-hop is a puzzle game based on hexagonal tiles. There is no time limit and no real-time elements.
  • LinesX
    LinesX is a port of the Lines PDA game.
  • LogicX
    LogicX is a Picross game.
  • Manticore
    Manticore is a simple little brick-and-tile puzzler; your objective is to clear away all the bricks in a level, to proceed to the next level. Sound simple? Well.. sometimes it even is.
  • MasterPiece2x
    This is a port of MasterPiece to the GP2X, a straightforward game where you must line up the colored blocks to make them disappear.
  • Max In Ghostpix
    Max In Ghostpix is a puzzle game where the player must reveal a hidden picture using logic. Ghostpix is based on Picross.
  • Mazethingie
    Mazethingie is just a little maze game that i created to test out the level generating part of waternet.
  • Memory
    Memory is the classic memory game, in German.
  • Memory
    Memory is based on the classic tile matching game. You need to flip over 2 of the 24 tiles and try to match them. When they are matched they remain flipped. If the tiles do not match then the 2 tiles will flip back over.
  • MetaPhysik
    In MetaPhysik you must guide a ball around various obstacles.
  • MM2X
    MM2X is a mastermind game
  • Nec-Nec 2x
    You play by pushing your opponent out of the arena by any means neccessary
  • Net-Bubble
    Net-Bubble for the GP2X is a port of a game that Samuel Marin and Cécile Hayez created for the PC.
  • Nomis
    Nomis is a simple memory/pattern game written in C with the SDL libraries and Karl Bartel?s SFont code for the bitmap font drawing routines.
  • Puzzle Land
    Puzzle Land is a remake of the gameboy game Daedalian opus also known as puzzle road in japan. The gameplay and levels are the same but the graphics, music sounds have changed. It's a puzzle game with 36 levels.
  • pySlide
    pySlide is a simple sliding puzzle game.
    REWORD is a simple word game where you are given a jumbled 6 letter word and must find at least one valid 6 letter word from it to progress to the next level. Smaller 3, 4 and 5 letter words can be found to add to your score.
  • Sokoban
    Sokoban is a remake of the classic Sokoban game. You as the player need to push boxes to specific locations in the level. Once all boxes are pushed to the correct spots the level is finished. The Game has over 700 levels, a level editor and options to play your own music files during gameplay.
  • Squares
    The game is a remake of the flash game Squares, the basic aim is to move your Square around the game area and collect the Black squares while avoiding the Red squares, which will end the game. In addition, there are Specials that depending on their colour or icon may help or hinder your progress when collected.
  • Stairway to Heaven
    The aim of the game is simple - to power up the bulbs until they reach the top of the stairs, where heaven is.
  • Star Hustlers
    Star Hustlers is a seemingly simple yet infinitely challenging mathematic puzzle of randomly changing strategy. Ring the bell, the Intergalactic Stock Exchange is now open and brings Mental Calisthenics to the GP2X.
  • Sudoku
    Sudoku uses the sudoku-sensei library to generate the boards.
  • Sudoku
    Sudoku is a version of the highly popular puzzle game.
  • SuperSonicSpeed
    SuperSonicSpeed is a (fake/wrong/twisted)-physics puzzle game. You are a teleport engineer in charge of the partical transportation through the quantum plane. Basically your job consists of directing particles to the exit.
  • Symbolica
    Symbolica is a remake of the same author's game for the Commodore 64. In this game the symbols on the screen represent a numeric value in the order as they are displayed on the right. As you move over a symbol, it reduces to the next lower symbol or disappears.
  • Tail Teiru
    This is a port of the action puzzle game "Tail-Tale".
  • ThreeTs
    ThreeTs is a simple TicTacToe Game for the GP2x.
  • Tilematch
    In an board made of 8x8 tiles, the main goal is to line up horizontally or vertically at least 3 tiles of the same kind.
  • TileWorld2x
    TileWorld is an open source interpreter for Chip's Challenge levels. Chip's Challenge remains a popular game today, despite having been introduced in 1989 on the Lynx handheld.
  • Tilt
    Tilt is a maze game.
  • Tong
    Tong is the result of mixing Tetris and Pong, capitalizing on the essential qualities of each classic and adding new twists of its own to make an explosive chemical reaction out of it all.
  • Tunar
    Tunar is an original game made with pygame.
    UNICOLOR is a remake of the DS puzzle game Polarium. The goal is to switch every line to either complete black or white. To do so, you have to move the Selector around and mark the tiles you want to flip, from black to white or from white to black.
  • Vexed
    Vexed is an award-winning puzzle game for Palm OS devices, ported to the GP2X.
  • Waternet
    Waternet is a puzzle game where you to connect pipes to each other so that water flows through it. You can do this depending on the game mode in 3 ways : by sliding rows and columns, rotating invidual pipes or by doing both at the same time. Waternet has 3 difficulties each difficulty has 2 grid sizes and 20 static levels which makes a total of 180 static levels.
  • Wind and Water: Puzzle Battles
    (commercial) Wind and Water: Puzzle Battles is a puzzle game with an extensive Story Mode, online Stats, arcade quality graphics, and studio-recorded music.
  • Znax
    Znax is a remake of a game by Nick Kouvaris. It is a sort of puzzle / arcade game where you as the player need to select 4 blocks of the same color and form rectangles as big as you can.

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