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 · Google Cloud Dataflow Java SDK (Alpha)
 · How to Block Referrer Spam Bots
 · Free software GNU/Linux laptop in development
 · First hands-on with the Creator CI20 microcomputer
 · Canonical’s Stripped-Down “Snappy” Ubuntu Comes To Google’s Compute Engine
 · KDE Ships KDE Applications 14.12.0
 · Why is the Number of Linux Distros Declining?
 · The new minuscule Linutop XS is announced!
 · Getting Started With KODI(XBMC)
 · PikeOS provides Safety and Security for Energy-Sensible Communication Platform from X-ES


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Google Cloud Dataflow Java SDK (Alpha)
Google Cloud Dataflow provides a simple, powerful programming model for building both batch and streaming parallel data processing pipelines.

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MixZing is an advanced music player for the Android platform. It also has limited support to play video files.


  • AI & Alife HOWTO
    This howto mainly contains information about, and links to, various AI related software libraries, applications, etc. that work on the Linux platform. All of it is free (gratis) for personal use and most of it is truly free (libre).
  • Alpha Miniloader Howto
    describes the Miniloader, a program for Alpha based systems that can be used to initialize the machine and load Linux. The Alpha Linux Miniloader (to give it it's full name) is also known as MILO
  • Amateur Radio AX.25 HOWTO
    The Linux operating system is perhaps the only operating system in the world that can boast native and standard support for the AX.25 packet radio protocol utilized by Amateur Radio operators worldwide. This document describes how to install and configure this support.
  • Aviation HOWTO
    an FAQ, HOWTO "like" document that provides pointers to software packages that run under the Linux operating system and are useful to private, commercial, or military pilots. The ultimate goal is to enable pilots to use the Linux operating system for all their aviation related computing needs
  • Belgian HOWTO
    This document describes how to configure Linux for Belgian users and lists Linux user groups, businesses and other resources in Belgium.
  • Benchmarking HOWTO
    The Linux Benchmarking HOWTO discusses some issues associated with the benchmarking of Linux systems and presents a basic benchmarking toolkit, as well as an associated form, which enable one to produce significant benchmarking information in a couple of hours.
  • Beowulf HOWTO
    This document describes step by step instructions on building a Beowulf cluster. This is a Red Hat and LAM specific version of this document.
  • Bootdisk HOWTO
    This document describes how to design and build boot/root diskettes for Linux. These disks can be used as rescue disks or to test new system components. You should be reasonably familiar with system administration tasks before attempting to build a bootdisk.
  • BootPrompt HOWTO
    This is the BootPrompt-Howto, which is a compilation of all the possible boot time arguments that can be passed to the Linux kernel at boot time. A discussion of how the kernel sorts boot time arguments, along with an overview of some of the popular software used to boot Linux kernels is also included.
  • Building and Installing Software Packages
    a comprehensive guide to building and installing"generic" UNIX software distributions under Linux. Additionally, there is some coverage of packages targeted specifically for Linux
  • Burning a RedHat CD HOWTO
    describes how to make your own CDs from the Red Hat Linux distribution equivalent to the ones commercially available from Red Hat. The structure of the distribution is described, as well as the procedure needed to include updated RPMS into the distribution. Prerequisites are a good network connection, and a CD-writer
  • Bzip2-HOWTO
    tells how to use the new bzip2 compression program
  • C++ Programming HOW-TO
    This document provides a comprehensive list of C++ URL pointers, links to C++ online textbooks, and programming tips on C++. This document also provides a C++ library which imitates Java-language, and which has various methods to avoid memory problems in C++.
  • C-C++ Beautifier HOW-TO
    This document will help you to format (beautify) the C/C++ programs so that it is more readable and confirms to your site C/C++ coding standards.
  • Cable Modem HOWTO
    This document was written to assist the Linux user in configuring a cable modem for internet access using a cable network.
  • Cable Modem Providers HOWTO
    This document attempts to answer basic questions on how to connect your Linux box to cable modem or cable Internet provider.
    This document describes how to install, configure, and use CD-ROM drives under Linux. It lists the supported hardware and answers a number of frequently asked questions.
  • Chinese HOWTO
    This document demonstrates how to implement Chinese available on Linux system, including those common problems encountered on Linux/UNIX system while using Chinese, the ways to obtain, and shows how to install and setup a variety of different Chinese softwares. Finally, we would like to take a bit little glance at the work for making a complete Chinese environment with Linux system.
  • Chroot-BIND HOWTO
    This document describes installing the BIND 9 nameserver to run in a chroot jail and as a non-root user, to provide added security and minimise the potential effects of a security compromise. Note that this document has been updated for BIND 9; if you still run BIND 8, you want the Chroot-BIND8 HOWTO instead.
  • Configuration HOWTO
    This HOWTO would be the main doc from which every others can refer to configure most common hardware and services.
    This document is a "practical guide" to very quickly setup CVS/RCS source code control system. This document has custom shell scripts that are wrappers on top of CVS. These scripts provide an easy user interface for CVS. Several shell scripts are provided to make RCS easier to use. The information in this document applies to Linux and as well as to all other flavors of Unix like Solaris, HPUX, AIX, SCO, Sinix, BSD, SCO, Apple Macintosh (which is BSD unix) etc.. and BeOS.
  • Cyrillic HOWTO
    How to configure Linux for use with the Cyrillic character set
  • Cyrus IMAP HOWTO
    A comprehensive guide to installing, configuring, and running Cyrus Imap and Cyrus Sasl.
  • Danish HOWTO
    This document describes how to configure Linux and various Linux applications for Danish locale standards such as keyboard, font, paper-size etc. It is hoped that Linux users from other places in Western Europe will find this document useful too.
  • Danish/International HOWTO
    This document describes how to configure Linux and various Linux applications for Danish locale standards such as keyboard, font, paper-size etc. It is hoped that Linux users from other places in Western Europe will find this document useful too.
  • DHCP mini-HOWTO
    This document attempts to answer basic questions on how to set up your Linux box to serve as a DHCP server or a DHCP client.
  • Diskless Linux with PXE
    Diskless Linux with PXE explains how to create a boot image and server setup to boot a diskless linux client via PXE and NFS.
  • DOS/Win to Linux HOWTO
    This HOWTO is dedicated to all the (soon to be former?) DOS and Windows users who have decided to switch to Linux, the free UNIX clone. The purpose of this document is to help the reader translate his or her knowledge of DOS and Windows into the Linux environment, as well as providing hints on exchanging files and resources between the two OSes.
  • DSL HOWTO for Linux
    This document examines the DSL family of high speed Internet services now being deployed in various markets worldwide. Information is included on the technology behind DSL as well as subscribing, installing, configuring, and troubleshooting, with an emphasis on how this impacts Linux users.
  • Ecology-HOWTO
    discusses ways Linux computers can be used as a mean to protect our environment, by using its features to save power or paper
  • Emacs-Beginner HOWTO
    Emacs-Beginner HOWTO introduces Linux users to the Emacs editor. It assumes minimal familiarity with vi or a similar editor.
  • Encryption HOWTO
    describes how you can use the International Kernel Patch and other packages to make harddisk contents and network traffic inaccessible to others by encrypting them.
  • English-language GNU/Linux distributions on CD-ROM
    intended to show prospective users or administrators of a GNU/Linux system the range of choices open to them when deciding on a distribution for the first time. It also aims to help experienced users track the state of the GNU/Linux distributions market. It emphatically does not aim to be a complete list of all GNU/Linux distributions for all platforms and in all languages
  • Enterprise Java for Linux HOWTO
    How to set up an Enterprise Java environment on Linux including a Java Development Kit, a Web server, supporting Java servlets, accessing a database via JDBC, and supporting Enterprise Java Beans (EJBs).
  • Esparanto HOWTO
    How to use Esperanto in general and ISO-8859-3 in special with Linux

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