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Beelink S1 Mini PC and Linux – Comedy Gold
The Beelink S1 is a small, silent mini PC released in August 2017 retailing for around 300 dollars (250 euros). It’s produced by Shenzhen AZW Technology Co Ltd, a Chinese company that focuses on Android smart TV boxes, Intel mini PCs, and home cloud TV boxes.

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Piwigo is a photo gallery software for the web, built by an active community of users and developers. Extensions make Piwigo easily customizable. Read more


  • A Practical Guide to Red Hat Linux
    by Mark G. Sobell: Mark is the author of three best-selling UNIX and Linux books: A Practical Guide to the UNIX System, UNIX System V: A Practical Guide, and A Practical Guide to Linux
  • Beginning Red Hat Linux 9
    by Sandip Bhattacharya, Pancrazio De Mauro, Mark Mamone, Kapil Sharma, Deepak Thomas, Simon Whiting, Shishir Gundavaram: offers the simple, plain-speaking guidance you need as you begin to explore the vast potential of open source software. The book assumes that you're familiar with using Microsoft Windows, and aims to help you make the jump from Windows to Linux by introducing it in those terms
  • Install, Configure, and Customize Red Hat Linux 6.x
    by Brian Proffitt, Duane Evenson, Patrick Lambert, Randal G. Nelson, Charles Coffing: provides the advice you need for working through the trouble spots you might run into when setting up Red Hat Linux. With step-by-step instructions and a multitude of helpful screen shots, this book takes you through the installation, configuration, and customization process to make Linux work the way you need it to
  • Installing Red Hat Linux 7
    by Bill Von Hagen: covers only the topics necessary to get the OS up and running. By utilizing the information in this text, you will be able to prevent surprises during the installation of this powerful operating system
  • Mastering Red Hat Enterprise Linux 3
    by Michael Jang: teaches intermediate and advanced users how to install, configure, and network Linux at the enterprise level. Author Michael Jang is highly regarded for his Windows-friendly style, as he easily guides the Windows user to Linux
  • Mastering Red Hat Linux 7
    by Arman Danesh: Users learn how to install, configure and network Red Hat Linux 7 in this complete resource for the non-Linux user. --This book provides comprehensive coverage of the latest version of Linux and GNOME, and also coverage of Apache server and sendmail. --Advanced topics include LinuxConf, recompiling the kernel and integration with Windows
  • Professional Red Hat Enterprise Linux 3
    by Sharma: shows how to set up, configure, and deploy RHEL3-and take advantage of sophisticated options such as the high-availability Red Hat Cluster Suite as well as the Content Management System, portal server, and other Red Hat enterprise applications
  • Red Hat Certified Engineer LINUX Study Guide
    by Syngress Media, Duncan Anderson: provides 100% complete coverage of all objectives for this exam. Based on 200,000+ hours of IT training experience, the book contains hundreds of practice exam questions and hands-on exercises
  • Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5 Administration Unleashed
    by Tammy Fox: Red Hat Enterprise Linux Administration Unleashed skips the introduction to Linux and provides administrators with detailed coverage on the more advanced topics that require their attention and how they can get the most from the Red Hat Network online resources.
  • Red Hat Linux 6 Fast & Easy
    If you're new to Linux, this book is designed for you. Red Hat Linux 6 Fast & Easy gives immediate answers to your most pressing "how to" questions for this hot new operating system thats giving Windows a run for its money
  • Red Hat Linux 6 in Small Business
    by Paul Sery, Eric Harper: Red Hat Linux 6 in Small Business begins by providing you with step-by-step instructions for installing Red Hat Linux 6.0 and also describes the essentials commands and tools for running the system. The book then focuses on using Linux as the center of a client-server network
  • Red Hat Linux 6: Visual QuickPro Guide
    by Harold Davis: Linux: Visual QuickPro Guide keeps the visual approach that has won milions of fans for the Visual QuickStart series, but is aimed at intermediate to advanced readers who want to learn Linux without having to wade through 600 pages of dense text
  • Red Hat Linux 7 for Dummies
    by Jon Hall, Paul G. Sery: a friendly, step-by-step guide to installing Red Hat Linux into a personal computer and taking advantage of all it has to offer. The three CD-ROMs contain firewall scripts, Internet utilities, games, tools for creating images, and the complete version of Red Hat Linux 7
  • Red Hat Linux 7 Server
    by Mohammed J. Kabir: covers all the Red Hat 7 features. Master how to set up Intranet/Internet services, set up office services including using Samba to share files and printer, design a load-balanced multiserver Apahce-based Web network, and learn all about how to secure your server using firewalls and tools
  • Red Hat Linux 7.2 Unleashed
    by Bill Ball: all chapters concentrate on Red Hat Linux software and tools, and more specifically those software packages included with Red Hat
  • Red Hat Linux 8 Server
    by Mohammed J. Kabir: provides just what youd expect from the leading open source operating system: revolutionary features like the new Linux 2.5 kernel with Tux Web server and ext3 Journaling Filesystems. Now, Red Hat Linux authority and bestselling author Mohammed Kabir helps you master all the new developments in this nuts-and-bolts guide
  • Red Hat Linux 8 Unleashed
    by Bill Ball: sections coverng Installation and Configuration, System Administration, System Service Administration, Programming and Productivity
  • Red Hat Linux 9 (Visual QuickPro Guide)
    by Harold Davis, Joe Merlino, Kate Wrightson, Joseph Merlino, Katherine Wrightson: By following the step-by-step, task-based instructions outlined in these pages, you'll be able to go straight to work with Linux as you learn how to navigate and configure the Gnome desktop, work with its native (and non-native) apps, use the command line, set up network and Web servers, and more
  • Red Hat Linux 9 Bible
    by Christopher Negus: Activate the power of Red Hat Linux 9, the most popular distribution of this practical, economical operating system, with the in-depth information in this comprehensive reference manual.
  • Red Hat Linux 9 for Dummies
    by Jon 'maddog' Hall, Paul G. Sery: Complete with installation CD-ROMs, this guide to one of the most popular and widely-used distributions of Linux covers everything a home computer user needs to know--from installing Red Hat Linux (via a network or the included discs) and connecting to the Internet to burning and ripping CDs and setting up a private network
  • Red Hat Linux 9 Professional Secrets
    by Naba Barkakati: designed to answer the questions of intermediate-to-advanced Red Hat Linux users who really want to understand the ins and outs of Red Hat Linux and what goes on behind the scenes.
  • Red Hat Linux Administrator's Guide
    by Kerry Cox: covers typical administrative tasks such as setting up and configuring servers, adding new users to your network, and using Linux with other operating systems. It also covers writing scripts to automate everyday tasks and using Linux as an Internet server with Apache
  • Red Hat Linux Firewalls
    by Bill McCarty: reviewed and approved by the experts at Red Hat, this comprehensive reference guide gives you all the tools to construct firewalls on a Red Hat server that will lock out intruders and defend your network against attacks
  • Red Hat Linux Installation and Configuration Handbook
    by Duane Hellums: uses a building-block approach to segregate the basic installation and configuration steps from the intermediate and advanced topics. It focuses on getting you up and running with Linux as quickly as possible
  • Red Hat Linux Internet Server
    by Paul G. Sery, Jay Beale: reviewed and approved by the experts at Red Hat, this in-depth guide delivers all the know-how you need to set up and manage a state-of-the-art Linux Internet server in a small or medium-sized business or organization
  • Red Hat Linux Network Management Tools
    by Steve Maxwell: looks at the considerable networking capabilities of Linux 2.2.x from the perspective of a network administrator responsible for fitting the open-source operating system (and its various utilities) into a large, heterogeneous computer network
  • Red Hat RPM Guide
    by Eric Foster-Johnson: Guide offers complete coverage on Red Hat Package Manager (RPM). Learn how the package management approach enables more efficient user control, prepare software for release in an easy-to-manage RPM format, and explore programming interfaces and supplemental software that can enhance RPM operation. Intermediate to advanced level.
  • RHCE Red Hat Certified Engineer Study Guide Exam
    by Bill McCarty: full coverage of every exam point and tips for passing the exam are included. The CD-ROM contains hundreds of practice questions, a Sybex edge testing engine, sample portable electronic flashcards for PCs and Palm devices, and a searchable electronic copy of the text
  • Sams Teach Yourself Red Hat Linux 8 in 24 Hours
    by Aron Hsiao: covers all the most important topics for the reader who wants to get Red Hat Linux up-and-running and to become productive with the operating system as quickly as possible. The book covers topics such as installing, setting up, and negotiating the new desktop environment
  • Sams Teach Yourself Red Hat Linux in 24 Hours
    by Judith Samson, David Gay, David Caviness: a book/CD-ROM tutorial, using a step-by-step approach in 24 lessons of one hour or less. Lessons are in sections on installing and learning about the system, using Red Hat Linux 7.0, Linux foundations, and advanced topics
  • Special Edition Using Red Hat Linux
    by Que Development Staff (Editor), Alan Simpson: topics include the following installing, running, and removing packages, troubleshooting, dual-booting Windows and Linux, configuring various DNS and email services, managing user accounts, files, and directories, configuring the GUI and the kernel, shell programming and scripting, building an Internet server, and hardware and multimedia configuration

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