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How to Block Referrer Spam Bots
Referrer spam requests are requests for some pages with a faked referrer string (where the user came from). Normally this is just annoying as it appears in your webstats.

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Bonita Open Solution
Bonita Open Solution is an intuitive and powerful Business Process Management (BPM) solution to create process-based applications for simple-to-complex projects. Read more


  • 2XRally
    2XRally is a port of XRally, a Linux clone of the classic Rally X arcade game.
  • 2xTron
    2xTron is a isometric version of Tron.
  • Alienblaster
    Alienblaster is an SDL based shooter. It has 1 and 2 player modes as well as an arcade mode.
  • Alizarin Tetris
    Alizarin Tetris is a Tetris-like game with a twist. It includes multi-player support, user-extensible color, shape and sound styles, can use TCP/IP networking and features a few different AI opponents. Due to keyboard input problems, the only way to play multiplayer at the moment is to host a game on your GP2X and connect to it from your PC.
  • BallGame
    BallGame is a remake of the arcade game 'Uo Poko'.
  • BallGame
    BallGame is a remake of the arcade game Uo Poko.
  • Bang GP
    BanG_GP is a remake of the same arcade created by Gaelco, with new features, new graphics, and new minigames. The game is a "western gun-shooter" in this version the game is formed by 8 minigames (7 remake and 1 new), and it also contains a "bonus-game".
  • Beat2X
    Beat2X is a Stepmania-like game for GP2X. It consists of several levels, each one based on one tune, where the user has to press the right buttons in sync with music.
  • Beats of Rage
    Beats of Rage is a good and very customizable Beat'em up engine, with lots of mods disponible. OpenBoR is a modification to the original BoR engine adding lots of new features, like more kind of special attacks, holes, walls, rideable and throwable objects, a mod selector, etc.
  • Blast Riot!
    Blast Riot! is a fast paced retro shoot-em-up. Run around the maze collecting disks. Gather 5 disks to go to the next level.
  • Bluecube2x
    BlueCube is just another simple tetris clone.
  • BobTron
    BobTron is a port of BobTron from the gp32. Image shown is the gp32 version. The main differences in the gp2x version are background images can be used and because the gp2x has more buttons full control can be selected instead of just left and right.
  • Bubble Train
    Bubble Train, a fast paced arcade game. Bubble Train as the name suggests is a train of bubbles travelling along a track where the last carriage is the driving force instead of the front one. The bubbles come streaming along the track trying to reach the end of the line. The objective is to remove all of the bubbles from the train before it reaches the end of the track.
  • Bubbletrain
    Bubble Train as the name suggests is a train of bubbles travelling along a track where the last carriage is the driving force instead of the front one. The bubbles come streaming along the track trying to reach the end of the line.
  • BumpRace
    BumpRace is a great arcade game that has been on my linux desktops for years. Here is the GP2X port, powered by HW-accelerated SDL libs.
  • C-Dogs2X
    C-Dogs SDL is a port of the old DOS arcade game C-Dogs. C-Dogs is an arcade shoot-em-up which lets players work alone and co-operativly during missions, and against each other in the "dogfight" deathmatch mode. The DOS version of C-Dogs came with several built in missions and dogfight maps, and this version is no exception.
  • Crazee Man
    Crazee Man is an isometric PacMan remake.
  • Dance2x
    This is a dissertation project for the MSc at the University of Hull. The aim is to produce a Dance Dance Revolution clone for the GP2X using SDL whilst building a 2D engine for general use for the platform.
  • Debian vs Pimientos 2X
    Debian vs Pimientos 2X is a fun arcade in which you have to kill peppers using the logo of Debian as a ship.
  • Digger
    A port of the classic arcade game of the same name.
  • Dumbbell2x
    In Dumbbell2x you control a constantly moving dot that can turn left or right, which leaves a deadly trail.
  • EmeraldWings
    EmeraldWings is a shoot them up, where you must kick some aliens ass, "DRAGONSTORM", in order to defend your sacred planete!
  • EXI Shoot
    EXI Shoot is a clone of Space Invaders.
  • Extender
    Extender is a remake of the game Every Extend.
  • Extraterrestres
    Extraterrestres is a sidescrolling flying game where you are trying to navigate your spaceship through columns of obstacles.You can use items to slow down time to make difficult manuevers. The game features two modes: story mode and arcade mode.
  • Floaters
    Floaters is a small arcade minigame, where you have to kill little floaters with your tail.
  • Frogs Of War
    Frogs Of War, a classic originally written for the 8086 in 16 color Enhanced Graphic Array's undocumented 320x200 mode X as a test harness for the rj-graph and rj-ipx C libraries in the eighties. Completely converted, portions redrawn, rewritten, redesigned and still tough as hell.
    GLOUTON is a snake variant. This game work at 50MHz (68FPS). The sound is in 16Bits stereo at 22100Hz.
  • Gorilla
    Gorilla is a version of the classic Basic game of the same name.
  • GXEskiv
    In GXEskiv your aim is to collect boxes avoiding the spots.
  • Heroes2X
    Heroes is similar to the "Tron" and "Nibbles" games of yore, but includes many graphical improvements and new game features.
  • Invaders
    This is a retro 'Invaders' game.
  • Jurl
    Jurl is an arcade shooter which mixes elements of PacMan and Asteroids.
  • KuruKuru2X
    KuruKuru2X is a variant of the GBA game Kuru Kuru Kururin. You must guide your rotating stick around a maze to a goal. If you hit a side, you lose one life and gain 3 seconds (30 points). The less points you have at the end, the higher up you are in the highscore table! Your starting area and heart areas will restore your health. Springs will make you change direction.
  • Level Shmup
    Level Shmup is an old-school arcade style shoot-em-up game in the style of classics such as R-Type and Gradius. Interesting features of this game include the ability to fire in eight directions, and an adaptive difficulty curve. The game automatically gets easier or harder based on your performance, with bonuses awarded for completion on the highest difficulties.
  • Mad Bomber
    A port of Mad Bomber using SDL, SDL_Image and SDL_Mixer. Mad Bomber is a clone of Activision's classic Atari 2600 console game, "Kaboom!," by Larry Kaplan, with spruced-up graphics and sound effects, and music.
  • MadMix
    MadMix is a variant of PacMan.
  • Moonlander
    Moon Lander is a 2D game of gravity. Land your ship on the lading pad. Don't go too fast, or you will crash. This game requires SDL 1.2, SDL_image 1.2 and SDL_mixer 1.2.
  • mop(e)snake
    mop(e)snake (pronounced mowpy-snake, or possibly moppy-snake) is a classic snake game in which you attempt to eat all the pain in the world, bravely accepting the inevitable consequences for your waistline.
  • N-Tris
    N-Tris ia a Tetris game.
  • Pacman (MAME)
    This is a PACMAN Driver version of MAME for the GP2X, that supports Pacman, Pengo and MsPacman (and probably JrPacman).
  • PAF!
    PAF! is a Pang game.

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