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Romp Home with these 21 Peerless ASCII Games
The purpose of this article is to identify our favourite ASCII based games. There are no fancy graphics here, just great gameplay coupled with the urge of always having just one more play.

(Read more)
aKregator is a KDE RSS aggregator that supports the best known metaphors from existing aggregators. Read more


  • Ethernet HOWTO
    Information on Ethernet hardware compatibility for Linux
  • Finnish HOWTO
    How to configure Linux for use with the Finnish character set
  • Firewall and Proxy Server HOWTO
    This document is designed to describe the basics of firewall systems and give you some detail on setting up both a filtering and proxy firewall on a Linux based system.
  • Font HOWTO
    Optimal Use of Fonts on Linux provides a comprehensive source to act as a starting point for any and all font questions about Linux.
  • Framebuffer HOWTO
    A HOWTO for using the Linux kernel framebuffers on all architectures.
  • From Power Up To Bash Prompt HOWTO
    This is a brief description of what happens in a Linux system, from the time that you turn on the power, to the time that you log in and get a bash prompt. Understanding this will be helpful when you need to solve problems or configure your system.
  • Ftape HOWTO
    Information on ftape drive compatibility with Linux
  • German HOWTO
    Information on using Linux with German-specific features
  • Glibc2 HOWTO
    The glibc 2 HOWTO covers installing and using the GNU C Library version 2 (libc 6) on Linux systems.
    HOWTO configure amateur radio software for Linux
  • Hebrew HOWTO
    This `Frequently Asked Questions' (FAQ) / HOWTO document describes how to configure your Linux machine to use Hebrew characters on X-Windows and Virtual Consoles.
    Auto to keimevo periexei plnrofories gia tnv ru8misn tou Linux gia upostnri3n twv idiaiterotntwv twv Ellnvwv kai tns ellnvikns glwssas. This document is part of Hellenic (el) LDP project.
    This document describes the use of products available in the Hewlett-Packard (HP) catalog with Linux and some free software. It gives the state of the support for hardware, software to use, answers to some frequently asked questions and gives elements of sizing.
    Generic introduction to the Linux operating system
  • InfraRed-HOWTO
    an introduction to Linux and infrared devices and how to use the software provided by the Linux/IrDA project.
  • Ingres II HOWTO
    This document helps install the Ingres II Relational Database Management System on Linux. It covers the setup of both the free Software Development Kit and the full version of Ingres. Further sections try to make it easier to start working with Ingres.
  • Installation HOWTO
    This document describes how to obtain and install Linux software. It is the first document which a new Linux user should read to get started.
  • Intranet Server HOWTO
    This document describes how to setup an Intranet using Linux as the server which binds Unix, Netware, NT and Windows together. Hence by just establishing the connection to the Linux box you are provided transparent access to all the various platforms. Detailed explanations are provided for setting up HTTP using the NCSA server and connect to it using TCP/IP clients from Novell, Microsoft under Windows3.1, WFWG,Win95 and WinNT and MacTCP on the Apple PowerMac.
  • IP Masquerade HOWTO
    describes how to enable IP masquerade feature on a Linux host, allowing connected computers that do not have registered Internet IP addresses to connect to the Internet through your Linux box
    This document aims to describe how to obtain, install and configure the enhanced IP firewalling chains software for Linux, and some ideas on how you might use them.
    This document aims to describe how to obtain, install and configure various tools available for the the Linux operating system that use the Linux kernel IPX protocol support.
    The Infrared-HOWTO provides an introduction to Linux and infrared devices and how to use the software provided by the Linux/IrDA project. This package uses IrDA(TM) compliant standards.
  • ISP Hookup HOWTO
    This document describes how to use Linux to connect to an Internet Service Provider via a dial-up modem TCP/IP connection. As well as the basic dial-up procedure and IP establishment, email and news handling is covered.
  • ISP-Setup-RedHat HOWTO
    Outlines the setup of a single RedHat box for dialins, virtual web hosting, virtual email, POP3 and ftp servers.
  • Italian HOWTO
    How to configure Linux for use with the Italian characterset
  • Java-CGI HOWTO
    This HOWTO document explains how to set up your server to allow CGI programs written in Java and how to use Java to write CGI programs.
  • Jaz-drive HOWTO
    Covers the configuration and use of the 1Gb and 2Gb Iomega Jaz drives under Linux.
  • Kiosk HOWTO
    This document provides a guide for setting up a WWW-based kiosk using Linux, X11R6, FVWM2, Netscape Navigator 4.X, and a customized trackball. It outlines the methods that were used to create a public kiosk for the Hands On Biodiversity Gallery at the Royal Ontario Museum, Toronto.
  • Laptop HOWTO
    covering laptop related Linux features, such as installation methods for laptops (via PCMCIA, without CD drive, etc.), laptop hardware features and configurations for different (network) environments.
  • Large Disk HOWTO
    All about disk geometry and the 1024 cylinder and other limits for disks.
  • Large Disk HOWTO
    All about disk geometry and the 1024 cylinder and other limits for disks.
  • LDAP Linux HOWTO
    Information about installing, configuring, running and maintaining a LDAP (Lightweight Directory Access Protocol) Server on a Linux machine is presented on this document. The document also presents details about how to create LDAP databases, how to add, how to update and how to delete information on the directory.
  • Lex & YACC HOWTO
    this document tries to help you get started using Lex and YACC
  • Linux 2.4 Routing HOWTO
    explains using the advanced iproute2 tools, documenting how these tools can be used, and what their output means
  • Linux and Psion HOWTO
    describes how to use Psion palmtops with Linux, but does not cover running Linux on a Psion palmtop
    explains how to install Linux on an Intel Pentium compatible computer with an ATA RAID Controller (onboard chip or seperate card), single or multiple processors and atleast two hard disks. Currently, this document covers installing RedHat Linux 7.2 with Promise FastTrack ATA RAID Controller only
  • Linux MIDI-HOWTO
    describes the hardware, software, and procedures needed to play and sequence using MIDI under Linux. It covers configuring your MIDI interface, playing MIDI files, sequencing, controlling external MIDI equipment, MIDI-controlled software-based sound synthesis, and example MIDI code
  • Linux Quake Howto
    attempts to be a comprehensive source of information about all aspects of Quake, QuakeWorld and Quake II under Linux
  • Linux USB HOWTO
    This document is an early draft of a guide to using the USB sub-system under Linux.

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